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Xtla | surfrodz motor mount

I’ll put in here also.



really nice, as usual. Why one adapter is shorter than the other? is for TKP or what?

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Because TKP has shorter hanger, so if you want to fit bigger motor, it needs to be like that.

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Yeh I was just wondering if they were for TKP but then I so the hex shape :wink:
Do you perhaps have the cad file for both the SR trucks?

Stl file ok? I use google sketchup remember :joy:.

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ah right! Forgot about it. Yes whatever format more cad friendly would be great. What formats can you get out of sketchup?
and more important why you still didn’t try Fusion? :grin:

The factory do the drawing etc, i just give’m my sketchup files and its done. just dont have time to learn at the moment. I can export to dwg file but im not sure how it goes.

ah ok got it now. I saidthat because if you can use google Sketchup, shouldn’t be a problem to use fusion too.
Not sure I understood how can you draw the trucks in dwg, is it not only 2D dimensions? Anyhow please send STL adn dwg and I can try to import in fusion. If I get a dcent file I will send you back a step file. Useful for the future. Thanks a lot

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Looks Delicious :yum:


Beautiful work dude. I only own one set of surf rodz. I’ll take 4 sets. Thanks… :wink:

Also. I’m going to follow you everywhere now…


This batch already closed :pensive:, if you like you can join the next batch :blush:

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I don’t even have anything to put these on yet and I’m still soaked, beautiful work

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So you dont have the rkp trucks but you ordering this? :sweat_smile:

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Lol I mean I don’t have a build for these to go on yet. I plan builds out with all my parts already in. Guess I’ll have to make one just for these

I see :grin:, hope can deliver them soon, waiting for the press fit at the moment to be made.


Some good news, the production already done, the factory will ship them to me this week and i can ship to you next week.

If there’s some of you still want this mount, maybe i can give you my spare, just give me PM, it’s not much tho, so 1st come 1st get :yum:


Little update, the factory said they’ll ship earlier next week to me, a bit delayed with anodizing process, but still on two weeks production schedule.


Some anodizing process you might want to see :smile:


Typical scene where the next upcoming superhero falls inside the toxic solution and gets superpower! :grin:

Super nice to see these production insights and really nice motor mount.