Wide Truck Hanger Options [US]

I’m trying to gain insight on wide truck/hanger options for a potential future build. Feedback and ideas would be appreciated. TIA.

(All lengths are based on hanger faces)

  • (RKP) @Boardnamics BN270s
  • (RKP) @3DServisas 275s
  • (RKP) Hoyt UAV ROSA (278+301mm) (Glyphiks Thread)
  • (Channel) MBS Matrix III (300mm)
  • (Channel) MBS Matrix 2 (305mm)
  • (Channel) MBS Matrix III (320mm)
  • (RKP) Luna 350s (Hanger length of 320mm)
  • (Channel) @3DServisas MBS-equivalent (320mm)
  • (Channel) @3DServisas FatBoy Finality (320mm)
  • (Channel) Hypertrucks (388mm)
  • (PKP) Etoxx (420mm)

Anything longer than the Hypertrucks or the PKP Etoxx?

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These trucks are meant for different types of decks. If you have an idea of what type of deck you’re using, it’ll narrow this down significantly. For example, you can’t use hyper trucks on a longboard deck

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I am keeping it open right now, looking to finalize trucks first.

@b264 has a good order of operations list for a build. trucks should not be your first choice. I cant find the list, but he should be able to link it


Etoxx has 420mm PKPs E-TOXX on Instagram: "STEALTH 420MM ADJUSTABLE BASE PKP HEAVY(Duty) 420MM body 19.5mm square 30mm thick BLACK OUT #etoxx #skate #skateboard #esk8 #eskate #eskateboard #esk8squad #esk8riders #esk8builder #esk8builders #vesc #vescommunity #offroad #mountainboard #electricmountainboard #mbsmountainboards #trampaboards #electricskateboard #electricskateboarding #electricskateboardingisfun @electricskateboarding #elektroskateboardshop"


Trucks and drivetrain matter so much though that I think it’s okay to start with that when doing a build, assuming you still plan the rest out before you buy anything


This is what I’m doing, thanks for that. Trying to not limit myself to a select amount of parts if I go one way vs the other (MTB vs Street style etc).

I’ve done builds starting with drivetrain several times, it’s not as easy but it’s certainly doable

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Lacroix mentions that the Hypertrucks are designed to reduce and correct speed wobbles.

Is this an active mechanical feature or just an inherent byproduct of smart CAD and design?

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It’s a geometry thing, just carefully designed parts with good bushings and split baseplate angles


This is mostly because their decks have shallow angles of +30 up front and +25 in the back. And they use good urethane for their bushings. They definitely don’t actively prevent or correct speed wobbles, ask me how I know :sweat_smile:

If you really care about stability, go for channel trucks or RKPs, and do split angles and good bushings. Avoid PKP and DKP trucks.


Hoyt ROSA trucks are very wide and very stable.


^ best rkp trucks on the market by far.


That doesn’t sound too good :sweat_smile:

I know Heath Lewis is running an angled riser with his Hypertrucks on the Flux deck. He also has a steering damper.

What’s the hanger length on the Hoyt UAV ROSA? Curious about what the max motor length could be on those.

Edit: And what are the baseplate angles?

So are you just looking to go wider?

What’s the purpose of the build?


To avoid the motors hitting the deck you end up choosing they have a different version of the mounts with the motors down lower. Then you can run pretty big motors on them.

See Al’s post about them:
Hoyt St UAV trucks… on a DiY.

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I don’t know exactly how wide you’re going but @PropulsionBoards has some cool new trucks available - completely untested in our community but neat for sure


Ill take the cristicisim but I really enjoy the flipsky 15 inch trucks with the spherical bearing mod and tkp baseplate i went with them bc they were what i could aford.