Motor mounts for MBS, Trampa and Apex trucks

Hello everyone

A few days ago I described motor mounts for RKP, TKP and DKP trucks.

In this topic I offer motor mounts for trucks:

  • MBS Matrix 1 (older type)
  • MBS Matrix 2
  • MBS ATS12
  • Apex Air
  • Trampa ATB Spring
  • Trampa ATB Precision Spring
  • Trampa MINI Spring

Motor mounts v7.4 and v7.8 are designed for gear ratios 16/72

  • 16 is the number of teeth of the motor pulley, the number of teeth can be smaller
  • 72 is the number of teeth of the hub pulley, the number of teeth can be smaller

Version 7.4, and 7.8 differs in the type of crossbar.

7.4 - is equipped with a crossbar made of stainless steel, the crossbar is adjustable in width
7.8 - is equipped with a crossbar of constant width.

Motor mount v7.8

Motor mount v7.4

If someone needs belt drives, I also offer 72t pulleys, motor pulleys and belts

The pulleys are made in 2 variants:
v1 for hubs:
MBS: Rockstar 1, 2, Rockstar Pro, Fivestar
Trampa: Phatlads, Superstar, Megastar

v2 for hubs:
Trampa: Hypa, Superstar, Megastar

Price list:
v7.4, 7.8 motor mounts - $150
Belt drives:
2x 72t/18mm pulleys + bolts + spacers - $80
2x belts - $20
2x 15t/16mm steel motor pulleys, bore 8 or 10mm - $30

For EU customers, the price will be increased by 23% VAT. I ship packages via Fedex, in Europe in some countries via GLS.

I have some black anodized motor mounts in stock. Same price i.e. $150