Titan | 12s5p 30Q | Avio MK1 Herringbone Gear Drive | Trampa Infinity & 6.5 Superstars | 34" Jet Potato | Unity | Torqueboards 6380s

This is my 3rd build, and was completed on December 2018. Shifting the build thread from Potterland.

Ok here goes!

This build is a first AT experience for me, at the time i wanted to make a pneumatic build with around 50km range and not too heavy. I tried decks like the Lacroix Prototipo and the Trampa Holypro, but found that i didn’t really like those style decks. Seems to have a second delay before it turns, and by the time that happens, your body is already leaning off and falling.

So i went with the Jet Spud’s big brother, the Jet Potato. It’s 34", has a slight camber and not so aggressive concave.

Paint wasn’t the best and was fairly thin, so i scraped/sanded it all off and gave it a proper coat of matte black and 2K clear coat.

And the huge Torqueboards 6380s

Compared to a 6374
Big Balls
Trampa stuff also came. I didn’t use the Bull Bars in the end

Painted the rims to fluorescent green.

The Idea drive train came next. This is running on 14/60 gear ratio, with a single idler.

Painted them black to match the rest of the colors. Going for black and green

Mounting them on, so far so good. The crossbars do help with alignment and spacing.

To mount the Infinity trucks to the deck, i had to achieve an angle, if not the trucks would not turn. I got the 3D Servisas 35 deg riser wedge as a gift.

So at the time, the Unity was on the first batch preorder, so i got a Flipsky dual 6.6 as a temporary VESC till the unity arrived.

Then i got a 12s5p 30Q pack built by a professional battery maker.

Couldn’t contain my excitement. Ran it on the Ackmaniac tool, taped the enclosure and went downstairs for a quick test.

Works wonderfully! AT is really something else.

Now here comes the problem. I got the Eboosted double stack enclosure for the Jet Spud, because at the time i thought this deck was just a longer version of the spud, so i figured it’ll fit with minimal work.


So me being the perfectionist that i am, i went to work with the enclosure. Since the majority of the body was fiberglass, i sanded and laid a few layers of fiberglass cloth on the exterior, and about 5~6 more layers on the inside. Better! Now comes the messy part.

I added way more bulk around the edges of the enclosure than i need. Oh well!
After sanding and shaping for at least 2 hours over a span of a week, bam.


Painted the enclosure black, and wired the power switch to be longer at the top. It’s currently a Flipsky antispark, but was later using the Unity switch.

And it’s done! Obligatory Ganja grip tape of course.
The range is surprisingly spot on to what i planned. My riding style involves some carving here and there, and an average of 25~35km speeds, that gives me about 45~50km range give and take.

Focbox came in December so i eventually swapped it out.

And also, printed a pair of bash guards to protect the mount.

So yea, that about sums up this build. It’s a good balance of a bit of a MTB, and yet keeping the longboard feel. If i would describe it, i would say it feels kinda like an Evolve AT, but way more stable because f*** DKPs right haha?

I currently have Evolve 7" and MBS Knobby 8" tyres so eventually when the 6.5s wear out i will swap to those. And also perhaps a gear drive in the future? Hmm… We shall see.


Sooooo clean and well documented man! Your willingness to dive in to hard work in pursuit of perfection is inspiring. I love your attention to all the small details. Do I smell a build of the year contender?



But thank you for your kind words! I am very design oriented so i go for aesthetics in whatever that i build.


Completed Dec 2018… Did it even get an entry in last year or was it too late?

Yea it was in the 2018 polls. An honor to be able to participate! Lets see what’s coming up for 2019

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@Linny where do you get the 35 degree wedges from?

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I believe it’s this one

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Where can i get that griptape? .)

I got it custom printed from taobao. I sent in my own picture scaled to fit 28cm x 128cm. Can’t remember what the vendor name is nor link however…

Such nice work and attention to details! How do you like the height of the deck above ground since channel trucks are usually on a dropped deck?

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So I’ve got to ask man… how is it NOT okay for you to ride your boards in your country but having marijuana swag on everything is okay?? :rofl:

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The ride height is okay for me actually. Its only a tad bit higher than a Bamboo GT on 7" tyres for example. Stability wise, I can do 45km comfortably.

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An actual pothead wouldn’t flaunt that he is one. Also I look like an innocent young bub so I am unlikely to be a suspect of drugs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What kind of paint did you use on your motor mounts?

It’s a brand of spray paint used for motorcycle parts. The brand is samurai paint if you are curious.

Color is flat black

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Sweet work on the enclosure man!


Did you also try to fit those risers from @3DServisas to MBS Metal Matrix II plates? What screws did you use, i.e. what length, and did you follow any particular sequence in mounting the Trampa base plates? I guess it’s trivial, but I am somewhat struggling to get those riser on the MBS base plate, see Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

Would you recommend to use the rubber that comes with the base plates (please see pictures in link above) to use in between the risers and the base plate or not?

I did not use it on MBS trucks but the mounting screws I used are around 15 to 20mm. Doesn’t have to be too long. You will need to use a small wrench than a skate tool to hold the nut due to the space.

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You can use the rubber pads, it’ll help with a bit of dampening. I did not have it for mine, so i just bolted it directly. I did however have a rubber riser on the deck side.

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Thanks. As soon as I will get the screws I will try again. With the rubber in between in becomes 5-10 mm thicker though if I am not mistaken.