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Following in The Steps of Carvon

Warning: This is going to be a long story!

My first foray into esk8 was unfortunately with the Skullboard Drive Train, it worked OKish for the first couple of hundred kilometers, nothing impressive, but enough to let me know I wanted to pursue esk8 further but with much better equipment.

stock Skullboard drivetrain courtesy

I rode these torture devices in total for about 500km until the tires had squared-off to Fred Flintsone specifications, the motors were crap, and suffered awful heating problems, the bearings were crap, but the worst was the vibrations from the squared-off wheels…

When I got better spec crap I pitched these evil beasts into the darkest nether regions of my garage and forgot about them.

Sometime later I came across the great ghost of Jerry Carvon, and started some casual reading up on his direct/hub drives, it appears that he originally used Ownboard hub motors for his first efforts, and they looked similar if not exactly the same as the Skullboard crap.

for science, I drug out my Skull-drives and went to work…

I ripped off the trash tires, cut off the hanger on each side, exposing the 8mm axle (YIKES) when It all bolted together, I put them on a long-abandoned swiss cheese skateboard deck and took it for a ride…

I’ve also come across treads where people attempted to balance these torture devices, and even rewound the little bastards for better performance.

Obviously these will never be high-performance drives, but I thought maybe if I could take out the vibrations maybe these would make a fun tool around the neighborhood eska8 with little additional money invested, and would also give me a platform to learn a little bit mor about motors, rewinding, etc…

Stay tuned, I’ve just started this crazy experiment…


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Con you clarify how you attached the hub motors to the wheels?

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This title is asking for it.


ultimately I want to upgrade the axle to 10mm-12mm dia thru the hanger, and add a lock nut to hold the motor onto the axles and the keyed hanger, with a bolt on wheel adapter, but for my initial testing I just exposed the 8mm thru-axle on the hanger, put the motor on, then the wheels and tightened everything up, butt assed tight, against the hanger base and urethane wheel.

I didn’t even key the hanger… the original hubs had 105mm wheels and 58kv, I wished to test these motors out, and determined usability, before I invested any real time or money

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