Motor mounts for DKP trucks (Evolve and similar), and Surf Rodz TKP trucks.

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been designing and making board parts for a few years now, it’s about time I offered them on this forum.

I have many different types of motor mounts for various types of trucks, I think it makes more sense if I create several separate topics for different types of parts.

Here I offer 63xx motor mounts for truck type DKP (Evolve, Flipsky, Ownboard) and similar equipped with motor mount flanges, and Surfrodz TKP trucks

I offer 2 types:

Short - designed for 16/47 gear ratio
Long - designed for 16/66 gear ratio

16 is the number of teeth of motor pulley, number of teeth can be smaller
47-66 is a number of teeth of the hub pulley, number of teeth can be smaller

In this photo a longer version

By adding a 15mm thick spacer rings, the motor mount can also be mounted on wide 15.22 flipsky trucks.

In this configuration you can use standard Evolve wheels and pulleys

With the addition of clamping rings, this type of mounting fits SurfRodz TKP trucks

On special request I can make a version with holes instead of bean holes

In the case of motor plates with round holes, the change of the inclination angle is every 12 degrees (applies to SR TKP truck versions)

The standard angle change is 24 degrees, for additional angle changes the clamping ring has to be inverted.

Mounts, spacer rings and clamping rings are made of 7075 aluminum
Motor plate thickness is 8mm

Price List:
1. Motor mounts (1 set) - $80
Set includes:

  • Two motor plates (left and right) with idlers
  • Bolts for mounting the motor plates and the motors
    The price of short and long version is the same.

2. Spacer rings for Flipsky 15.22 " - $20 (price for 2 pieces)
3. Clamping rings for Surfrodz TKP trucks - $20 (price for 2 pieces)

For EU countries, the price will be increased by 23% VAT.

I send packages via Fedex, in Europe in some countries via GLS. Delivery time is a few days.



Love your mounts man.


Those look gorgeous.

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Thanks, man :grin:

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Those mounts looking nice!
Do you plan to go do that clamp in future also for MTB trucks like Matrix2, Trampa and apex airs?
Would be nice to have this variable mounting angle option also for those trucks.


The day before yesterday I started working on this version.
There will be 3 lengths of motor plates and 3 types of clamping rings, but more on that in a few days in another topic: D

At this very moment I am milling the first motor mounts of this type


Looking forward to this. I have the old school fixed version from you and it’s rock solid but I’d love to have a little bit shorter mounts and adjustable angle. So that’s promising now :grin:

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New version will be available in a few days

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I have a couple sets of Tom’s mounts and they’re great! This idler design is how it should be. The tension should be adjustable via the motor instead of the idler. Having the idler at a fix spot makes it so that it won’t ever shift if one were to set it up with not enough force on the screw.


Thanks :). I can see that you have designed additional motor covers :slight_smile:


Yep! @avX helped designed them.

For those who do get Tom’s mounts, there’s a press fit bashguard STL available here


You could add extra holes to the clamping ring for more finegrained positioning. Like this you would reduce the step to 11 degrees without having to flip the ring.

And you could even go further. With 12 holes in the clamping ring you would reduce the step by another half, i.e. to 5.5 degrees.

Plus, if you position the holes cleverly, you could still keep the inverted ring trick for reducing the step by another half, i.e. to 2.25 degrees.

Nice mounts, BTW! :+1: Could you please tell me the dimensions for the smaller one?

Edit: I just realized that it’s probably not possible to add so many holes since the clamping ring must have some grub screws going in sideways, which would be in the way. 12 holes would clearly leave no space for that. Maybe 6 would be fine.


The grub screws prevent the addition of more holes, but I will think about adding 3 more, I have to see if that works :slight_smile:

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Ownboard ZEUS after the update :smiley:

I thought my motor mounts were just for building custom boards


What size motors are on that?

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They look like the stock 6374s from the zeus to me

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Is that the short or long version of the mount? I got a Zeus and the stock mount angle is too low for comfort

This is a longer version of the motor mount


@IDEA Is it just me or does a pulley fit right though the center of the hole?!

I only ask because I broke the tip of my 1.5mm wrench in the set screw of the pulley and it’s stuck. If I don’t have to drill it out I’d just keep using it as is