Kushboard Prototipo | Lacroix Prototipo chassis | 12s5p P42A | Newbee 3 links & 4GS Hubs | SKP 6374 | Stormcore

Greetings skaters, i’m back with another build. This thread will be updated as time passes, but I wanted to share with you what I have planned first.

Last year i acquired a Lacroix Prototipo from a local skater friend. He had it since 2018 after trying my Kushboard Titan and got hooked on pneumatics during that period.

It was surprisingly in good condition and was hardly abused. So I did try to help him sell it but to no avail since the Barrel just came out, rendering the Prototipo slightly obselete. I decided to buy it off him for a good price and here we are.

Other than that, the 4GS I ordered came recently.

What I have on hand so far is the Prototipo chassis which is untouched
Newbee 4GS
Newbee Pentagram hubs
Stormcore 60D+ ESC
SKP 6374s

Stuff i have on order/preorder
Newbee 3 links
… that’s about it? Anything else i should add? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What’s the battery plan? Only thing I can think of is something that can handle more amps than 60d+

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I measured the stock 10s5p Sanyo 20700 pack in the stock Lacroix, and it all seems relatively balanced. Since it’s not very used, i was considering using it as is first, but we’ll see how it goes. I might do a 12s5p P42A if i were to change it, and use the small LLT BMS with it.

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Sounds like it will be pretty sweet.

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The stormcore barely fits with 12s5p 40t. So tight that I had to cut the case away on the mini Daly bms. It has to go under the charge port. Really tight, bro. Unity was no problem.


Makerx Dv6 fit in my 12s5p build. It was pretty tight though. I eventually got the radium gasket for a bit more room.

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Just looked through pics. I had to cut the corner of the bms and remove the case. I added shrinkwrap and fish paper after this pic.

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Oh my god

What was the arrangement of the 12s5p?

I am considering adding a gasket to the enclosure to give it height, and then place the BMS on top of the ESC, but i’ll see how feasible it is when the time comes.

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Just take a look at Mario’s 12s5p p42a build that he did on a proto a while back


Ooh, the last group arrangement is smart! I might try this arrangement soft and see if it fits with the stormcore and small LLT BMS

If its the small llt bms that’s similar to the size of the Daly it should fit and I got a unity id be willing to sell you for a fair price if you need it to fit but Stormcore did fit in another 12s5p that Mario did I know there’s gotta be a way to fit it

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Took apart the deck today.

I’ve seen decks broken due to heavy weight and or collisions etc. Im planning to fibreglass the top and bottom, one layer each.

Also. The inserts come in M3, i am also considering removing them and changing to M4…


Took off all the inserts. Was surprisingly easy actually.

Looks like no epoxy or adhesive was used on it. Gonna swap to M4.


I got m4 that fit the deck that are small enough to not mess up the deck if you need

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All good, i have M4 ones on me as well, and ill use my lathe to cut them down to the right height.

Deck all clean and sanded, fiberglass comes next


Hyper trucks on a proto :exploding_head: crazy Mario :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let me guess you’re going green hubs? :sunglasses: :call_me_hand:Your builds are always the best can’t wait to see the final product :fire:

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Yea, i didnt realise that the 4GS uses MBS pattern hubs so i have to use pentagrams thats on another build. Ill swap that to widened trampa superstars i guess.

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