Some New FOCers (84V VESC 6 based controllers)

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Serious FOCer . TO-247 version

Little FOCer . vertical TO-220 version.

Flat Little FOCer . Horizontal TO-220 FET version

Mother FOCer . 12 TO-220 FET version.


  • 15V to 84V operation
  • Expected power of approx 5kW with TO-247 FETs and good heat sinking
  • Has primary features of VESC controllers (FOC, configurable current/temperature limits, throttle response, dual motor operation, ect.)
  • Different versions for different FET packages
  • TO-247 FET and 12 TO-220 FET versions for higher current capability
  • Single-sided dual-layer PCB
  • Small 45mm x 101.5mm board size
  • Each switch node has it’s own bulk cap, pwr, gnd and phase cable holes. Reduces need for beefing up long traces for increased current handling capability
  • Utilizes DRV8353RS to achieve higher operating voltage, superior fault detection, and small footprint. Also allows for tailored slew rate control to minimize ringing/spiking in the power stage
  • Easy On/Off capability with switch of choice
  • Wireless Bluetooth transceiver module can be easily added for wireless interface with VESC Android App. Allows for easy configurations of different speed/power profiles that can be selected at will.
  • Design will be open sourced after verification
  • Designed in KiCAD for flexibility and compatibility with the open source community

Donations: Open Source R&D isn’t free! Any help is appreciated!

This is a higher performing controller in comparison to my Cheap FOCer controller that is about to go into beta testing. All lessons learned from the Cheap FOCer development has and will go into this new controller design. It will be a while before this is made a reality. new firmware will have be developed for the new DRV8353RS. Your patience will be appreciated on this one as I have other projects running parallel. In the mean time while we all wait for me to develop this, I am open to any suggestions that will help make this controller great for this community!

All this wouldn’t be possible without Benjamin Vedder’s hard work to build on. Please consider supporting him for his efforts through the link below.


Same as my Cheap FOCer thread, I’m continuing this one here on esk8 news. If you’re new to this one no worries. These controllers are still in the design phase and have yet to be prototyped. Serious efforts will continue on these controllers after I close out the Cheap FOCer beta testing and release the full version of that. I can’t wait to bring these to reality. So much capability!


Do you have any price point ??

Thanks for doing this awesome project…

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Welcome! So this is absolutely not a guarantee or anything official…but yes I have a tentative, not-for-sure, absolutely maybe a price point :slight_smile:

Diy Kit $55 - All SMD components soldered on. You solder the rest

Assembled $90 - Everything soldered on

These price points depend on a lot of variables and whether or not I can have them made in large enough quantities to get the price per unit down.


Damn… looking forward…
I´m building a eDrift Trike at the moment, with a ebike hub wheel. I´m using the original vesc6… But would love to be able to raise the voltage :slight_smile:


You’re not alone :slight_smile:


Excited to see a maniacally beefy vesc to match the the ridiculously large batteries people are starting to implement in their road weapons. A controller like this could really open up the possibilities of larger ev’s.


is a flat serious focer possible? (like bending the fets sideways)

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Yep. Just like the Flat Little FOCer

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Any news on what FET’s you plan to use? I’m assuming with an 84V max there 100V+ And looks awesome can’t wait to see this progress, the esk8 ESC community always needs more variety!

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very interesting well needed project much respect for the work you are doing.


I’ll be investigating some 100V MOSFETs from Wuxi NCE Power Semiconductor. I’m using their 60V FETs for the Cheap FOCer in the beta controllers. We’ll see how they do. Their specs are really good for the cost. If they fail to be suitable, I’ll most likely go with infineon.


I appreciate the respect and support!

wait I just realized… the PCB’s is really small but the pictures make it look really big.

for anyone using FUB the dimensions is, L = ~4 inches x Width = ~1.77 inches.

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Maybe I should translate the dimensions for people that like to divide by 12.

But yeah they’re not that big. Thanks for noticing!

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@shaman if that’s the case I think I can fit 20s7p @ARetardedPillow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

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That’s a lot of p

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well i have a 13s10p in the making right now. but couldn’t go with any higher voltage cause of esc limits


I’m starting to see a pattern


Wait ok…

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