Loopkey mounting. How do you do it?

So this isn’t for how to properly make a loopkey. But how to mount, hide your loopkey.
I want ideas. Would love to see what others have come up with.

If you wanna know how to make one


3d printed xt90 housing, bolted right through the enclosure. The plug itself is secured with either hot glue or more recently zip ties.

Depending on the materials you can also use abs slurry to secure it. This is much better for dirt and water prevention but good luck removing it if you ever decide to modify your enclosure in any way.


I used those XT90 mounting pcb’s.

Here is an ebay link for them; Link
You can solder the XT90 to that pcb and then use the mounting holes on the pcb for a stable mounting point.


I didn’t know about these, very nice! Definitely more sturdy and clean than using hot glue or zip ties. Shouldn’t you put shrink tubing on the wires though? That looks like an easy point for a short circuit if you’re not carful.


West System 650 epoxy has never failed me. Make sure you mix it correctly, in even 1:1 proportions, stir three times as long as you think you should, and let it cure for 5 hours between each coat and for a FULL 48 hours after the last coat before you put any stress on it, and you’re golden. It won’t ever come apart or wiggle loose.

And since you should put a fuse on your charge port anyway, epoxying it to the side of your loopkey port is a perfect place for it :slight_smile:



A 3d printed case for the Male and is what I found to be the cleanest, epoxy that on and pair it with the 3d printed loop key makes it look cleaner without the wire loop exposed


I agree on the shrink tubing, but since the solder on here is cone shaped it makes it harder to use heat shrink tubing. Also, Im not really worried about a short because there are no bare wires around, these points are fixed in place and I never work on my board while it is powered. The only thing that could happen when I short those two points is that the board turns on and nothing else.

This might work good for you.


Links to said printed parts?

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Any pictures of it installed ?


Think that would get in the way of my lights…
Looks clean tho.

A couple people said their board got stuck on full throttle and I got paranoid and put the loop key where I could reach it while ridding.


Whats your reason for putting the xt 90s on the inside?

Cheeper Keys’s when I loose them. I have lots of regular xt90’s laying around. People say they wear out fast but mine has not, just got to be pushed in 100% every time.

Also I feel it’s safer as there is less exposed contacts when the key is out.


If my deck was thicker I’d love to do that.

It’s for a top mounted batt box but the idea is the same.

Cut a hole for the connector and hot glue then abs cement it in.



Oh i like that round one.

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