Retro Rollers group buy! [Serious]

Alright guys, I am starting a group buy on my wheels This is coming from the telegram group but i decided to post it here too.

If you are interested in old threads (very old) here is a link:

I have designed these wheels some time ago now but have never been able to sell them more than 3 test sets at the time.

@BillGordon asked whether i was willing to make these hubs work finally and i thought to myself why not! I put a lot of time, effort and money in the project.

So some specs. these hubs are 2.8’ which means they fit haggy,6x2 and other smaller tires. If you want to fit metroboard tires, these hubs can use a sleeve to mount them, but they are still too wide according to @jack.luis.

Evolve,mbs,torqueboards and kenda tires for example are 3.75’and will not fit either.

The hubs are 50 mm wide for al little bit of stretch, take standard skate bearings (22*8 / 608) and fit all standard longboard trucks. The hubs are compatible with kegel pulleys and can be ordered with a pulley on the closing ring.

The wheel cover, other than hiding that ugly nut is also very handy for keeping grime out of your bearing. In my experience the most grime builds up at the outer bearing of my wheels.

The price of a set will be 230 euro’s. Custom color anodizing of all parts is possible, but can bring additional costs depending on how many people want the same color (Red/black/rawis free).

I polish the hub caps by hand so this will cost 15 euro’s extra (per set).

Integrated pulleys come in two versions:
1: Pulley for evolve trucks, this pulley makes it so these wheels can fit directly on the
Evolve drivetrain and is 66T.
2: Pulley for DIY builds, this pulley offers maximum axle width and is 68T.
Prices are not yet known for these (Quotes asapasap when there is enough interest, they are also printable from my thingyverse)

CAD dimensions for the pulleys are available so people can make their own ratios/pulleys. I will also give dimensions for the front mounting space of the cap so people can print their
own wheel ornaments.

These wheels will be ordered in Februari. The design is tested by @Nacho, @longhairedboy , @brown5tick , my friend(no forum account) and me so no more of those stages.

If you are interested, shoot me a PM with your requests, questions and remarks. I’ll write them down and when the time arrives for a group buy will approach you with a paypal quote.
If you are not interested anymore after showing interest please let me know ahead of time!

If people are interested in more things to come check out my (not completed yet) website.


On a Hummie


These are so cool looking dude.
Good work.


Thanks! Its been a passion project for sure.


Alright guys ill close this group buy in a week!

If you know people who might be interested let them know. This is most likely the only run ever!

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Okay i will close the buy tomorrow amd make sure everyone gets the correct color/combo.

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Last moments to get these if you are interested!

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Pool is closed! Ill get back to everyone tomorrow!

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