[WTS - EU based shipping] Opening my Pandora's Box 😁 Mixed New and Used parts for sale EU-US


About time to free up space for new projects. I think I have listed the majority of the items. If I find something else worthwhile, I will add it later on…

I am located in Belgium (EU), but can normally ship almost everywhere.
For additional info and pics let me know.

All prices excluding shipping. To have an idea, shipping within EU is usually between 10 - 25 EUR. Shipping to US is 21 EUR up to 1Kg, 36 EUR up to 5Kg. For rest of the World is about 40 EUR up to 5Kg.

I have 2 Unity (from when Enertion was a thing). One used but in perfect state (never gave me a problem at 12s) and one new.

  • SOLD - NEW Unity: Is the one on the right. It has the top rubber JST plugs cut out because I was making a tight build with it but never finished.
    200 EUR

  • SOLD - USED Unity: Used in the Thanos build at 12s for about 1000km. Still going strong. The switch is still incorporated in the deck (ChooChoo deck), since it has on size cutout for the switch and charger. I left it installed in case you want to pair it with the deck (further down in the thread).
    180 EUR



WHEELS Section
Please see the pictures for all the types. They are either new or really good shape.

  • SOLD - Ollin Popoca 90mm x 6*: New (2) or used for testing (4) for few kms (there is zero sign of wear on all the wheels). My favorite 90mm wheel. Such a nice riding. For the price they are amazing. The ones in the picture are my stock I bought before they went out of sale.
    50 EUR 4 wheels / 25 EUR pair

  • SOLD - TB 110mm: Great condition, no damages
    90 Euro for the complete set

  • SOLD - Orangatang Caguama 85mm: New, still have the cardboard they ship them with if you need it.
    65 EUR set of 4

  • SOLD - 97mm ABEC wheels: Used, i think they are form Eskating or similar European shops.
    30 EUR set of 4

  • 90mm ABEC wheels: Used, generic hard rubber wheels. It does the job but compare to Popoca is night and day.
    10 EUR for 2:

  • SOLD - Haggy 6" hub + tires: Tested for like 3 kms, so basically new.
    160 EUR set of 4

  • MAD Hub Sleeves: New spare sleeves. Sold in pairs. If you need a spare front cover, let me know and I will drop it inside the parcel.
    10 EUR set of 2



  • SOLD - SR RKP 220mm black complete set of 2: New
    180 EUR

  • SR RKP 150mm red complete set of 2: New
    180 EUR

  • SOLD - SR TKP 177mm 10mm axle black complete set of 2: Barely use of of the truck.
    155 EUR

  • SR RKP 200mm black single hanger: New
    59 EUR

  • SR RKP Surf-Keeyz + 2 extra kingpin: New
    15 EUR


  • SOLD - Original Caliber II Raw: New
    35 EUR

  • Caliber Type Raw: New
    20 EUR

  • SOLD - TB 218mm from GB: One truck slightly used, the other new. Need to find the second baseplate, it’s new but I have to search more to find it, sorry :sweat_smile:
    35 EUR

  • Original Paris Truck Black: Single
    15 EUR

  • Paris Style Trucks Black: I have several of them. If you grab something and you want one set I can add them for free. I will add pictures later but not to difficult to imagine them :grin:
    5 EUR or free with other items

  • Hammock SR RKP/ TKP / Standard (Paris, TB, Kahua, Caliber ecc). All Black models: I have 12 full sets (pair) between SR RKP and Standard model. All new except 1 set slightly used. 1 full set of SR TKP also available (one of the baseplate is slightly used but basically no sign of wear on it). I am offering them for less than cost to make them. Ask around, they are great! Original price was 144 EUR for the set.
    100 EUR for full set (front and rear) + kingpins and adj bolts
    7 full sets SOLD
    At 25Euro each you can also get single adapters for Standard RKP or the SR RKP trucks. So you can increase the range of use. The base remains the same.


Used one

The other models

BESTECH BMS 12s D140:New
20 EUR.



  • SOLD - Meepo Hub: At 12s they are really fun with top speed of 42km/h and a plenty of torque. Perfect for a cheap city build.
    40 EUR

  • SOLD - RaceStar 140Kv 5065 + Pulleys: Bought 2nd hand and never put on good used
    50 EUR for both

  • SOLD - HobbySky 6383 Custom 55Kv: New, bought to make a second DD. I have used them in 85Kv for a DD. Really powerful motors.
    100 EUR for both

  • SOLD - Flipsky 6354 Custom 140Kv: New. Just used one for testing for a small GD I was making.
    100 EUR for both

  • Maytech 6374 170Kv Sealed Vers: New. Special one bought during a GB. I included some pics of the internal, taken from another member of the community.
    190 EUR for both


Flipsky VX1 Remote: 1 used and 1 New. Used for few months and I liked a lot.

SOLD - 25 EUR used

SOLD - 40 EUR new


SOLD - Metr Pro: Used.
35 EUR



  • SOLD - Spud 29" + Fiberglass Enclosure: Extensively used for my first build. Can still helps someone to enter the Esk8 World.
    60 EUR

  • SOLD - ChooChoo Deck 31" + Fiberglass Enclosure: First own designed deck produced. Really happy with how it turned out. Amazing riding experience for such a short deck. There are only about 31 decks around.
    ChooChoo Short AT small batch GB_Completed

200 EUR

  • SOLD - The battery is a 12s3p 30Q with D140 BMS charge only. The battery has about 1000kms but still going fine. I am not sure how to ship it so if someone wants with the deck or without it
    50 EUR

  • Kick&Punch (KP) Deck 30" Integrated Deck: Last own designed deck I have made. Unfortunately I did not have time to finish the build. Originally it was meant for a short badass stealth city kicktail deck. All together cost me more than 300 Eur to make this prototype. It is made out of hot pressed Canadian Maple and CNC milled at the bottom to make space for the electronics (same process of ChooChoo). I went for the bottom groove to allow for proper concave at the top. The electronics need to be hold in place with Velcro, to help the lid to support the weight. It’s intended for a 12s3p battery. The space for electronics is 475mm x 146mm x 22mm.
    The deck is finished but it needs the wood insert to be drilled and installed (the aluminum lid has the guide holes), and the rear of the groove needs to be drilled to let the motor phase wires out. A long drill bit or Dremel will do. The idea was to drill out just about the space you need for the cables and use tunnel riser for route all the cables to the motors. I wanted to gain the extra height needed using using hammock baseplate and paring them with the red SR RKP 150mm + 85mm Caguama. I truly think the deck will do great, but it’s a prototype so it comes with that risk. That being said, it’s inspired to one of my favorite Madrid deck (the one used in the famous movie that brought a lot of us here in first place :heart_eyes:) and it’s the only unit in the wild.

240 EUR


For who has kept scrolling until here, I am impressed, You are great! Took me forever to list them :blush:

Ciao ciao

PS: I will keep the list updated.


these the blue or the black ones?


they are in the pic. The black ones

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Black, 78A

ah, missed the droppie down. Wanted the blues :C

I’ll think about it!

no problem!


dang, another set of blue cag :eyes:

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yeh I love small wheels and short cruiser. So they were meant for the short kick tail deck I designed.

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im a sucker for those blue cag, i really shouldn’t buy another set when i already have 4 set :joy: when 1 set is still unused

its a good deal tho

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Ah yes definetely you shouldn’t or ended up like me piling Popoca ahahaha


What shaft size and type are those FS 6354 motors?

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I believe they are 8mm shaft and 3mm keyway. Let me go to the workshop and measure them.

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Yes 8mm x 24mm shaft, 3mm keyway. Sensored

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I’ll take metr pro. I am on the mountain snowboarding until 21. So if that’s not too late for you I’ll take it.


No in a hurry. I will keep it until the 21st. If you change idea let me know. Enjoy snowboarding!

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Wow I did not know the number was so low.


I feel priveledged to have one right now haha

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Ah yes. Price to make them went sky high after the first batch. When the companies involved understood the amount of time it takes to make one. I would need to ask 400 euro for one of them, so production stopped with the first numbered batch


PM’d regarding the used VX1. Thx :blush:

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Replied :wink:

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Not to derail, but how wide are the choochoos? If it’s 11 Inches(275mm I believe) or less I got a guy who would likely charge 150usd or less per deck.