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Spintend 75V/200A Ubox (Based on 75V/300A VESC)and Uni1 Introduction !

Hi guys
Good weekend!
My name is John Lee, finally I’m here to introduce my products,( Ubox 75V/200A Dual Motor Controller based on 75V/300A VESC)and Remote Uni1.

Firstly , simply introduce my background. I’m an electronic software engineer with 15 years of work experience in FPV field. And I noticed VESC in early time. It’s powerful and charming. I spent long time on it since 2018. (I was busy with living by providing firmware to some quadcopter factory until the end of 2019), I kept testing and modifying it in almost 6months. Finally came out Ubox with this specs:
1.Be compatible with 75V/300A VESC firmware.
2.All in one integration( integrated 2.4Ghz receiver/Bluetooth/antispark switch in one board)
3.Electronic on board CAN BUS Switch
4.Dedicate 12V output socket for horn and light and other extended function as user may need
5.Reserve BMS port, support BMS data detection and monitor of each battery cell
6.It has all other VESC features: FOC /BLDC mode, regenerative function…will not list here.
7.It supports to be used in authentic vesc tool.

In order to be better fulfill Ubox designed function, I had to redesign a remote that can make all function available. (Yes, I don’t have time and money to re-open mold, so I bought a whole remote ,then replace the electric parts inside. No profit in this remote, I only want it to fulfill my UBOX function, when I have time and more budget, I may consider to do my own one)

If use the perfect partner Remote Uni1, can enjoy more functions as below.
1.Freely assign PPM or UART port to ESCA or ESCB.
2.Freely assign the Bluetooth function to ESCA or ESCB.
3.Auto powering-off time can be set in Remote Uni1.
4.You can change Momentary / Latching button.
5.Display BMS(each cell) data in remote.
6.Turn on/off can bus switch by remote.

Quality and Trust
I’ve keeping tested the Ubox for almost 3 months. It’s not easy to do this job lonely.
Here is a simple test video :
Test Ubox with 16S battery
The rated max current depends on the heat dissipation status.I don’t have extra budget to invest professional test equipment, but it at least can meet my needs now.

It’s not easy to get trust from esk8 riders in forum, especially no any review of my product in market. Thanks to my first customer(for privacy ,I can’t name it out), we’re lucky enough that our first customer who’s been skateboarding for 40years, building electric skateboard for 7years, he is very professional and knows how to test a new product in most critical way. He used Ubox in racing eskateboard. Thanks for his test and patience, early key problem is fixed. Now I dare to post here as a vendor.

Price and Shipping
For better widely tested in market,we provide first 50pcs with 10% discount( it’s almost production cost price in selling)
Early bird price: Ubox: 179USD , Ubox+Uni1 remote: 206USD

This is for market review. I can’t afford more in such low price. Take the chance!
I will slightly increase the price in future for healthy development and production.(I have to hire people and rent factory office, If it’s proved to be accepted by more people)

Now , we can do pre-sell. And the lead time is about 10days. (Ready to ship in middle of Sep, If the schedule is postponed, I will leave notice in my website)

If the express shipping is a little slow, please forgive me, I’m trying to find more better logistic company, It may take time to run smooth with a new cooperation partner.

Warranty :

We provide 60days warranty for electronic products , all details list refer to here:
Spintend warranty policy
We’re responsible for the manufacturing product failure. Only if in normal operation, the failure can be checked by error lights warning. So it would be easier to distinguish the failure responsibility.
error code lights

Concerned questions:
For Ubox
1.Do you have a single version of this Ubox?
—If there ‘re many people have interest in it, I will make it. But I’m not sure if the single spec meet their need or not, eg, for ebike or for efoil? Or for others? If you guys leave me more information, highly appreciated.

2.Do you have IOS app for it ?
–Unfortunately, we don’t have our own app for it. It supports original android vesc tool app.

3.Can the CANBUS switch be controlled through Iphone or physical button in order to swap between single motor or dual motors?
–Iphone can’t control the CANBUS, our remote can control it, if the user won’t use our Uni1 remote, he can use Ubox power button control it.(Detail operation will be explained in Ubox user manual )

  1. Can I use other remote to control it ?
    – Only if the remote it’s compatible with VESC , it also be compatible with Ubox. Support in both PPM and UART mode

5.If I don’t use your Uni1 remote, what function that I may miss from the Ubox
– No BMS monitoring, unless use our own BMS(in design plan)
–No assign bluetooth to VESCA or VESCB
– No Horn and light control

For remote Uni1
1.Can the user use remote Uni1 with other VESC on the market? And is it possible to control light with it?
–Yes, if the user use the matched receiver, it also can control his other VESC. And it can control light, but it require 12V power source supply and 3.3v singal to the receiver. (we plan to make this module to those who don’t use Ubox)

  1. Can your Remote Uni1 be paired with multiple receiver so the user can use single remote for different boards.
    ----Yes, it can be paired with multiple receiver…

3.How about the remote connection stability?
—It is can reach 8-10m if there is no obstacles.

4.What is the type of the battery?
–Now the battery capacity is 300mAh due to the remote case’s limited size. The electricity consumption is 48mAh /hour, so it can last about 6hours.

Thanks for your view! any questions , please drop me a mail at :
I may don’t have much time here. But when I’m free will answer your questions here.


I’m happy to see you guys in the vendor corner finally!

Is it possible to have a very basic, barebones app that can connect with the vesc and control the switches that users with their own remote miss out on?

Also, remote battery is really small… vx1 for comparison, started with 300mA and everyone was complaining it’s a 1 day battery at best, now uses 800mA (i get 2 days out of it) and some people have put 1000mA inside with great results. A far away dream seems to be 18650 battery compatible, but no one seems to have dared to make a remote this fat yet.

I wish you all good luck!


Hi John,

Good to see you as vendor in the forum. As we previously discussed by emails, I will grab your vesc too. Wish you all the best luck!


QUestion from the logist point of view. When ordering I can not choose Belgium as destination country, while Netherlands and other EU countries are included. Would be possible to ship to Belgium?


I’ll be ordering one to play with


This couldn’t have come at a better time! I’m so glad I decided to check the forum this morning.
I just purchased the Ubox in black (It also comes in silver) with the Uni1 controller from your website with the 10% discount code. Can’t beat $229 shipped (And that’s with shipping upgraded to 4PX!!)

I was about to buy the Flipsky Dual 6.6 Plus, but this is such a good deal I couldn’t resist.

Flipsky doesn’t include:

Neatly organized and labeled ports
Dedicated fault code display (also beautifully laid-out and labeled)
and probably other things that don’t come to mind right now. . .

and it costs more, even without these things so…


(If you can’t tell, I’m excited to receive this thing and I love it when things that are well labeled and laid-out.)

My only suggestion right now, as I have yet to receive the unit is that you may consider using Type-C USB ports, which seem to be gaining popularity and are just generally more convenient as they are multi-directional (and more resistant to damage IMO) and seem to be replacing Mini-USB-B pretty much universally.

Okay that’s it. Thank you for your contribution to the Eskate community!!


yes we are all hoping it will be the right vesc at the right price in the HV range :wink:


this, must have this @hardunclejohn please take note


Nice! Good luck i hope you sucess. Looks like a nice controller


That sounds bomb, how is the cooling? Have you tested on steep hills?

I’d be willing to pick one up and test it out and get u some views on my youtube if it is good. I live on the steepest hills out there and I would be able to tell right away.


Best of luck man, I can’t think of needing something this strong in the near future but there are many people on here that will


This is great and you addressed every question I had as well. Awesome work


Lets see how it goes


I’ve ordered 3 already :rofl:. Probably going to order 2 or 3 more to replace my direct FET 4.12 variants.

Antispark with Auto-Off+remote+nrf module for that price is kinda a joke, hard to justify buying a stormcore for 100+$ more when you get less!

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did you end up put one on use?


I’ve got probably about 100km of testing done on one. No issues so far, setting are pretty conservative and the main rider isn’t crazy aggressive. But I haven’t replaced the diode yet either, it’s coming with the other 2 I ordered :stuck_out_tongue:

Supposedly psychotiller was able to get it to cutout under certain conditions of hard riding hence the diode being changed out, but the supposedly the conditions where 20+ km of continous riding then hard grass riding to get cutouts.

The onboard nrf I haven’t gotten to function yet but that might have something to do with the remote settings/all UART ports being populated by wand Dongle/iLogger.

Gonna go out for a 40km off-road ride tonight to see how she holds up!

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Great! Looking forward for more insights. What setup are you running?

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Just ordered one, sounds great for the price :+1:
Quick question : I have one of those chinese LLT smart bms that comes with a bluetooth module. Can the esc get data from this bms ? If so, does the esc use the same port as the bluetooth module ?


Just on a subsonic century 12s5p 30q with a haggy kit so nothing high voltage or crazy power wise . 50 battery Amps and 70 motor amps each side.

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Is this based on a vesc 4 or 6?

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Based on vesc 75/300. Basically beefed up vesc 6