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Wanted items cheap or free

Have a small part you need to finish up your board and dont want to wait a month for it to come from china? Need a part but your on a budget? Post your requests here along with your location!


[US] Does anyone have 520mm shrink wrap? I need about 200mm of it

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Wtf are you heat shrinking?

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This is a better view, it’s 480x160x20…I got 200mm for it but I thought it may not be the worst to seal the ends and fill the gaps with silicone


Any chance someone want to trade some 97mm abec clones for 90mm abecs clones?

I have almost new 97mm green clones.
Id prefer black, green or even white 90mm.


I have white ABEC clones, but they do have blood on them…


Is it virgin blood?

If so hail skatan .


I mean…


lf 12s charge only or 15a or more li ion bms in eu


Lolz :joy:


I only say white because they are easy to dye the color i want, so the blood stains aren’t a deal breaker.


I got some 90mm black clones


Got 2 you can have for free if you pay shipping

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I have some orange clones that I don’t need .

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Anyone got a htd5m 400mm belt

Eu need one as soon as I can

I am looking for someone to help me D3 print a mini remote convention kit. I am willing to pay a fee. I am in in San Francisco are.


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Anyone got a canbus wire


Anyone have an extra set of shredlights mounts laying around?
Need front and rear.

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Does anybody have hall sensor to vesc adapters, as in JST-ZH 6 pin male 1.5mm to JST-PH 6 pin female 2.0m?

Why the FUCK is it so hard to find these on the internet with decent shipping?

I don’t want to snip my Maytech sensor and straight solder a PH on, but I’m about to.

2AM edit: Boy, do I feel stupid. It looks like the Amazon links for female pigtails MAY come with barebones male connectors. I’m not 100% sure - because it doesn’t say so and the pictures are bad. Doesn’t say female pigtails with male connector pair… Or anything of the sort. Looks like they are tho.

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Looking for a decent pair of digital calipers for $50 or less, any suggestions?