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[WTS][US] Paperclip (no pictures) great price

I have a paperclip I’d like to sell.

It’s $553.45 plus enertion-style shipping ($67.85)

I don’t have a photo of it.


Wow Brian. Haha.

I’m saying that the burden of proof lies in you. What you’re suggesting also doubles your risk of failure 24/7 should either receiver go out/disconnect, in exchange for fringe protection against a specific type of failure. Your logic fails here.

My remote isn’t even for sale yet. It’s in beta. Nice move trying to misdirect just because I called out one of your subjective opinions.

And it actually does support multiple receivers, I just don’t advertise it because it needs further rigorous testing before it’s a feature I’m comfortable releasing. In this case, it’s intended for 4wd and uses a synchronized pairing on throttle commands.

You should try reading up a bit if youd like to have a conversation at the adult table. Until then, there’s a trampoline out back. Have at it.


You’re at the adult table and acting a fool. Maybe go back to the children’s table if you’re here to attack people instead of helping noobs. Until then, I have experienced and been saved from getting Lyfts home solely because I had multiple receivers. There have been times when I may have been saved from falling due to it as well. I’m speaking from experience and trying to help people. I’m not here spending my time to attack other people. When you calm your tits down you can come from time-out and sit at the big kid’s table.

Brian, darling, I can assure you I am perfectly calm.

I was not attacking you, I was pointing out that you were giving advice that was questionable by the most basic logical standards. Not everything is Law of Brian and cannot be disputed.

You doing okay there buddy?


Yep, just about to put the new skate together and maybe give it a first ride.

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does this make me a cunt? :crazy_face:

Appreciative dudes will always find help here.


This is all pure conjecture. And once again, being wrong isn’t the same thing as being attacked, so I suggest you let that one marinate.

Brian, what happens when one of your radios cuts out on a high torque, all terrain, high speed board?

It’s not a slight jerk. I’ve had one of my ESCs turn off under acceleration on such a rig.

It can still very much so throw you, and with higher torque + large wheels this can also veer you in addition to a jerk.

So if it still has the ability to throw you even with dual receivers, you’re simply introducing a 24/7 additional point of failure, in exchange for subjective protection against a fringe failure. You are not accounting for different types of builds because you’re relying solely on anecdotal experience.

And you’re suggesting this to a newcomer here. C’mon man. There’s a reason it’s not common practice.

king of the kids table


a snap then or a jounce? perhaps a cunt?

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It’s not conjecture. The chances of both radio receivers cutting at the same moment is very small. Typically they will cut out a number of milliseconds apart, and both ESCs are rapidly changing acceleration at slightly different times. I suspect it’s because the antennas are in different places in the enclosure and thus enter the radio interference at slightly different moments.

Clearly, you haven’t have a lot of ride time on dual receivers.

i’ll bite, on a mountain board, will you get a bigger jerk if your one and only receiver fails or if one of the 2 fails?

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Quantify this statement for me?

Tell me, which radio module model is being used in your remote/receiver? Which modulation protocol?

Just so we’re clear, you are not an engineer and have no professional experience working with radio technology, and you are guessing here. Correct?

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You clearly have very little ride time in a setup like this.

Gotcha. So you are guessing. Cool.

Good talk.

I’m not guessing, but I’m not biting on your trolling either. You go and research on your own, like I have.

Sorry Brian, burden of proof lies in those making the claim.

I’m bringing up your lack of engineering background because you confuse anecdotal experience with controlled, informed testing.

The burden is on you, buddy. I volunteered my time for free for @onebluesummer, not for you. You can send me a purchase order if you want help.

Let today be known as the day we tried & failed to teach a Juggalo the scientific method.


@DerelictRobot you’re like a stinky fart in a crowded elevator. You’ve come in here only to attack me.

can you explain what these 2 wires are on my boosted board leading to underneath both truck mounts? i thought it was dual receivers?