Your Bindings - YoBis - 06.13.20 update (2020 version)

Your Bindings – YoBis
As in: Made myself a pair of YoBis yesterday, they are the bomb!

(These are foot hookers on the other forum and I’m not a fan)

Our Russian speaking friends might not resonate with this name :blush: (can be changed later)

I’m continuing this one here
Just because we switched forums and there isn’t a thread about this here.

TLDR for people joining us just now.

  • This thread initiated community based bindings design instead of freebord (who don’t like esk8 diy)
  • After numerous contributions we have a working design.
  • The files are on thingiverse and you are welcome to make your own.

Now, the base plates were the only part that is custom made and not 3d printed, and it may impede people from trying these.

To make it more affordable I ordered a bunch of them, 40 to be precise, for people who want to try this out but don’t want to pay manufacturing price for 2 pieces.

I’m offering these for 30$ for 2 plates + shipping.
I can add other parts, just let me know.

This is kind of “short kit” version, you’ll need to work on these (drilling and tapping) – basic stuff for this community. I’ll put a short how-to on Friday.

Please dm me if interested,

Several pictures for reference:


Yes please, a set for me, with the extrusions and the hardware (if you have it) please.

I read through the original thread, awesome community progression, then you dropped the bomb :slight_smile: Thanks for going through the trouble to get some plates made.


Just sent payment. Hoping you can include the hardware if possible. Thank you!

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Nice ! Should be in just need to read it completely ^^

Also Dani, this is what we speacking about on the other forum :

I will send you the step tonight :wink:


As promised, here’s a little how-to: what to do with the plates and general assembly.
Here I’m using imperial numbering. For metric use M3 instead of #4-40 and M6 instead of 1/4-20, otherwise the process is the same

So, we have 2 plates, 2 8020 profiles, 2 1/4-20 countersunk bolts and 4 4-40 bolts.

  1. Drill the two big holes in such a way that the bolt head will be flush with the bottom of the plate:

  2. Next, do the same for the two small holes, just enough that the heads of the bolts will be flush:

  3. Tap the remainder of the small holes with #4-40 thread:

  4. Set the plates aside, take your profiles and tap the center hole with 1/4-20 thread:

  5. Put in the 4-40 bolts, use of loctite is advisable here:

  6. Insert the profiles on the tiny bolts. The fit is tight (on purpose) so light hammering is necessary (it’s not bad as it sounds) with the handle:

  7. Put in the central bolts 1/4-20, use loctite:

  8. The hard part is over, now just slide in the 3d printed parts:

I was using the 3d printed cap from @mmaner. To secure it I tapped the other side of the profiles and used plastic 1/4-20 bolts. Way overkill of course, but clean.

Generally, by tapping the other side of the profiles you create a very sturdy mount for anything, like cameras and stuff.

I’m here to answer any questions.



great info, this is such a cool project


I have 2 pairs of assembled plates.
(30+7.35)/pair shipped in US

Ah now I wish I got a full set instead of just 2 plates…

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Got carried today and just assembled 2 sets😀

Hmm, I have been wanting to give one of my boards a Danicure™ Would you be willing to print the foot hooks and sell a complete set?

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Yes, can do that.
I have a printed set in white color like here:

If this is ok, I can send them in a couple of days.


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That white actually looks pretty nice. I’ve really been wanting to support your project, but have been short on time to source all of the components, so this kit sounds perfect. Thanks for your hard work on these. I’ll send you a PM.


I’d love to copy @Mobutusan with a complete set. Do you have a second set of the printed foot hooks by chance?


I have all the metal parts, printing might take a while.
Can you wait for a week?



Yeah sure. Sweet!


@dani if you would care to sell me a pair of plates, I’d be more than happy to take a punt on a small jiffy envelope reaching me at my risk. I had everything else made before heading on holiday

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my bad, should have done it weeks ago.
dm me your address, I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks & nps! sending DM