Veiftech - DIY upgraded Leiftech V2

Straight from the kind heart of @Ryan_D

who actually make this really great analysis of the build quality overall.

also make this very good riding tutorial

He treated it nicely for the time the piece of crap was still working. Center wheels look fresh and overall ok condition.

First step was to remove the plastic cover over the heatsink. They are in a terrible spot and not enough room for a ratcheting socket wrench.

Solution was pliers because I don’t have a normal wrench that small, and fuck adjustable wrenches.

This is a sign of a super high quality product that they totally cared about making reliable and not just cutting corners and dollars

Speaking of cutting corners. These bullets are run through a sharp hole in carbon fiber (I have seen something like this fry a VESC)

due to it coming partially disassembled from Ryan I don’t know if this was protected before but for some reason I doubt it.

so here it sits

My current plan is to not use that cool heatsink and instead put the VESCs below the deck and the battery above. Given the size of battery I want to make this is really the only option.

In the future I would like to get rid of the middle section of the bottom case and put it all above the deck so I can do board slides on rails and crap, as well as being able to actually waterproof it.
Thanks for this
I also want to make a custom motor+wheel mount for the slip ring casters with much moar powa and better wheels. As you can see in the picture those parts bolt on so it will be trivial to design and make two plates that let me accomplish this.

To get it working for now I have to make a battery of 7-8S, throw it all on there and hopefully the VESCs do a good job running through the slip rings.

Thanks for checking it out so far.


Definitely gonna bookmark this. I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time


First real upgrade should be Boro center wheels. If we could make big enough order (5-10 sets), @NoWind would probably machine them for us.
Stock center wheels are pretty much shit, mine started to chip after less than 50 miles on mostly smooth parking lots.
Great thread with many useful info, but I am sure @Fosterqc is familiar with it :grin::


@NoWind might have an issue sourcing many center wheels as they are seemingly only selling parts to people who’s Freebords are broken, and this would not qualify as that. Could give it a shot but I would bet it isn’t going to happen. Also I bet Jenso has muuuuch better things to be doing with his awesome company nowadays.

I might jump right to making the whole custom motor and wheel mount the moment the old center wheels have issues. I already found someone who was interested in buying the leiftech motors for good money so that would spur that along.

On the topic of the motors they are indeed 5045s, but they have like a drone/RC car bolt pattern of 25x25mm. If I wanted to upgrade the motors on the current mounts I would need an adapter plate made to the standard 50xx motor pattern which is 30mm I believe.
Like this thing
Maybe this is something @nowind could make for us.


I’m pumped you picked this up but also pissed I didn’t get to try it out before he sold it haha. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


Courtesy of @silverr1, a 5065 motor! (unfortunately just one)

here shows the smaller mounting pattern, also the 6mm shaft so a new 8mm bore HTD 3M pulley would be required.


I’m watching this too. I have used one coming. I’m concerned with the build quality, hoping I can do some fab and replace and make it pretty solid.

I really hope 5065s become usable. If so, some 200kv racestars with a 10s pack would be fun.


Oh sweet! Cool that you found one. Is it working and how much did you get it for?

The stock gear ratio is 15/40 HTD 3M pulleys.
I am having a hard time finding HTD 3M 8mm bore pulleys and especially not a lot of 8mm D bore ones.
All of them are aluminum too, steel would be worth the extra cost.

this is the only one I found, I really would prefer getting from the USA


Should be here by next weekend, it’s supposed to be in working condition but who knows.


@Fosterqc, quick question, I have a freebord and I wondered if one was okay with going in just one direction and not going switch. Could I just attached a single motor to one of the back wheels so that when I’m on heel edge I can accelerate and carve at speeds, only needing to top up the speed when on heel side edge. Thus, instead of attaching the motor to the center castor wheels, just simplify it using the tools available to us from e-toxx and moon to modify an existing nonelectric freebord and making it like a ghetto version of what you are doing, basically an easier DIY. Thoughts?

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Powering the edge wheels doesn’t sound good to me, I think it could work but it would not be the same feeling. One issue is doing 180’s while powered, the wheel has to switch directions idk how smoothly the vesc could do that.

Maybe a freewheel could work better so one direction would have little resistance and the other was the driving direction.


An alternative to getting a 8mm bore HTD 3M drive pulley from china is to jump to HTD 5M.

This is the replacement drive pulley I found:
5 mm (HTD) Pitch,34 Teeth, 8mm Bore, 2 Flanges/With Hub, Aluminum Alloy Timing Pulley for 9mm Wide Belt

I think I have some 13T drive pulleys somewhere that would work good.

Need to order a motor from Dickyho for all that tho!

For now testing with the original motors I got these pics from someone trying to repair a horrible noise.

14 Poles

Idk much about ERPM but keeping it below 60K sounds good. I know the Focbox can take like 80K?
@NoWind did 8S on 4.12S so what do I know.

Main reason for 6S is so I can use a hobby charger and already have balance leads.


If you’re changing motor and doing all that I can’t stress you enough to switch to 5m instead of 3m, or get quality belts and pulleys because leiftech’s are bad and get destroyed really fast


I agree, there is no future using HTD3M pulleys and belts. The sooner you switch it to HTD5M, the better off you will be. Eventually you’ll have to switch it anyway, better sooner than later. HTD3M is not a good choice for this.


Hey, great thread! Picts of my 8S FOCBOX upgrade!

Now I’m dreaming of 12S and low KV longer motors. :partying_face:


I have E-TOXX center wheels but I didn’t use them yet because my stock wheels are not destroyed yet surprisingly!


Awesome @DavidC!

I have made a lot of progress and I should be programming and testing it today.

Main thing I decided about is putting the battery below the deck, because falling will likely result in the board getting flipped.

Problem is even a 6S pack is too tall

My solution is to make a foam riser to fill the empty space and support the lid

Test fit the electronics

Should I keep the silicone heat pad? or put them on the bare aluminum?
I’m leaning towards removing it, not that heat will be a big issue I think.


If you removed it, you’d need some thermal compound. Or not. I actually don’t think they will get that hot. Maybe just physical contact with air between them is enough.


Some battery pics of the battery

Needs more tape


Totally convenient battery charging what are you talking about.