Mini FOC based on VESC6


which size are the JST plugs?


Yes! I love the small size. :slight_smile:

Have any builders tested these?


I think I read somewhere it´s 1.5mm JST plugs, not 2mm like usual. Right?

I checked the website and it says 135€. Is it correct that shipping will be free?

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JST 1.25

yes, Shipping FOR FREE!


Did you consider to send some units to respected and experienced users from this forum to get a review how they perform under real life conditions? that´s the best way to show of the quality of this ESC to the community.


Can you recommend it to me, who can measure this ESC? If you can help me with post evaluation, I will send you a sample for free.



@mmaner @b264 @Sender @taz @DerelictRobot are a good choice to get a representative feedback. I´m not sure how much time they have at the moment, so you would need to ask them in a person if they would be ready for a review.
I could do a review as well if you want.

Please consider that who ever will do that, will need two of them as we usually run dual drive set ups.


I already got 2 on the way. I’ll hit u back once i recieve em.


They are 1.25 mm connectors, Molex Picoblade or JST-GH (micro JST) will fit. The male connectors on the MINI FOC are PicoBlade compatibles the JST-GH should fit somewhat snug, too.


would you mind to add your first impression here as well.
If I remember right, you already received your escs.


I bought one and will try to test it in he near future, with a small commentary like review. I still however have to come up with some kind of load tests (any insight for which methods to use please tell me), that I can perform on a repeatable manner with more or less what I have on hand.


I think it would be already helpfull to know which motors you will use them with, your battery and motor settings and if possible some live data from metr for example. like this we direclty see how much current you was drawing and how the themperature was about at this time.


I will copy pasta now what I had posted in the .builders forum so far. Some pictures with commentary.

So to conclude, the XESC 6.6 has an issue/flaw by design. It isn’t capable to delive more than ~45A, which is pretty devastating considering size, wheight and cost. <-So a no go.

The XESC 6.6 is removed from the shop now, EBMakers dealt quick and appropriately with this problem in my opinion.

I purchased the “Super mini Makerx ESC” from them and got it on the last week. I didn’t tested it yet because I’m a bit bussy lately. And I also had difficulties to get a test setup with telementry (metr pro) running because I missed/forgot that they use different (smaller) connectors (I think/hope that these are JST-ZH 1.5mm connectors we will see when mine arrive).

Anyway I made some pictures for a quick closer look (maybe an review when I got everything running) on the -in my opinion- more interesting “MakerX mini FOC” .

A nice touch, (I guess) they use some kind of routing packaging service for shipping to Germany, this way the package slipped through customs. I didn’t had to paid tax or VAT for this one:wink: just the 135$ with quite fast (6 days) free shipping. image

The ESC came well packaged in the small box whith proper antistatic foam+shelding bag. As silverline said about the 6.6 single the casing is an all aluminum nicely sandblasted and anodised (I love that kind of finish). It is also well labeled (It strongly remids of stewii’s ESCape labling which, just so good tp read and such a clean look)

image image image

It came with these accessories: 3 matching bullets for the motor wiring, a female XT60 for BAT to match the presoldered ESC, connectors with 5 cm of cable for PPM(3 pin) and hall(6 pin) [? at leastI guess that] and also the usual cheap micro usb to usb-A. image

And now just as a comparison and to get a feel for the tiny size (I don’t had a banana for scale and forgot to make a picture with something well known like a 18650) a Flipsky FSESC 6.6 (the one with housing and pushbutton Antispark) Anyway the “mini FOC is really cute” . I didn’t made a picture but I also weight the mini FOC with plugs, cable and it’s heatsink housing the mini FOC weighs just 86 g and is really small .


Now the internals, they don’t look bad even the small resistors are well soldered (even though some joints would be a bit happier with a tiny bit more flux, but we all know there is never enough flux). The curcuit board is well cleaned but not conformal coated (something I will add once it proves to meet my expectations in testing) *please curse me for making a picture in horizontal mode and sorry for the distortion

imageimage image image

The heatsink/casing was thermal padded on both sides on expected heat sources, the compression overall OK but I think they should try to accommodate thinner thermal pads for better conductivity (thermal pads are not really well conductors after all)

Now a quick glance on the connectors, they are marked on the board when possible (it is on the casing anyway) but mostly not because it’s so tight on the board. As I said these are not the usuall JST-PH 2.0 mm but instead something smaller, I think and hope it’s a JST-ZH connector type 1.5 mm but it could also be a GH (1.25 mm) or SH (1.0 mm) I’m not really sure the time will tell (when my connectors arrive). image

I have to admit that this ESC isn’t planed to be used on an esk8 but on a reasonable sized ebike hub motor instead. It is reserved for my nicely looking NSU, just as a sweet everyday commuter. To get caught with an ilegal DIY ebike is way less likely than with an esk8 after all in germany (I will keep and ride my boards, calm down, just commuting will be with this one) image image

**EDIT 31th of May 2019 : **
So far I can tell that the MINI FOC works as expected. I did the normal setup procedure with a PSU just fine and played a bit with one of my batteies. I used it only with my hub motor so far. And now I’m waiting for some PicoBlade equiped cables.

In the meantime @YUTW123 from EBMakers informed me that the MINI FOC that I (and a few others) have are a little bit flawed. One trace is a bit undersized and in their lab testing setups that draw more than 50A for more than a few seconds tend to burn (50A is only possible with improved/forced cooling for more than spikes anyway but @YUTW123 is right, 20-35A is plenty for moderate non “insane” builds)

They adviced me(us) to reinforce the curent capabilities on that trace like in this picture, I think the now shipping MINI FOCs will be delivered reinforced and maybe they will improve the design in the near future. I put some solder on top of that trace all along that trace (top and bottom of the pcb) so you know.
These kind of beta testings and problems are a bit annoying and maybe EBMaker should had tested and figured all that before shipping but they informed me and others quite fast and honest. It’s no big deal for myself 50A is basicly out of spec anyway.

BTW I only use 10S batteries on my projects if possible, usually without a BMS and charge always with a balance charger to 41V for my few projects. I have a icharger 4010 DUO and a icharger 3010b+ with strong DIY Server PSUs (which like to mess with cheap USB cables nearby which is why I usually don’t use my big 24,5V 2,4kW DIY server psu for any setups)


Good info, we all appreciate it.

@YUTW123 I’d be happy to test for you. It’s what I’d do, test new gear and post the results. PM me and we can set something up.


Yeah, silverline did at jasons forum.Heres the link if you re still interested.

…hahaha edit: i saw im a bit late, but anyways.

He purchased the XESC 6.6 (big single ESC 100A) from EBMakers which is pulled from their store now. It has a design flaw, Silverline got refunded. The MINI FOC is a different ESC.


yeah ok, don’t wanted to spread false information, but i think Brian will read the thread i posted anyways, so all good.

mini foc plus comming soon!


Yes I got a refund, all good…
Looking forward to read about the mini :slight_smile:

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