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ThaNoS_Short AT commuter_ ChooChoo deck | MAD Fury DD | Hammock Adj Base Plate | Haggy 6" / TB110mm wheels

DieBieMS but it is only discussed in the other forum

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I think I can reply but I dont wanna be known as the “newbie that writes much” :slight_smile: At least lets give some tech details in each message so that the editors may think “ok writes a lot but at least gives something, lets not kick him out” :slight_smile:

The head is fixed in x axis, but it moves on z and y axis… Since my x axis is short, its better to be fixed but instead of 30 cm when it becomes for example 100cm which will be in the next machine, the head must do all the movements, othervise it wont be efficient anymore…

now my spindle has 200w power, as I said it can do a slow mo :slight_smile: 450W is on its way from aliexpress and then the other machine has bigger and louder spindles… you know what I mean…

I used mach 3, had problems with solidcam-mach3 integration… do you have problems on mach3 - fusion 360 setup ?

I may need to ask fusion 360 questions to you soon, I will keep the amount of questions at minimum, please can I ? Lets close this conversation after your answer shall we ? :slight_smile: Thanks man

Actually I have encountered that before. It’s nothing, just ignore that message. It’s just trying to get you talking to other people as well, not just 1 person.


you can keep asking me thing on this thread or wherever you want. It’s really no problem for me.
I use Mach3 and fusion on both Milling machine and router. No problem in fusion there is the gcode post processor for mach3 that is 100% compatible. You only have to select it from the list.
For wood the power is ok, as long you go slower and shallow cuts. I would actually go with the 2Kw spindle aircooled from Ali. They are cheap and really well made for the price. on my router I have a 1Kw spindle, classical Kress 1050fme1. The milling machine still the stock one.

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That enclosure is looking soo good. It’s all a learning experience.

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Well from the theory to the reality…that what I mostly enjoy about esk8…


Reality…I would say pretty damn close!

Now excited to try AT wheels for the first time.


Looks awesome man! Waiting on your first impressions.

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thanks! I am worry about the bolts, I calculated wrong the profile on side so the bolts are not flushed with the enclosure…I will probably loose them all :rofl:

close…shit my man that’s dead on. Looks beautiful


Very elegant. A nicely designed grip tape would make it one of the best looking boards out there.



I probably shouldn’t give advice since I lose screws all the time, but I often print washer with TPU for things like this.

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I always add rubber o-rings. I put them already but still that thing hurting me ahahaha

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Thanks, I actually used lucid grip. I couldn’t decide on the grip tape and I like wood look so I went for clear grip this time


Thanks thanks :smile:

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I tried for like 1km the custom 60Kv. I thought they will be like the 75Kv but just lower in Kv to better accommodate the AT wheels but they totally suck! :joy:
@deucesdown I am sorry you also wanted to give them try. Ok the AT wheels but I had really low torque, higher internal resistance, lower top speed and one of the 2 motors was constantly switching direction after a strong brake. I had to re-calibrate again and then it did the same after 400m. Now I don’t know how is possible to have such a difference from the 75Kv and the 60Kv, but I am going to swap the motors to the 75Kv version and see what they can do with AT.

On the other hand the combo deck + Haggy wheels is amazing. Coming from urathene it feels like floating… Unbelievable the grip you have.


Dam, that is not even close but definitely the identical copy !!
Wow, awesome work mate!.. that’s crazy what you are able to create in 3D and recreate in reality!

It looks so clean and perfect … Too bad about the rear DD fail torquy feeling.
Like I was thinking, DD with bigger wheels, you need 4WD maybe?
But I think the issue is not the motor or kV but the fact you’re changing the game : 75kV > 60kV not so big difference … 90mm urethan > 145mm huge difference. (that remind me of my feeling when I try hub motor after 4 yrs of building belt and chain setup. I was so disapointed, but the feeling on freewheel, or when you are in cuttoff start, its amazing.)
Maybe 110mm or Gummies or Stooge wheels is the thing with 2W-DD (1:1 ratio)…
It will be cool to test them with bigger urethan wheels to see the difference with the 75kV.
And maybe 4WD for air wheels so.

Haaaaa glad you enjoy the AT ! It why I didn’t ride so much urethan since my second build (eMTBoard).
Anytime, anywhere, and you can less focus the road surface and enjoy more landspace :smiley:


PS : I would like to share you my 107 for testing … but I testing it too ^^
(Battle hard with the motor detection … but hope to could ride it this afternoon !)

Thanks man! Definetely the AT feeling is good.
I don’t know if the orblme is only the wheels size the 60Kv motors where acting wierd not sure it’s just due to the wheel size. I will try to test them a bit more this evening or swap to the 75Kv that I have been using for quite a lot. They have really nice torque so to me will do better. I think I was going max 30lmh with thr 60Kv which does make sense. Plus the reverse direction of on eof the motor. Something is weird there.


How does the deck feel? Are you able to carve pretty well?

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The deck feels really good. Although is short it locks you in. Need more km to tell you more. No wheels bite even without riser and 6 inch tyre. Only thing to take into account is that if you stand as wide as you can then your front foot can encounter the AT wheels. With urathene or a bit of riser and AT you can carve until flip :joy: