72v 20s esc suggestions

Does anyone know of an easy to use and cheap 20s(84v) esc?


I have orderd a PCB and built a BESC G2 from galp, it should support up to 100V and it is based on the vesc.


Total BOM cost was under 200€

I could not really test it because im not around until the end of march but galp has tested it up to 300A.

If you can solder SMD this would be a good option.

There are also flyer and aps escs(some say they are the same) but i would not trust them with the high startup amps from EV.


Interesting. All I have is a decent solder gun and modest soldering skills. I am only planning on running like 16 amps. Do you know of one that is a bit cheaper and basic to no soldering?

Do they make a socketed smd or pre soldered one?


I’m very interested with Galp’s Besc, did you tried the one your ordered ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi sib, yeah its working, i only tested it on a small motor and it had some troubles with BLDC and FOC detection. Maybe because of the undersized motor. I have to investigate further.


Hi, nice, by undersized motor, you mean how many watts ?
I’m planning on using with 3200W nominal motors (and maybe testing with 1200W nominal motor)

Stormcore 100D will only be like $250/side and it will support high voltage. Im also looking for another option though.

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Hi, did you solve detection problem?? I wanted to build this controller for my ebike. What kind of firmware did you use ?

20S is 84V, not 72V.

Warning when dealing with ebike suppliers or ebike equipment, NEVER TRUST their voltage numbers. ALWAYS check EVERYTHING with a multimeter. Lest you make fire.

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I did not have time to test the besc again. I used a firmware compiled by galp, i would have to check the version. It was probably just the motor (very low inductance) and tuning a few detection settings would have helped. I now have a scope and could do some more tests when i get a good motor for my e motorcycle project.

Can you tell me where I can find firmware/source code for it ?

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If you know the right values i would put them in the source code and compile it yourself. I only have a few firmware files that galp has sent me.

Hey mate, i’ve just finished a pcb of galp g2 and i would like to try it on my e-bike. Can you share the source code differences ?

How would this work? Claims to have brakes

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20S dual ESC preference?

  • MakerX GO-FOC D100S
  • Spintend Ubox V2 100V 200A

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Just gonna leave this list here


If you need cheap I’m selling 3 D100 not s

Anyway, this one was a 100V version : :grin:

Jenso from E-TOXX told me he and one of his customers got not issue with the Spintend at 20S.

I feel like there are not many people running the MakerX ESC.


Finaly I’ve just bought the MakerX Go-FOC D100S because of the vote but also because of this picture of the Spintend ubox 100V v2.


I dislike the cable management. It just looks weird to my mind.

Yet, I did some research and E-TOXX is happy with this 100V ESC from Spintend, some of their customers too. So is Yann from OVERION in France.

On the other hand, I’ve found some cases of fires with the Go-FOC D100, but I think they were related to phase shunt ON deadly issue with 6.0 firmware upgrade.