Introducing the BKB Xenith

Xenith: ze-nith noun. The point at which something is most powerful

Q: Is it a Unity?
A: Well, yes. Everything tangible is the Unity that everyone came to love. But everything intangible is in no way a Unity+ in their current form. BKB will fully stand behind the Xenith and contribute a portion of sales to ongoing software development and open source projects. For every 100 units sold, we will also be donating a Xenith to someone who never received their Unity.

Q: Are they blood Unititties?
A: No. We located the OEM and negotiated directly with them. No 3rd parties are involved.

Q: Why?
A: As you know, BKB’s main product offering is easy to assemble high performance DIY electric skateboard kits. For the past two years we have utilized the Flipsky Dual 4.20+. In short, they are not reliable and we were losing thousands of dollars per month in replacements, shipping, and damage to the brand reputation. So, we needed a reliable ESC for the kits that was affordable and fully featured. That does not exists outside of the Unity, but they are not a viable option due to lack of trust and support.

Q: What is the point?
A: The main purpose of these is to be used in the kits. But, the Unity in itself really is a great product that I think everyone should have access to (in good conscience).

Q: What makes them different?
A: The intangibles. To start, they are not shipped from China. Every unit is shipped from Pennsylvania, USA and is fully inspected/tested before shipping. Every solder joint, component, heatsink, and case will be scrutinized before shipping. We will also run multiple tests on the ESC’s with high current to make sure each one is reliable before shipping. As you have come to know with BKB, you will receive industry leading customer service based 100% in the USA. We will also offer a 100 day pop it, replace it warranty. There will be a short form online to fill out, and after completion if anything happens in the first 100 days after receiving the Xenith we will replace it free of charge (original unit must be returned).

Q: Wont you just get in a price war?
A: Most likely, but the end goal here is not to sell thousands of individual units.

Q: Now what?
A: The Xenith is in stock, ready to ship in the USA. We will be retailing them for $229, but for the first two weeks they will be available for $199 + free USA shipping (use code XENITH)

Want to use the Xenith in a production board or place a bulk order? Please send us an email


HOLY :eyes:



EU Groupbuy its time 4 that.



Congrats Jared, this is big moves for you and your company. Really sucks to be losing that much money to Flipsky failures. The public never knows how much goes into sustainment cost


so maybe im understanding wrong
but have you bought unities and then changed connections tested and added a warranty?
or are these completely manufactured from scratch by you? with unity features involved?


Make it happen!

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Thank you! This was definitely necessary to scale the company.


Might be in for one if it happens :wink: @Anubis ?


Prayers for you that JP doesn’t come for you now :joy:


Yes and no. They are purchased directly from the factory that previously manufactured them with no one else involved. We opened a mold for a new case, improved the heatsink and mounting, and will be standing behind it with a warranty and customer support

Also, i should mention that the case is a really cool matte red. It looks orange in photos, but in person it is much different


ah ok dont get me wrong love it and think unities are great if they had good support
just was wondering


Damn, i didn’t plan on buying anything expensive but miiiight be in.


Also, congrats on the launch. Lets hope everything goes smoothly.


I love witnessing a well desserved kick in the nuts, congrats :+1:


He explained the whole thing in the post lol

Besides, JP went under, so the original factory he used still has the designs. Who even knows who owns the intellectual property anymore. However, inspecting all connections and testing before sending is the real winner here.

The problem with the unity was never the hardware, it was the people involved and the support (or lack thereof) behind it. That’s the reason the Aliexpress unities were such a crapshoot. You’d never know if you were receiving defects, giving JP money, or what.


Thank you @BuildKitBoards

Also sad because I just bought a unity yesterday :rofl:


Truth!!! @ShutterShock


Apart from the mentioned changes, the hardware is the same? Same, caps, same fets etc.?


Correct, for now. We will be working on improving a few things to increase the overall reliability in future batches


This is really cool. Can’t wait for the upcoming JP video