[Land_It.] - Hummie - Custom / 2x 6374 / 3D Servisas Gear / TB110

Finished photos

And of course, some cheap night shots, showing the installed tail lights :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

So, for some time now I’ve been riding my first DIY board I’ve made about a year ago, that was similar to this one, except it is AT setup, 2x6374, 12s7p. And since day 1 occasionally I was wishing for a lower profile, lighter, non pneumatic deck that I will ride daily on the urban city asphalt roads, so during COVID19 excess of free time, I’ve decided to make one…

Part list:

Deck - @hummieee deck ( I had one sitting on a shelf for over a year ) - Got_It
Enclosure - @BigBen single stack - Got_It
Battery - Molicell P42 - 12s3p - Got_It
BMS - SmartBMS - LTT Got_It
ESC - Spintend 75V/100A - Got_It
Remote - VX2 - Got_It
Motors - 2x Maytech 6374 - 170Kv - Got_It
Drive - @3DServisas Helical Mini Gear drive - Got_It
Trucks - 3D Servisas FatBoy 240 - Got_It
Wheels - @torqueboards TB 110 Arctic Blue - Got_It
Extras - @rpasichnyk Metr.Pro

First of all I would like to hear opinions of this 12s3p battery I’ve mentioned… I will be riding only thanes here, and I am not so heavy (79kg), any comments regarding sagging? I am in mostly flat area with not so many hills around me. The other option is 12s4p Samsung 30q, but i would prefer 21700 cells tbh.

Now to some pictures, deck should have enough space to fit all of above mentioned stuff according to 3d model, the cells will be a tight fit, but I will extend the hole if needed.

DieBieMS does take a lot of space, but I am so happy and pleased with it in my other board so far that I think I would regret not having it in this one, also I am confident using it both as charge/discharge BMS, handling my 9A charger with no issues.

And then the big headache… the ESC, what to do, please help me, Trampa or wait for Stormcore 60D to be released or something third (Flipsky stop)… I really prefer dual ESC over 2 singles, but on the other hand, if a side fails, you are better with 1 still working. So please chime in with your opinions.

Okay , to the actual building while I wait for the other parts to arrive.

I wanted a custom designed deck, so after a fair amount of revisions and renders I came up with this design:

Printed it out on a canvas

Sanded the deck before painting it white to get a better colour as a base before applying canvas

Made it white

First layer of epoxy

Removed the excess material, applied a few more layers of epoxy, and now waiting for grit to arrive. Huge shoutout to @BigBen for forwarding the packages to me. You are a lifesaver.

So, whats next? 3DServisas stuff is at the customs so I hope I’ll receive it in a few days… Still have some doubts about clearances, but I hope for the best, I will order cells in a few days as well.

Things pending to resolve:

  • Charging port location
  • Lights - Shredlights or somethin similar

Thats it for now, I’ll update as things arrive and being assembled.

*** Update 1 - Battery & TailLight***
*** Update 2 - Glass Frit***
*** Update 3 - uBox - Switch Adapter***
*** Update 4 - Cable management, final assembly***


looks sweet. did you use West Systems epoxy for the skinning?


Thanks, no its not the one you mentioned. I can check later the exact brand.


21700s or bust its 2020 :wink:


Looks awesome

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Agree with moon. 12S3P 42A is a 90A capable pack and 12AH. The 12S4P 30q is 45-60 amp capable and 12AH.

they will both sag, but I think you’ll be better with the 42A 3p pack. Sag shouldn’t be too terrible if you run it at something line 60A max.

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Well it’s been a while…

I made some progress with the project, so far so good…

First of all, battery is done, its 12SP3 P42A Molicell… Nothing special there, waiting for heatshrink to arrive and thats it.

A few days ago, X brackets from @3DServisas arrived, I already had a black ones, but the red fits so much better to the whole design imo.

Next thing that I’ve done are taillights. I had this idea for quite some time now, so it was time to put it into reality.

First I’ve routed by hand a channel deep enough for EL wire fit in, then put some hotglue around so that I could fill it with epoxy.

Then, used a fast curing epoxy…

Sand it all down to the wood level, and voila…

It looks really really nice.

I have decided to use Spinted Ubox dual ESC from @hardunclejohn it has 12V built in that would be super useful for the lights installed.

Next up… Putting Glass frit on, and finishing electronics…


Love the taillight! I´ve been thinking about doing the same for my build as my country requires positioning lights on esk8s.


Glass frit time, I’ve decided to use Bullseye Medium Transparent Rainbow with a few spots of white one.

Also I wanted whole deck to be fritted but with exception of the astronaut and skate on the design, so what i did first was to sketch design to later use it as a stencil.

Sprayed the frit all over the deck, turned it upside down so the pieces over stencil will fall of, and thats it… Really happy how it went, waiting to cure and then I’ll put some extra layers of epoxy over… It should fill up the small imperfections that the paper left while peeling it of.


Dude I love this build do you have a link for the frit :call_me_hand:

Thanks, here is the link for the frit:



Thanks keep the updates coming your work has so many inspiring things that I want to do :call_me_hand:

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Did you first apply epoxy, then place the paper stencil, and then throw the frit on? Or is there some other way that I’m missing here :thinking:

Also idk how I only now found this build thread, this is fantastic!


Yup. Exactly. Thinn layer of epoxy. Put the stencil on. Apply frit then just shake off frit that didn’t stick (one over the stencil) remove stencil. Done.


Not so much progress in the last couple of days…

Ordered a new set of bearings… I am using SKF pretty much my whole life, never had issues with them.

Spinted UBox VESC has arrived, the thing looks really nice, it will just barely fit, it is quite thick box and I didnt take in consideration the thickness of the bolt heads…

The power button that came with ESC had 2 issues, first one was that it emits green light when powered on, and the second is that it is too big to fit next to the X brackets, so I have decided to use a button from a Flipsky antispark I had laying around. It’s much smaller and it has blue LED.

After some time spent in Fusion360, I came up with this design for a power switch.

After a few tries, 3D printed fine, so I did a quick test fit.

In a few days, I’ll do a final print, then some sanding, and painting since i dont like the 3D print finish.


Well it’s been a while, but today I’ve finally managed to finish this thing, so lets start:

First I’ve drilled some canals for the motor phase wires, and other cables that needs to go beneath the enclosure.

I have decided to use CNLinko LP-16 Connector for charging, since previous solutions got warm at 9A, decision was made to put it next to the power button, since I hang my board on the wall and this was the most convenient location to make plugging charger easy once the board is hanging.

While we are at charging, since its 3P battery I had some worries about cells getting hot while charging, so I did some bench tests with battery completely covered, and all went good, temperature was about 35-36 Celsius, so I am more than happy.

Since I am going to run motor wires form the top of the deck next to the X Brackets, aesthetics had to be taken in mind, and generally I hate when things are not at least decently clean.

Internals are finisher, all locked down with 3M Dual Lock, and hot glue where needed.

Installed the gasket…

What I have learnt from previous builds, always put some markers (here, I have used a small amount of grey tape) next to the holes locations, so you can locate them in no time and predrill the gasket for the screws, so it wont be torn or twisted during first enclosure install.

Time for the enclosure.

It’s done :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

And of course, some cheap night shots, showing the installed tail lights :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:



Really clean build, I love the looks! Especially the cable management with the X bracket.

Is that some EL wire? Looks really sick! I need some too :grin: What did you use to power it?


Yes its EL Wire, It’s came with a small PSU that runs on 12V, so the Spintend ESC was perfect for the job since it has a 12V output.


Really clean build!
I love the EL wire tail lights.


This is incredible. Very inspiring. Good to know Spintend fits in hummie ss.