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Widening wheel hubs

@ducktaperules did a really cool concept to make the hubs wider and use thiiiiick tires, or force them to be thick like @rich did

Lets continue this discussion and see what we can come up with

@rich I think you posted but I can’t find, how wide is the @NoWind hubs? Measured from the outside

I’m sketching it for the Superstars

@ducktaperules here are the model for them


Great, I was thinking about making a wide wheels thread tonight but you beat me to it.

I will repost things here to try and Keep information one place but after seeing @NoWind’s hubs i loved the idea of the wide wheels.

My board currently has Trampa MegaStar hubs

I had the idea that i could add a middle peice to widen them, hopefully without making to many changes to the bearing placement.

This is the part that i have come up with. It should widen the hub up to a similar dimension as the etoxx hubs.

Also as it doesn’t change the geometry on the inside edge it should maintain compatibility with most gear drives.

I currently have one on print to test out. i dont know if it will be strong enough or if i will have fitment issues but i guess the only way to find out is to try it right?


Nice, good luck

Can you share the CAD for the Megastars? And did you draw it hand measuring? I just want to cross check with mine since the spokes are the same

As I said before, I want to use the 3D printed parts only in compression, and laser cut sheets to seat the new bearing location


Lots of off topic info on the Etoxx hubs in here lol


Will this widen the hub without widening the bearing spacing, or is the offset the same (bearing spacing increases by the same amount as the hub width)?


That is the goal, only widen to the outside, so you still have compatibility with the rest of the drivetrain




@ducktaperules that looks really good, so you mount the outer spokes inward instead of outward and achieve same bearing distance?


Some may say I left the comma out on purpose :kissing:


Yeah that’s the plan. I don’t want to have to make any changes to the rest of the drive train, spacers or axel length. Seems that just moving the outer hub part to the other side of the spokes almost perfectly matches the width of the etoxx hub.


One of my goals it to fit this beast, diameter wise I think it’s a match


Yaaaaaas queen.
Those look dope af.


I’m a bit worried it will bend the axles, the hub has to be a lot wider

Maybe keep to Jens size at first

Wide enough for double gummies?


That would be cool as hell

Ask you shall receive, but it needs to be even wider


At that point let’s just use go-kart tires


Dimentions x the smallest go-kart tires to the right?


Is that even possible, Pedro?



How about inside bearing distance? Is possible to keep them under same usable axle lenghts?

What would be the minimum usable axle required x for this installation? TB axle is 47mm, Evolve SC is 32mm; theres even a hub bearing adapter from Board Bumpers for the Trampa superstar x that short Evolve SC axle. There are a dozen more brands in the middle (??)

Yeah, with a custom piece definitely, but I don’t think it would feel great, the Gummies does not have the smoothest ride, and by doubling it it would be harder. The axle definitely has a greater chance to be bent


the Gummies does not have the smoothest ride

Agree on the Gummies. Thin sleeves are awful. Can’t believe someone haven’t come with a wide hub for wide and thin urethane or rubberized covers (??) Either by using or transforming existing hubs (E-Toxx, Trampa, MBS, etc) or coming with a new one. Peeps here love wide wheel with lots of cover. Why manufacturers have not come with a solution x this need todate?


Yeah, they have the use case, but it’s pretty limited, if you like the urethane feel and has some sort of obstacle that only big wheels can handle they are great. For example, in my city almost every intersection has channel cut across the street for the water to flow, it’s impossible to go through them without stopping on smaller wheel, I tried every way imaginable, but the gummies you just go diagonal and no problem. And also wet performance, it’s the only urethane wheel I would ride in the rain feeling safe