TB110: Arctic Blue (Serious)

So word on the street is @torqueboards is going to drop some new wheels this week . Yeah, from the folks who made the TB110 – they are at it again with a whole new lineup.

I’ve been riding on a prototype set, and they are … plush as fuck . It’s really almost approaching pneumatic but without all the range issues that come with air-filled rubber tires.

The production wheels won’t be orange, this is a prototype. The wheels will come out a beautiful hue of diaphanous blue :arrow_down:.

And they will be dropping really, really soon. :smiley:

These things really make cracks and bumps melt under your feet, and they have grip like never felt before on polyurethane longboard wheels.

TB110: The next generation of awesome wheels from your friends at Torqueboards

Prepare for launch as soon as this week :smirk: (This isn’t enertion, folks)

These will launch IN STOCK and shipping immediately :smiley: (it’s like a breath of fresh mountain air in the esk8 industry)


There has never been a more gorgeous wheel


These have already been ordered and production has finished.

Should be about 2-4 days when they’re at the shop.

We’ll take some new photos and post them soon.

@RyEnd - as of now, no.


I love the color, just not sure I want it on my wheels. Any other colors to come?



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I heard rumors that the black TB110s would eventually be available in the softer duro, is that much true?


@b264 how many miles have you put on them and how much have they worn down? My concern with the lower durometer is that they’ll get eaten up quickly


@RyEnd - Yeah, most likely. Softer option seems great.


I’ve been trying to chunk them as much as possible and so far haven’t been able to. @Skatardude10 also put a bunch of miles on the same set of prototypes.


I’ve got somewhere around 500 miles on mine, I took them off last weekend to clean bearings and I washed the wheels while I had them off. The still look practically new, even the drive wheels.


Dexter plays rough


Ive got a set of those wheels, They should be called “Enertion - Hot Garbage Wheels” :). I’m not slamming on enertion, I loved the FocBox and Unity, have never really had the issues that others had with them. Those wheels though, ughhhh, hurts me to think about them.


got them aswell… feel like riding a flipper ball on marble floor -_-


That blue color is gorgeous, gonna go into debt to buy them day 1.


Wow they lasted that long? That’s a lot actually. Appreciate the info! Thats 500 more miles than I’ve ridden since the beginning of August @hyperion1


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I put maybe 100 miles on this set before sending them out to @b264. Although not super long riding personally, I did my best riding on some super rough roads around here and I have to echo Brian’s sentiment. These are near on par with my pneumatics minus the rolling resistance.

I did quite a few high speed slide tests trying to chunk them, and alas they wouldn’t chunk. I want to see reports of these chunking at some point, but the set I rode just wouldn’t. I’d be surprised if they do start chunking.

When these come out, I’m getting a set immediately. Dexter, PM me the minute these go live, I don’t want to miss it. Compared to ABEC 74a Reflex Superflys, these completely EAT that competition in terms of ride comfort… To me, there is no comparison except maybe riding 107 superflys compared to these is like the difference between riding smaller diameter substantially harder wheels and superflys … they are just a HUGE step up in terms of comfort and confidence. That should go without saying, grip is great, and somehow slides are not chattery, but slides are smooth and predictable… how??? dunno… gimme a set!!!


My experience with the older lineup is that I have never approached the end of life and I have sets with thousands of miles on them with no chunking whatsoever. These new ones I haven’t been able to put that many miles on them yet but all signs from here are really good.


rumors on this forum basicly sold me the wheels allready a few days ago, if only shipping and import tax wouldnt kill this for me tho :confused:


The Blue One will finally be fully blue :+1: