Direct Drives???

Hey guys,

Brand new to diy ESK8 so happy to be here!

I use my Exway Wave for zipping around London and will begin using my ESK8 to commute to work. The only problem is that it rains 50% of the time and I need a board that I can use in the rain, so I have turned to DIY :smile:

I am looking to build a heavily splash proof shortboard by outfitting an old Boosted Mini Deck. Waterproofing the components doesn’t seem too complicated and there’s plenty of posts on how to do this on both the battery/esc enclosure plus the motors themselves.

I’m brand new to diy ESK8 so ALL help is appreciated, what might seem obvious to you might not be to me so any tips are welcome.

I am planning on wrapping a Boosted Mini X board in carbon fibre then outfitting it with my own parts. It’s the perfect size and shape for what I’m after.

The enclosure will be 3D printed then wrapped in carbon fibre. This allows me to maximise the space on the board which will only be 19”. Something like this - Electric Skateboard battery & VESCs enclosure (modular) by werewolf_fr - Thingiverse

I really like direct drives but understand they are still relatively new and there was quite a bit of controversy around the first generation axils breaking/bending. Please can people let me know there thoughts on distributers quality of them etc. I have seen torque boards, but not only are they very expensive to replace if they break, but after contacting them they said they cannot be ridden in the rain. The other two linked below said there DD’s are waterproof but to be careful and bearings will need replacing.

  1. Direct Drive Motor Kit(Upgraded) - BOUNDMOTOR

  2. Direct drive (3000W 58kv) – Esk8supply

I was thinking the Focbox Unity. Seems like a simple plug and play system that has an app for programming. Something that is putting me off is that some people are soldering on new connectors, is this necessary?


Battery -
I posted on Reddit and someone said the two linked below are not reputable and should not be trusted. So I’ve contacted Apex boards asking for there help. Any other reputable battery builders with a history of producing good products would be awesome.

  1. Samsung 30Q 12S3P 400Wh Electric Skateboard Battery Pack - BOUNDMOTOR 41.5 x 13.3 x 2.2 cm
  2. Samsung 30Q 12S5P 645Wh FLAT 12s5p Eskating Electric Skateboard Battery Samsung 30Q (4a charger) - Electric skateboards parts by Eskating Size: 370x135x33 (14,5″x5,3″x1,30″

Remote - Maytech
This looks cool :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Long post so apologies. I done lots of reading on the forum so tried not to ask basic questions. A lot of what I’ve asked have rather old posts so hoping for updates.

Thanks everyone,


Most people here will tell you to pick otherwise. The QC is really bad and the person producing them is a dick. I would recommend a Xenith or a Stormcore 60D.


couple things
frist go xenith rather then unity

also the batteries arent great
there are builders here who will build better for cheaper
assuming your in the usa @BenjaminF or @Skyart or @ZachTetra can build great batteries

remote is fine

direct drives are ok but not super powerful or anything
shameless plug that i am selling some direct drives and you can pm me if you are interested

3d printing an enclosure can work but be careful as they arent always so strong
the deck is fine but short and flexy so you need a split enclosure


first of all, welcome.

now here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • add ur location to ur profile so people can help u better, yes u said u r in London, but not many people read everthing (also, there are 29 places called London lol)
  • carbon fibre can block radio signal. receiver inside a carbon fibre enclosure isn’t a good choice unless u plan to have antenna sticking out to help with the faraday cage effect
  • boundmotor is said to be relate to known scammer, maybe u wanna reconsider? not sure if esk8supply is still around, haven’t seen them active in awhile
  • don’t get the unity, go for Xenith : BKB Xenith - VESC Based Motor Controller (High Power) – Build Kit Boards
  • im sure Apex will do a good job if they agree to build the battery to spec for u

damn, that’s a lot of words, and those are just my 2c


he is on the other forum

from my post above if you are in the uk then @ApexBoards or @tinp123 or @acido can all build amazing batteries

@ApexBoards sell the xenith

and im local to london to (yay) happy to help in any way possible


@BigBen also do beautiful work on fibreglass enclosure


Whats this about boundmotor being related to a scammer lol? I remember reading they were kind shady

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saw it in another thread:

and I trust Lee on this


Hello :grin:



Good info thanks


Yeah I saw his YouTube video where his replies to comments were a tad nasty and defensive. The ones you mentioned look really good and simple to use. Thank you!!!

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Thank you Frame, can’t believe how many people have replied already! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Updated profile location :call_me_hand:t2:

That really sucks about the carbon fibre, ugh. Would it still be fine if I applied the carbon fibre to the deck and enclosure, but cut out a rectangle where the enclosure sits underneath the deck so the signal would just pass through the wooden deck?

I”ll stay clear of Boundmotor then. Such a shame because lots of them seem so good to newcomers like me :(.

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Just forget about carbon fibre. It looks pretty, but it conducts electricity and is opaque to radio. Use fiberglass instead.

Again, fiberglass. Completely forget carbon fiber exists.

I’d recommend you make the enclosure so that instead of bolting to the deck along its perimeter, just hang it from two bolts on the front and two bolts on the back. Put butyl tape (bubble gum consistency) all around the top edge, inside the bolt holes and lay a sheet of flat rubber on top. Put a cutting board on top of the rubber with some weight on top for an hour to squeeze the butyl tape, then bolt to the deck. This way, you have completely sealed from water ingress. It doesn’t even matter if the top of the enclosure is flat and the deck is concave, the tiny gap makes no difference this way.

So you have like a “tub” hanging off the bottom of the shortboard whose only hole is a charge port, and you’ve sealed the backside of that. No other holes, you should be able to toss that in a lake if you want to.


I would skip direct drive entirely and go for belt or gear or chain drive, collectively called “satellite motors”.

Direct drive aren’t very servicable and the motors are too close to the ground, and you can’t get those nice high-torque gear ratios that maximise range and fun.


I would definitely not buy anything from Boundmotor or eskating dot eu. The second one I have personal experience with, and is terrible. The first one is run by Jedboards. Look them up.


The sooner you forget about carbon fiber, the happier you will be.

It conducts electricity, it blocks radio, and fiberglass is better for esk8 building in almost every way except “cool factor” and “looks”.

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sure, it might work that way, but fibreglass is still the way to go. if u really like the looks of carbon fibre, u can slap on those fake carbon fibre car vinyl, they don’t cost that much if u need to wrap a shortboard

we used to have elofty, but it has also disappeared. do u have to use DD tho? belt / gear drive are also pretty good.

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Check out these daily commuters for some ideas


Don’t buy @esk8supply ESCs, they are sold illegally and as such are illegal to resell, and your support is worse.


The problem with belt drives is that they take up lots of room that I’m hoping can instead be filled with batteries. Plus I thought DD motors held up better to water? On the clearance and performance side, it’s only going to be a city board so shouldn’t go through any tough terrain plus it’s not a performance board so I don’t need screaming motors. A little more powerful than my current exway Wave motors (max power 1000 watts) is just fine for me :relaxed: