Baseplates for Yobis - Your bindings - Group buy

I am getting these made for myself and if anyone else want’s a set I can have more made.

They are $30 / € 27 for 2 plates - only the baseplate. Not the screws. Not the t-profile. Not the print. Just the baseplate :slight_smile:

Then ad $2 / €2 as a contribution to @Dani for his work on the files to make this available for us. And $9 / € 8 for shipping (world wide) by mail non trackable. Will be sent from Denmark.

$: 30 + 2 + 9 = 41

€: 27 + 2 + 8 = 37

The plates are direct from the laser with no finishing and no drilling and tapping.

If we order over 15 sets I am able to lower the price a couple of $/€.

These are not made / ordered yet so I have no pictures to show. Other than what’s on the yobis thread: Your Bindings - YoBis - 01.05.20 update (v3)

I want to get this through quickly so if you want a set let me know before Tuesday 13. January is over Danish time. I will order Wednesday morning.

They say it will take them one to two days to make them for me.

Best from Denmark



me plz =)

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I would reccomend using a Google form or something similar to gauge responses and collect the information of those who are interested.
Good luck on this GB!


You are on the list Tim.

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Thanks Zach.

I will see how much interest there is. If it explode I will do something list wise. Until then I’ll just have a little list here right beside me :slight_smile:

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Got the plates. Man they were fast. Same day delivery. They are straight from the laser so, there are some finishing work to be done. Made in 4 mm alu.


Hi I literally just joined the forum and learnt about this group order… Please let me know in case of another chance to buy these baseplates. Thanks in advance


Just take my money!

I’m in for a set… paypal ok?
let me know where to send the bux!

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I made a couple of extras. If you want a set you can have one, Please make sure that you read the yobis thread so you are completely sure what you are buying. It’s only the plates :slight_smile:

What was the lead time on those?

Ordered this morning and picked them up at lunch :slight_smile:


I’m glad Yobis are spreading!


You can have a set. PM me your address. When they are in the mail. I will give you my paypal.


Thanks mate, that would be awesome. I’m sorry i cant figure out how to send Pvt messages on this forum… can you please send me a PM so i can reply with my address? thanks so much!

Done 10 char

awesome, just sent you my work address for shipment reference in pvt. I’m ready to pay right away when needed.

Additional question: Sorry, I do not have access to a 3d printer - any chance someone can 3D print a couple of these for me?

Thanks everyone for this thread and community!

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Most local libraries have 3D printers that are free to use. Just bring them the file.

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Not in Italy. We only have some online vendors doing these services and they are very expensive…

@davidbonde: Thanks mate, just received the baseplates! please give me your paypal ID so i can pay for your kind help.

Just pm’ed you

still available?
i’m from Malaysia but can use forwarder in the UK.
also any chance anyone selling the complete set? i dont have access to 3D prints or other tools