Tailbone Brakelight [SRO]

I decided to make a top notch tailbone brakelight so I am more visible from behind.

First I got a Maxkgo ESK8 Sport LED Strip Controller for Electric Skateboard, the 12V S1X version

I got some WS2815 LEDs that were spaced at 144/m for 12V operation without sheathing or silicone.

I found some scrap pegboard and two bolts that fit the holes:

Then, I got out the DIY:

I burned in the LEDs for a week and did discover a dead pixel. When I cut the strip later, I intentionally avoided that one.

Snip 43 LEDs off the strip and go to work:

I used mostly West System 105 + 206 epoxy and a tiny bit of West System 650 epoxy

Looking super fly.

producing this thing:

and freshly installed on a deck:

I have it set up to flash red at full brightness whenever a braking command is issued from the remote:


That’s cool but definitely thought you meant your ass, not the board’s lol. I wear a blinky light on my belt when I ride at night (and on my board too)


I’ll add that the light controller I used can be configured on a cell phone (any brand, even a flip phone) or a computer or tablet (any OS) using wifi. It’s nicer than I was expecting it to be, ngl.


Oh, it has its own web-server for configuring it? That’s awesome! (I don’t have an Android/Iphone)

Shame it needs a UART connection to the vesc, I’d need a usplit on most setups to add something like this


Yes; the Maxkgo light controller serves a web app.

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Is the pink plastic just for protection? A skid plate?

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Yes, it’s a skid plate.

All my shortboard builds have them

The Black One doesn’t have a build thread


Some words of advice: don’t overlook the detail that some LED strips are 5V and some are 12V. Use the 12V ones. Both the controller and strip need to be 12V versions.


When you say used, how did you apply it? I can’t tell if it was just brushed on and covered (is it really viscous to not just slide off?) or like poured in after it had been wrapped in film or what


First I brushed on a little to keep things from moving around.

Then I soldered the wires on.

Then I wrapped it in Saran Wrap :tm: and poured it in like water and worked out most of the bubbles.


I found from prior experience that epoxy does NOT stick to plastic food cling film. Like, not at all.

But it’s real thin and easy to poke a hole in. Don’t do that.


riiight thanks, makes a lot of sense


This is a really great setup. Can the LED controller vary the brightness based on throttle position? Or does it only detect that the throttle/brake is active?


It has distinct modes for Moving, Braking, and Standby. The LED brightness can be adjusted, but not by throttle position. Some modes have a speed that can be set based on position, but again, not on throttle position. So in theory if you set up the strip lengthwise on your board, I think it’s possible to have the LEDs travel down the board at the same speed as the ground, but I haven’t tried it. It certainly seems that way, turning the motor by hand. But my strip doesn’t go down the length of the board, it goes across the back of it.

I have the Braking red flashes at full brightness (you can also control the blink speed) and the other modes at a lower brightness. (You certainly don’t need to use red flashing for brake mode, but it’s an option)



Thank you, Brian, it looks pretty good. :+1: I’ m glad that you like it~ :partying_face:


Do you like those leds? Where did you get them? I plan on upgrading my taillight design to a better led…


They’re good so far. The link is in the top post. The build isn’t quite running yet because of an unrelated problem.


Thanks. I must have missed it. :+1:t2:

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