72v 20s esc suggestions

Does anyone know of an easy to use and cheap 20s(84v) esc?


I have orderd a PCB and built a BESC G2 from galp, it should support up to 100V and it is based on the vesc.


Total BOM cost was under 200€

I could not really test it because im not around until the end of march but galp has tested it up to 300A.

If you can solder SMD this would be a good option.

There are also flyer and aps escs(some say they are the same) but i would not trust them with the high startup amps from EV.


Interesting. All I have is a decent solder gun and modest soldering skills. I am only planning on running like 16 amps. Do you know of one that is a bit cheaper and basic to no soldering?

Do they make a socketed smd or pre soldered one?


I’m very interested with Galp’s Besc, did you tried the one your ordered ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi sib, yeah its working, i only tested it on a small motor and it had some troubles with BLDC and FOC detection. Maybe because of the undersized motor. I have to investigate further.


Hi, nice, by undersized motor, you mean how many watts ?
I’m planning on using with 3200W nominal motors (and maybe testing with 1200W nominal motor)

Stormcore 100D will only be like $250/side and it will support high voltage. Im also looking for another option though.

Hi, did you solve detection problem?? I wanted to build this controller for my ebike. What kind of firmware did you use ?

20S is 84V, not 72V.

Warning when dealing with ebike suppliers or ebike equipment, NEVER TRUST their voltage numbers. ALWAYS check EVERYTHING with a multimeter. Lest you make fire.

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I did not have time to test the besc again. I used a firmware compiled by galp, i would have to check the version. It was probably just the motor (very low inductance) and tuning a few detection settings would have helped. I now have a scope and could do some more tests when i get a good motor for my e motorcycle project.

Can you tell me where I can find firmware/source code for it ?

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If you know the right values i would put them in the source code and compile it yourself. I only have a few firmware files that galp has sent me.

Hey mate, i’ve just finished a pcb of galp g2 and i would like to try it on my e-bike. Can you share the source code differences ?

How would this work? Claims to have brakes