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3D files / CAD request thread

This thread is meant for anyone to ask for specific CAD files and for anyone to post them. It is similar to one I created on the builder’s forum.

Creating this thread to be separate from 3D printables for esk8 so that it remains a list of final 3D printables without being cluttered with requests and back-and-forth conversation about it.

As long as i am able to edit this first post, I’ll try to compile a list of files under various categories.





Battery Packs:


Placeholder for something

Does anyone have CAD files for MBS trucks?


Cronins please, or at the the very least a motor mount :slight_smile:


Anyone have a cad file for a press fit Kegel pulley that will fit popocas?

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I can give you the CAD file of the wheel adapter part

So the part that presses into the wheel but not the pulley/teeth?

yeah 10cccccc

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I PMD you my email Thanks

Made a folder,will update as I get some more things made

So far there is:

  • Venom Mach 1 - Cobra Core Wheel Adapter (making some of these now)


  • Kegel Wheel Adapter - with bearing seats that fit a 630 bearing - tried and tested

  • Focbox unity and focbox heatsink (making some of these now)

  • Surf Rodz MK16 Universal Press Fits


  • Motor Plates with a 46mm bolt pattern ( I think this should be the standard)


Anyone have a file for a kegel wheel?

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Perfect just what I was looking for thanks!

Did anyone cad up the flipsky esc? or even unity?
Edit: to answer my own question: yes.

Theres a unity one too

@ducktaperules has made one.


@moon I don’t think you designed it to be this way but if you make the bearing seat only 2mm and you use a f608 bearing with a extended spacer you could have your press fit design fit on cal 2 trucks without modification!

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Had no idea, thats pretty cool

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This was the original purpose, the wheel bearing and wheel adapter share a bearing

Yeah it’s pretty cool that diameter of the hole perfectly fits the bearing! I think I’m going to have a set cnc’d now that it all fits perfectly when printed!


I had it CNC’d too no issues

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