Motor mounts for RKP trucks (Boardnamics, Torque CNC, Trampa 12 Fifties)

Hello everyone

I offer 63xx motor mounts with idlers for RKP trucks:

  • Boardnamics 220, 270,
  • Torque CNC, 220
  • Trampa 12 Fifties

The motor plates have the same design as the DKP truck mounts (described here), but have 16 holes for mounting clamps

As with the DKP mounts, 2 lengths are available:

Short - designed for 16/47 gear ratio
Long - designed for 16/66 gear ratio

  • 16 is the number of teeth of motor pulley, number of teeth can be smaller
  • 47-66 is a number of teeth of the hub pulley, number of teeth can be smaller

Currently available mounting clamps for trucks:

• Boardnamics 220, 270
• Torque 220 CNC,
• Trampa 12 Fifties

It is possible to make mounting clamps for other trucks, but it is required to have a constant cross-section at the place of mounting of the mounting clamp

Here is an example:
Backfire Ranger X1 truck mounts, this board has 2 front BF X1 trucks mounted

This board was made before Backfire offered Hammer :grin:

Standard angle change is 22.5 degrees, for additional angle change you need to invert mounting clamp, then you have intermediate tilt and angle change is every 11.25 degrees

The price of the sets is $100

Set includes:

  • Two motor plates (left and right) with idlers,
  • Two mounting clamps
  • Bolts for mounting the motor plates and the motors

The price of short and long version is the same.

For EU countries, the price will be increased by 23% VAT.

I send packages via Fedex, in Europe in some countries via GLS. Delivery time is a few days.


This is genius! :smiley:

Great motor mounts! Assembling them for Surf Rodz TKP was a breeze :slight_smile:


I uses the same solution for SR TKP mounts


I’m sorry this is just really funny to me :joy: :joy: @Boardnamics

Great looking mounts though!


My mistake, sorry :blush: corrected :grin:

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We same but different. :rofl:


but only a slightly :grin:


I have in stock the last 2 motor mounts for TB 220 CNC trucks, the mounts are black anodized.

The mounts have 2-part clamps. Price is slightly higher at $110 for 1 set for 2 motors


Exactly what I need for my next built. Is this still available?

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yes it is still available

Another set for anodizing :slight_smile:


I noticed you now have a clamp for Surf Rodz RKP trucks as well. I assume it’s for their 200mm hanger, but wanted to ask if maybe it fits the 176mm too?

Yes, I made a prototype for the 200mm hanger, I will check if it fits the 176mm and let you know. but i think i can also make a dedicated version for a narrower hanger


Does the idler get in the way? Or are larger teeth counts just prone to skipping? On your short version I used a 48T pulley and the idler was too close, so I just didn’t use it, worked fine. I’m hoping that if I used the long version and 68T, I could do the same?

I use these mounts in the shorter version with 15/47t gear ratio. The 47t pulleys are Evolve pulleys.

I use the shorter version in this board

If you remove the idlers, you can even use 72t pulleys in the longer motor mounts

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The standard clamping rings do not fit the narrower SR RKP trucks, but I have tested the prototype clamping rings I made earlier in several variations and they fit, so I can make dedicated mounts for the 176mm SR RKP trucks for you.

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Awesome! Just exploring my options for now, thanks! I asked about the 176mm RKP because I might want to do a RKP/TKP split on a board :open_mouth:

How many mm of space is there for the motors on that setup btw? Enough for dual 6355 you think? (I mean if the TKP fit them then surely there’s the same amount of space plus or minus)

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I’ll have to check it out, but if you don’t already have SR RKP trucks you’re better off buying the 200mm version

Now at Surf Rodz there is a 15% price discount :slight_smile:

Well if I do a RKP + TKP split, I thought it’d be better if both hangers were the same length ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do have 200mm hangers, but bought XTLA mounts literally days before you shared on instagram that you also had a clamp for them :sweat_smile:

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I don’t have clamps for XTLA mounts