Luukjes pneumie rim design, interest poll in first post.

Hello everybody.

I love all the pneumatic rims out there, however I missed the spokeless wheel design, thats why I started working on my own design.

Originally started together with my 3 link design and to fit the gearbox that goes on it, i decided that maybe these rims have more potential than only my build.

The design:
The current size is 6*2 and inner dimensions are modeled after the chinese rims.
All pieces are mirrored and the same, therefore machining costs are greatly reduced. Some work by hand has to be done though, such as tapping the holes for the bolts for now.

The wheels are supposed to be THICC, so a little bit of extra weight is added to them in the hope of extra ride comfort and not breaking. the two sides will weigh aprox 260g according to Solidworks. The bearing distance is standard and makes it so that they fit all non lengthened axles.


Now this is a work in progress and I would like to hear if people are interested in these and what size.
Also please dont refrain from giving input what you like/dislike, I would greatly appreciate it.

And if you would like all the sizes and dimensions I used to judge i can send you the files in PM.

  • Im interested, work on it
  • Im not interested

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  • 6 inch
  • 7 inch
  • bigger than 7 inch

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Now I will print these first to test the shape and to see if everything fits together.
Im thinking of maybe a bolt pattern that fits already existing hubs. but if not, I will make sure to make fitting pulleys for them.

Everything here is a work in progress and can be changed!

Edit: the final result of this project and an interest poll.

So the hubs are finally quoted! we are planning to sell these around £180. super exiting!

To see how many people are interested and what colors are preferred I opened a google form.


This is awesome. I have plenty of wider hangers but standard axle length that prevents me from using Chinese rim

Have people broken aluminum rims? I feel like the extra mass is unnecessary as AT wheels and tires already have a lot of inertia

Also any chance on other hole patterns? Say abec or kegal? I guess that would raise the cost of manufacturing though

Let me know if you need help printing or testing those rims, I can do both :slight_smile:

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Not sure I understand why? More strength? This to me is a bit like steel wheels vs mags on a car.


i also like the look of it :stuck_out_tongue:


More power to you then, personally I’ve never seen e.g. a Trampa Superstar fail, and for my money I much prefer the looks of the @NoWind hubs.


yeah i understand that, to each his own.


Could also be wrong but I think you might want to chamfer or fillet the valve hole to prevent tears/punctures

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If you made the wheel look like a rally wheel, that I can understand and stand behind.



maybe my next project :stuck_out_tongue:

Im also not trying to get this to the masses, maybe do max 20 sets, so thats 160 parts.
Also i have to prototype a lot so its far from done.


just curious did you design the bearing seat to be 22mm or 28mm wide?


22mm, i have to check if the mounting bolts for the pulley are far apart enough, but i like their position rn because they will keep the bearing in if the fit is a bit loose.

also i feel the more items that are easy to get, the easier it is for people to apply without hassle.

Do you have a price point?


Ok this is the price per part rn if i ordered 160

this with 80 pieces

im not here to make money on this btw, i just like making things and putting it on my portfolio.

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So roughly 38 Euros per hub and 152 Euros for a complete set?

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yes, for now, from this site. I think there are maybe cheaper alternatives.

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without anodisation they are 22 euros per rim, does not seem too bad i think.


Decided to get rid of the mount holes and mount the pulley on the remaining 6 bolts.


White walls would be dope on these things


Have you considered modifying the design to fit kegel pulley inserts, so that your wheels could be used on direct drives?