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ThaNoS_Short AT commuter_ ChooChoo deck | MAD Fury DD | Hammock Adj Base Plate | Haggy 6" / TB110mm wheels

Hi! Instead of spread updates on this build everywhere, better to make a dedicated topic. The purpose of this build is to replace my current commute board (“The Avenger” | Jet Spud | MAD Fury DIY Direct Drive | 12S3p 30Q | Focbox Unity ) with a short AT. I was inspired by the amazing work of @ervinelin with the Mini Rolling Fortress. I want to be able to ride without care too much about bad roads, since I am always carrying 2 backpacks ecc…That being said I also want to make something epic to me so…


image image



  • MAD Fury Direct Drive, 60Kv special edition. I wanted a lower Kv to better accommodate the AT wheels. @rey8801



  • DIY vaccuum forming enclosure image
  • Bergmeister 6" AT wheels @riverside.rider. Still have to try them out but only heard good things about it. They look incredible nice for sure. image
  • Hammock Base Plate @rey8801 ( yeh still me :rofl: ) I can not use high plastic risers anymore. Nop nop…



  • Unity A must in my builds lately.

  • 12s3p 30Q battery with Bestech D140 bms.

Currently making the mold for forming the enclosure. DIY vaccuum forming set up is done already


I hope you will like it…:wink:


Oh man you are really shaping up to be able to produce end-to-end esk8s.

I love it!

The community BMSs and Shamen’s ESCs next

Keep pushing!


Thanks appreciate! yeh everytime I think something it is not available, so I find a way to make it…More things are coming :rofl:


ThaNuS_Short AT commuter_


What are you making the vacuum form mold with?

I first tought just 3D printed. It would be fine for few tries. But then I wanted to experiment with the router. It’s a small router so I divided in 3, here one image but i made all of them. They came out really nice. Need to glue them together and sand a bit.

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Wow that’s solid router work!
What are you planning on forming with? For my build I was thinking a sheet of ABS but I’d like it to be flexible.

I got ABS 2 and 3mm. I think 2 is plenty. I used fiberglass in the past but this time I want to try ABS to be slightly flexible and light.

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Nice! I’m curious to see how well it works, please update!

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yep I will. This evening I will try to finish the mold. Then I have to experiment with the DIY vacuum forming machine. I finished last week.


Here the mould together. Now a bit of sanding and should be ready to go.


Looking good! When do you plan to vacuum form?

I hope in the weekend of I find the time. Al the rest is ready. Need to play with temperature since it’s rather critical for a good result

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The enclosure end looks a bit like the La Croix, nice work


Thanks. I would say I mix between 2 or 3 of the nice enclosures out there. At least there is where I got the inspiration

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Finished the mold. Really smooth and nice. Well done my dear :slight_smile:

Then all hyped I wanted to give it a try to vacuum forming one…

Heat it up the ABS. 1.30h!!! To get it sagging


Roger we need more heat :sweat_smile:
Gonna check in the workshop in the city how much does it cost to use their vacuum.
ABS 1 - Alessio 0

Otherwise I would need to go for the fiber glass route again.


Lol epic fail! Thanks for posting. Was it lack of heat, or lack of vacuum, or both?

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Yeh I post everything. It’s part of the game :grin: Heat I think I basically I could even get to frame to touch the vaccum machine everywhere to apply the suction. I think I need to lower the mold to the surface (I wanted the gap to jmhave better corners) and way more heat. To even heat up the ABS.
The suction with 2 vacuums connected is pretty strong in my test when the frame touched the rubber seal you need quite some strength to pull it.


2 shop vacuums is what I’ve seen the successful youtubers use.

One design which impressed me was a heating chamber on one side vacuum chamber on the other with the media(abs) hinged on the middle, flip from one side to another after it begins to sag…I think kydex was used

Happy hunting and too early to give in!


I think I need to build something to place the heat on the top and then the ABS just right below. That what I see the most. So it can sag down with no problem and get heat it up better. Plus the actual heater is slightly smaller than the ABS sheet, so Need to figure it out what to use.
I never give up, I will make the enclosure with that shape, no matter what :laughing:.