NESE, the no solder 18650 battery system

  • NESE is no solder, weld-less solution to build batteries using 18650 format cells
  • NESE system requires only phillips screwdriver to be assembled
  • 20S battery could be assembled in less than an hour
  • NESE system delivers highest power output with tested 200A continues
  • Flexible with mounting and developing accessories
  • Durable
  • Available are these 18650 and 21700 configurations:
    • 2P, 2S2P
    • 3P, 2S3P
    • 4P, 2S4P
    • 5P
    • 6P
    • 7P
    • 8P
    • DieBieMS enclosure


Standard bolt sets adds to the module:

Internal cell tab - 0.6mm

Bolt with washer - 5.4mm

Total - 6.0mm

Series bus bar - 1.0mm

Shallow bolt sets adds to the module:

Internal cell tab - 0.6mm

Shallow head bolt - 1.3mm

Serrated washer - 1.5mm

Total - 3.4mm

Series bus bar - 1.0mm

200A test on NESE module in vibrating enviroment:

Assembling NESE modules:

Cutting NESE tabs:

Inside NESE module:

Some of the arrangement variants:

ORDERING: Visit or to purchase Your own NESE system! Get in contact on: or call +37065753232 (engish, russian, lithuanian)

download INSTAGRAM

Other colors available at request (extra charge):

Old thread is here


Wiring NESE into battery (will be updated with info)


BMS/PCM and all other related goodies (will be updated with info)

Thanks to @mishrasubhransu for lots of work done on NESE. Here is hes DieBieMS bus bar folding guide: image


PDF for tab folding:

New @mishrasubhransu DieBieMS variant:



Simple wiring diagram (might not be applicable to all BMS’s/PCM’s

Customer wiring diagram:

BMS and PCM enclosure will be uploaded to thingiverse, here supplied cad files and stl for the boards i own.


Mounting NESE modules (will be updated with info)

@mishrasubhransu solution mounting NESE modules:



NESE based 18650 battery modules and add-ons. by mishrasubhransu

I use 18650 battery in my skateboard and use the modules from www dot ( Each modules consists of raised copper tabs and a box. I am posting some of my modification to the original box design. My designs are not tried and…

My latest proposition mounting NESE modules with M3 threaded rod:



Modules could also be mounted using advanced doublesided tapes. 3M has good range. I have tested 3M VHB tapes and they have very strong bond. Its used on trailers instead of rivets as it is stronger. I had to use full body strenght to get one 20x40mm magnet off. Read manufacturers data sheets before purchase paying extra attention to holding force. This is most simple no brainer solution. It gives some cushioning as well. I would give it first place in recommending to mount the modules. Here is a video on strength of the tape:


FAQ (will be updated with info)

Build photos (will be updated with info)

What customers say about NESE system (will be updated with info)

Check the SURVEY

Jehu Garcia:

From Dean (mUVe3D,

“Hardware sets fit into printed cases very well. Used PETG for my cases, about 30-40 so far and they work great for e-bikes and other portable power needs. They also pack well in heat shrink after completing full packs for high durability and water resistance.”

“Great quality and super durable for an e-bike build. Have great output using solid batteries, no issues putting lots of amps through the system.”

tonystark20 (ES forum,

"NESE hands down. 100% better. The vruzend might have its place but overall not sold on its quality / durability long term. The hardware on them breaks way to easily. I managed to assembled all 40 modules (8 cells each) in less time than the 30 cell 12v battery. Having printed these modules in ABS following the recommended settings on your website I can say that they went together with no issues, (snug but in a good way) I will likely end up changing the 3s 10p battery for a 4s 8p NESE system. "

Alexandre ( ):

"My main concern with the battery built was continious max amp draw

I wanted to use full cooper , N.E.S.E are well designed , not worried about amp draw , this built with 24 modules could support 400A , but it is mainly depending on cells temp : Max around 70c… So 30q or vtc6"


Wow this is looking pretty good! Well done!


Hell to the yes. Much better than the post on builders. Glad you got all this info in one spot buddy!


Thanks. Made it on the builders first you’ve might of missed it :smiley:
Just transferred here. Don’t know whats going on on the builders site for the folks moving here, had no time to dig in, but, community based forum and not vendor based is always a good thing. Hopefully more peeps will join in.
On the better note i have finished my family cargo electric. Drives great.


I’ve seen the information throughout builders didn’t notice it all together maybe I just forgot. I’ve learned so damn much this past month lol anyways yea this forum is for the community 100% so we shouldn’t have to worry about any drama here.

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Thanks for the shout-out Agnius. I hope people find the parts that I made useful.

BTW, this png image below isn’t scaled right, but I have a pdf file that works. Maybe you could share the linkto the .pdf file instead.

Pretty work. Are you attaching the battery packs to the board with the m3 rod or just holding the sub-packs together?

Love mine! I made a 30Q 10s3p - definitely the only way I would feel comfortable building a battery at my current skill level :joy: thank you for this - mine is currently assembled in a top mount format for a board that is a work in progress :slight_smile:


Awesome you finished it! Looks like the kids are enjoying it


Added the link you provided. Thank you.
@bourbon_norm, you can attach them with 3M tape i described above. Very quick and strong solution.
@ryansinatra thanks a lot. Dual layer protection. That battery probably is tank proof now :slight_smile:


@Agniusm, do you have a cost estimate of the 21700 tabs?

Might be as much as 30%. At least it looks that way. I will have to sit and calculate to make it reasonable compared to 18650. My goal is to keep it at the same price point per WH or at least not to drift too far. The cost of manufacturing is 40% higher from the quotes i got so far.

Just had this email from a customer, thought i’d share:

“Hey buddy. Thought id let you know that your battery holders are explosive safe. Put a battery in backwards a thermal runaway came so quick I barely had time to get it in the protection bag I use but after explosion almost no damage to the unit.”

“Very cool though. Well that’s our way of saying very interesting. I had my foot on the bag and felt the explosion. Then I looked and the other one was ready to blow so i stomped on the bag ag but it just seemed to release pressure through a hole in the side. Very exciting though. Thank you for building a great product”


I wonder what cells your customer used? I had this happen at least 2 times due to not taking enough care but all that happened was a dead cell that wasn’t warmer :slight_smile:

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