ChooChoo Short AT small batch GB_Completed

Hello guys, as promised I am happy to be able, once again, to share one of my projects with you.
As you probably know, if you are reading this topic, I made a couple of custom decks. With the small one I strongly wanted a short board capable to offer a certain degree of comfort and amazing riding feeling. As you know I would never provide something that I think is not worth it, but this deck positive impressed me.
In response to some request I could get a deal for 10 decks. The production will take roughly 1 month. I am not planning to make more rounds or either bigger one since decks are a big and large and not my main focus. I am more a metal guy :blush:. So this is gonna be a single batch for few, and I would be happy to see other short decks builds with this deck and share with me their feeling. Otherwise I am always alone with my projects :joy:

Deck specs:

-Wood used is maple

  • 31 inch deck
  • groove size is 430x180x7mm (lowest point, since the deck has ergonomic shape, is not flat).
    It fits up to 11s4p, but the deck is on the small size and I personally use a 12s3p and find it perfectly. It does fit o also very easy wimhoch is nice for once. I can easily increase the groove length of few cm if needed btw, but I am pretty happy as it is to be honest.

11s4p possible layout

-weight is 1.5kg

The deal is 135$ + shipping per deck. To go lower we would need way more decks unfortunately.

For the enclosure I am involving @bigben who is always so positive to embrace new projects. His skills are well known so I don’t need to introduce him. I will send him the deck and he will make a second skin fiberglass enclosure thst yoi can get from him directly. Of course you can also make it on your own if you are willing to.

Google form to collect the participants

The deck is part of a bigger project started with my MAD Fury Direct drive and Hammock Adjustable base plate.
The build thread can be found here

Thx guys!
Ciao ciao,

And here some pics of my baby


Really great price. Gl

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Filled it out so fast. :joy::joy:


As I said is only to share my projects. Decks are a nightmare to handle. That’s why I want to keep it contained :joy:


You know that 50% of the reason why I am doing it is for you, right? Otherwise I would feel so bad that I will send you mine :grin:


Lololol. I appreciate it man


I’m in! :slight_smile:

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Thanks man… The names comes from you so acknowledges to @deucesdown


I want someone to make a flat lipo battery and put it in that deck


I’am Down this is going to be awsome build.
I’m in 110% i filled the google form.


I’m putting 2s graphenes in it… hopefully


Why lipo? Just out of curiosity?

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@BigBen Can u give us litle info on the enclosure ur planing? 1 version or 2 version?
Single stack dual stack etc etc.?


I like what @linsus did

you can get it pretty thin



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Just a curiosity how many kilos do ur board weight?

The deck is 1.5kg but ur hole build battery, wheels motors all of it?

any guesstimations?

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Just signed up for 2! Looks sick!

Can’t wait to come up with some cool skins for them!


I hope I am not late I need one of this lol

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too many decks, too little money. How can anyone keep up with this hobby. I want all the decks, haha


Ah ok now I got it!

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