The Red One | Lance Mountain | TB130 | 12S LiFePO4 | VESC 6

The Red One

an LEV build by b264

This is probably the 4th complete rebuild of this skate, the only original parts at this point are the deck, griptape, and handle. It’s the oldest in my fleet of five shortboards. (But now also the newest, ironically)

So what’s my favorite thing about this board?

Welp this is my only shortboard currently running TKP. I guess it’s not my favorite thing, but it definitely rides differently because of that. It’s real “divey” and doesn’t turn much at low lean but once you get it leaning over it starts turning more and more. It’s similar to a polynomial throttle curve. The more lean you apply, the more the lean affects turn angle. The RKP are more linear where the lean is almost directly proportional to turn angle.

This board is water resisted. The whole enclosure has zero holes. Even the top has a piece of sheet rubber laid across it and stuck to the enclosure with butyl tape, before being bolted to the deck.

What’s in it

The heart and soul of this build is its deck and wheels. That’d be the Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Lance Mountain Future Primative Reissue deck and some prototype 83A 130mm @torqueboards TB130 polyurethane longboard wheels. (nod to @ahrav)

Parts list

  • Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Lance Mountain Future Primative Reissue deck
  • 83A 130mm TB130 polyurethane longboard wheels
  • custom handle underneath
  • Caliber TKP baseplates
  • Caliber TKP hangers
  • Custom welded motor mount plate from old Metroboard parts
  • clear not-MOB grip tape (wish it was MOB)
  • Metroboard battery box
  • custom enclosure clamp
  • Riser lights from Metroboard, “2W” model, blue and red colors
  • 12S 5.5Ah LiFePO4 battery
  • red Powell Peralta tailbone
  • Trampa VESC 6
  • @3DServisas 48T kegel pulley
  • Torqueboards TB6380 motor
  • Mini Remote

12S 5.5Ah 43.8V LiFePO4, 170Kv motor, 15/48 ratio single drive (rear heelside) with 130mm wheels

Enough with the words, and in with the photos.

the Red One

There is a tiny XT30 loopkey on the front of the enclosure turns off the lighting system and voltage gauge (when pulled) for Stealth / Max Range mode. (You can barely even see it in these photos)

the control panel

the ass-end

the top view


Red One VESC settings

variESC Tool 5.02.beta.17

Trampa VESC 6

motor current max 130A
motor current min -70A
battery current max 29.2A
battery current min -15A
absolute maximum current 160A

throttle curve
7% deadband
pulse: 1.092ms, 1.925ms, 1.586ms

max wattage 1.5MW
min wattage -1.5MW

voltage cutoff
start 34.5V (set)
end 33V (set)
BMS hard cutoff 24V

TB6380 2
R: 12.40mΩ
L: 5.67μH
λ: 4.506mWb
HFI samples: 16
HFI Start Voltage: 12.00V
HFI Run Voltage: 2.00V
HFI Max Voltage: 12.00V
Sensorless ERPM HFI: 1100.00
Current Controller Decoupling: FOC_CC_DECOUPLING_DISABLED

Control Mode: Current Hyst Reverse With Brake
sensorless ERPM HFI: 3500 (2.3mph)
Max ERPM for direction switch: 3500 (2.3mph)

max 100000 erpm
min -100000 erpm
erpm limit start 80%

Set at 9.00V
wired in series






Love your monster truck short boards!!! Have you used inserts to mount your enclosure?

How do you think the ride would be altered redrilling the front truck holes and moving the trucks forward? I ask because I’m wanting more space for an enclosure on a short board build I’m doing. Was planning on shifting the front trucks forward a few cms.

No, the enclosure doesn’t actually bolt to the deck. It has a groove across it, and an aluminum + cork strap bolts to the deck and it just hangs there.


Ah yes I see it now. Actually pretty obvious now you’ve shown the bracket seperate haha.

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How many motor amps are you pushing on this build?

Thanks for sharing this really nice build. The 170KV TB 6380 motor is my favorite motor of all time. I’m a pretty hefty guy and that thing pulls like a beast. :slight_smile:

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I just added the settings above.

These may change.


Why I used a Trampa VESC 6 … so originally I had wanted an IMU in here for something I had planned in the future, a future upgrade. I had custom installed a big thick aluminum thermal mass on the ESC. It was at that point I plugged it in, and discovered there was no IMU in this VESC 6 :frowning:

:imp: Trampa why u do dis 2 me :imp:

So without the IMU I had no reason to use the Trampa ESC … and decided to use a TB6 or Unity instead… at that point I realized just how much of a hassle it was going to be, to remachine the thermal mass to fit a different ESC because none of the holes are the same and it was installed at like a custom 18 degree angle or something. I loudly exclaimed “fuck it” and put the VESC 6 in there because I didn’t want to deal with re-machining the aluminum block.


Pics of the guts?

Cheers. 130A to one TB6380 motor! Nice to hear they can take it.

29.2A battery max? Quite a specific number?

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Unfortunately I didn’t take enough photos, but I did snap one right before I put the lid on

Right after I took the photo I put more butyl tape around the clamp spots that I’d missed in that photo

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Yeah this BMS has a 30A cutoff in discharge configuration, so that’s as close as I want to push it. There is also a buck converter powering the lights so in total should still be at least 500mA under 30A. The BMS also doesn’t cut off until a bit above 30, but just to be safe.



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@Frankenstein did you try standing the cells on end? These decks can hold 50 cells without too much problem. (with 107mm+ wheels)


I love the welded motor mount.


It was on old welded Metroboard mount/hanger but as I’ve had those break I had some extra metal welded onto this one to make it rock solid. It’s thicc.


For real? That fits 50 cells stand up style and its rideable? Thats more than enough imho.