Saturn's Shop Shenanigans, and a Story

I would like to document my boards all in one specific place before I forget or lose pictures somewhere, as well as share some of my kinda shit creations as well as the cooler more reliable ones. So I have created this thread here in the likeness of @rafaelinmissouri 's thread. It’s a good format and I’m gonna poach it! Then I’ll update it occasionally if I attempt to do anything worthy of sharing. Let’s start off with the skateboards.

Board 1 - Wowgo v1
It all started with this board. It knocked me out once, but that’s a whole story itself. The deck was convex so it was nigh impossible to stay on and many months later I did the worst deck swap you’ve ever seen onto a pintail. Eventually I got a real deck which I was planning to use for my first DIY and did a better job with that. I rode this thing flat out for many miles but began to want more… What a thing to nearly completely learn skateboarding on.

Board 2 - Direct Drive Madness
My first DIY, 2018.
Zenit Marble 38
12s4p 30q
97mm Flywheels
dual focbox 1.7’s
Carvon Speed Drives
I loved this thing. Went pretty fast, thirty - mid thirties? no speedometer. I did a build thread as I went and it was a journey I’ll tell ya. Went to Colorado with it and blasted up a hill; and did pretty well considering the direct drive aspect. I did overheat the motors by the top and had minimal brakes. Still have the deck but no plans. Eventually I gave up on it due to the motors consuming bearings and magnets. I must have done at least three bearing swaps and then a magnet shattered. Plans began for a mountainboard as I wanted to explore the local trails I had to pass by on my speedy speed boy journey.

**Board 3 - TrampBs MTB **
DIY #2, 2019. I wanted a a cost effective mountainboard that did the job. I reused some parts.
Trampa Carver deck
MBS Matrix 2’s
Overion chain drive
Same focbox 1.7’s until they blew one day a year or two in. Replaced with an Amazon Unity.
Blue Tramp wheels
shitty but durable motors
This thing was great as well, and much more reliable and weatherproof. After dealing with flats early on and then using slime it was almost unstopable. I was stoppable though. Dislocated my knee a couple times with bindings and foot hooks. Ripping the chainsaw through the forest part was wonderful. This board lasted me the longest with me pulling it apart a month ago, 3years. I still have the critical parts. Build thread

Board 4 - Shortboard
I dunno. I was into building at this point and had some parts around, and bought some more. I don’t like short boards really.
BKB Tayto
97 Flywheels
Shitsky motors and esc
I mean it worked. I rode it probably under 100 miles. Sold some still have some. Eh. Practiced painting I guess?

Board 5
2020. I was interested in getting some 'thane feeling back from the good old days on the speed drives. I got a cool integrated deck and small wheels. My first DIY battery.
Venom Magnums
Bendy Surf Rodz drivetrain
Two Focbox 1.7’s “new” ones since I blew the old ones.
Good little board. The deck wasn’t as secure at speed feeling as the zenit but it worked well. There were 2 main issues that led to it’s demise; A lack of a BMS forced me to use a hobby charger, and the axles kept bending. They were mmaner’s 10mm sz axles with integrated mounts you see. Obviously long enough to bend. I got a new pair which bent after the first few rides as well. It was a reported problem. So I sold off most parts. Still got the bent axles and truck.

board 6 - Current and Only
2020-22. After that fiasco and still wanting speed, but reliable stable smooth speed, I went another route.
Flux deck
Adjustable TKP’s
Psychotiller 6 shooters
4x Torqueboard esc’s
4x Psychotiller mounts
Just got back from a ride that inspired this post. Still works which is always a good sign. I don’t ride a ton anymore but this thing doesn’t disappoint when I do. Motivation is hard. Even just to go for a simple ride on the weekend but I don’t regret it one moment after the first 10 feet. I’ll try to do more, no grantees. But at the moment that’s my esk8 stuff relatively done. I’ve got something new coming to play with for next year and I’m going to do my best with it. I’ll still be watching occasionally like usual though. Can’t miss out completely on cool esk8 stuff.

See ya soon.


Joe is cool


I try


Love it.

Wonder if you already told @ApproachCautiously about those bent hangars?

I definitely feel this, sometimes it’s hard but oh it feels so good when you do.

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Looks like his hanger never bent and only the axles were bending. Could still give the same affect as what I want, but at the risk of it being less durable overall. I may have weird preferences but I prefer to not have my parts suddenly fail on me catastrophically. I don’t mind loosing some skin but I do mind damage to my internal organs. that was unpleasant. 2/10 would not recommend


Did you ride today? How much?

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If you are going to do only one it’s seems appropriate the Flux is it.


Just a little ~10 mile ride. Board was only at 47 volts so I played it safe. I’ll go put it on the charger this morning.


I have found it to be pretty hard to keep boards charged… Or not charged…


I rode to work yesterday because my 12 volt in my car died. 6am and it was 30 degrees F. My fingers and lips got quite cold but the ride home in the afternoon was quite nice. Lots of coworkers asked questions and a few showed interest in esk8. I may have begun converting a few guys.


How long was the commute?

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9 or so miles each way. I went slow to save battery until I got really cold, then I gunned it. All I could think about was my desk heater and donut holes waiting for me at work.


Yeah … 9 miles at below freezing is something

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Ho-ly shit guys, some real disaster just averted me.

First esk8 ride in months. I had just left the garage and was really vibing on my 4wd, full send out the gate and feeling amazing about it. Then at the intersection of the neighborhood I check my left, my right, my left, and repeat until all is clear and only the red car off in the distance on my right is on it’s way through. I gunned it and looked left once more.

Except it wasn’t clear. There was a grey Nissan on the right I completely missed during my four hundred checks. Thankfully he braked then swerved and I speed wobbled out from panic into the clear. Board shot under a truck, over a curb, and into a safe landing of woodchips. I slid a smidge and got back up. In the moment, I saw the car a few feet away rapidly approaching and was sure I’d be killed by a Nissan driver.

Now I got a new hole in my motorbike pants and some slight road rash through my gear. And a small chunk outta my top lip when the bolt holding the visor sheared through.

Geez guys. That was frightening. I was so sure it was clear. I always check rigorously. I misjudged this time. Didn’t even see him and you bet I was checking. I got out extremely lucky.


Damn bro, sounds like you definitely got away from something that could’ve been nasty :scream:




i always celabrate my new lease on life with an irresponcable Esk8 purchase, er, but dont do that . glad you are OK


Gray cars are invisible…

I swear they show up out of thin air…


@Saturn_Corp you are the mad man with 1 leg?yes? bravo! Now this is just begging for eletric stump attachments(sorry i bet stump isnt PC,just assume im a harmless dumbfuck who doesnt mean to offend)
I can invision a powered unicycle,roller blade, pogo stick, hell just talking aboutit makes me want to lop a limb off!. Also chain saw leg?

im sorry im doing it again, please excuse me

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Haha, no you’re good. I’ve thought about similar things myself. You ever see pirates of the Caribbean? I want to hide some rum iny prosthetic like that one guy.