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Mounting non-MBS trucks on MBS board?

Reword the question clearly with ever parts you wanna use on what.

@Skunk @Andy87

I think he means what @Sender did with his kaly and his Lacroix?


It reads like I walked into a room in the middle of a conversation.


I think he’s asking if he can 3d print risers to bring a mountboard angles into normal board riding angles. So essentially 30-35 degrees down to 0-5 degrees with a 3D printed riser.

I’ve contemplated this before but didn’t try for the fear of the 3d printed riser getting sheared by the bolts overtime. i think an aluminum block is probably the way to go here or making sure there’s a large amount of plastic around the screw holes

But I’m also for trying for science :sweat_smile: just make sure you wear proper gear incase the riser gives

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I’ve seen welded aluminum risers fail. So, it’s probably worth a shot, just gear up and ride like you’re always expecting a catastrophic failure (so, like your normally ride).


You could use some adjustable base plates or a solid wedge, otherwise I don’t think there is any way to accomplish it safely. Here’s some for caliber from BD and here’s adjustable base plates in action similar to what your asking to do.

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Sorry to everyone who didn’t really understand what i wrote :wink:
I’ve been sick and English isn’t really my native langauge so the question was formulated half ass’ed

Btw @annihil8ted You got it right :wink:

If it looks like a chicken smells like a chicken and tastes like a chicken, its a chicken :wink: Also i almost regret my purchase, reason being that i wanted something MBS but ended out cheaping out and tried to save 25 GBP, but imma roll with and see what i can do with the shit i have.

I’m properly gonna try a riser out of just a wooden block and later some Aluminium and theeen if it doesn’t feel that great or doesn’t feel like it’s holding up then i might just go for an adjustable base plate.

Was generally just looking for feedback on the idea of doing it

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How will you make the bolts work properly? 30 degrees is a lot, I assume that getting bolts through the truck holes is going to be tricky if going perpendicular through the deck.

Adjustable or super low angle baseplates is definitely the proper way to do this.

Just adding a block like that will also make the board feel like it is riding high.

everyone worth doing can be done with wood

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I’m going to try work it out this weekend since I’m busy with the last few school days and the holiday coming up, will post My solution

Defiently agree, but with the limited ressource i have on had it would be hard for me to get an adjustable base plate

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@Franky, I ended up going the 3d printed route lmao. I’ll let you know if I die (or I won’t be able to?)

Sorry to everyone, didn’t touch the subject for a few days because school comes first, but ended up scrapping the idea after some research and first outcast of designs, reason being the way i would’ve done it, i would’ve risked the wood cracking while riding, and i don’t wanna lose my brain yet.

Let me know, highly interested if it’ll be good enough. My school has a 3d printer which i can use, so i might try it if it goes well for you.


me personally I wouldn’t trust a plastic part in that critical location, especially a 3d printed one… but hey… maybe it’s just me…

vaya con dios amigo


Kinda skeptical myself, but hey, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, i think…


Thanks! Although hopefully not literally haha

Yeah I’ll give it a go at slow speeds but i would recommend reprinting it in ABS. Mine is in PETG so I’ll let you know how it holds up. I do dislike the fact the STL I found had holes made for M4 instead of M5/ 10-32

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Can’t really tell but are those adjustable?

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nope merely wedged!
I don’t really like the extra height that adjustable angle baseplates add…

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It rides really fun, is split angle 65°-35°, I ride it around analog and fuk with it, but it’s soon to be 'lectrified…

but if I ever want to decrease the front truck angle (increase the wedge angle), I’ll fabricate an aluminum riser and drill the mounting bolts thru the riser and deck on an angle, with an x-thingie on top also drilled at the necessary angle

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