MBS trucks on non-mtb deck. What do I need to know?


Mbs sell different trucks. All depends about which you speak

the matrix 2 pro’s

You good with 20-40 degree angle riser than what you need, depending on your turning/stearing preferences.
Probably you need to drill out the deck holes as well, but that depends on the riser you buy.

Also 12mm hanger shaft, so get the right bearings.

these are sweet looking…and a lil pricey for a set =(

These risers are expensive. I got mine from 3DServisas when they used to sell it last year for $150.

I used them on this build


Yeah even at that price the seller is not making much profit so you can’t even find one in the market. I am still waiting for that guy to make another batch.

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Unfortunately there aren’t any angled risers available rn. I’ve looked everywhere. Need things to slow down a little bit so I can look into making some…

I still have a free design for a wedge made. I need to see how cheap I can make it though. It’s stupid how expensive an angled piece of aluminum is being sold for.


Would a rubber or plastic riser not cut it? Even if there was some to be found?

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The biggest angled risers (that aren’t stupidly priced) I could find were 15° from muirskate. They drill the holes at a right angle instead of parallel to the wedge like dummies so they are useless.

Here’s my 20° tipped mbs deck trying to fit matrix 2 trucks (hey go figure)

No way for the trucks to mount.


I don’t think the one piece will be too expensive to make… has anyone got a design for it?


Me me me! I’ll send it to you and maybe pull Matt in to get some group think? The fat boy ones have a groove in the top wedge plate that someone swore was necessary.

I have this fancy one made and then an easier to cut version.


yassss. i need a set for sure.

noice, yeah who knows what Im going to use them for but I might need a set one day.

I like the look of the second one but a simple 1 piece should suffice

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I have a cheap and dirty 3 piece version that would just loctite together with M5 bolts.

Not sure I’d that would be easier/cheaper to make than a solid block.

Requires tapping the holes obviously.


Ive got my factory making baseplates for a decent price so I can’t see this part being much more complicated


Won’t it be possible to make it out of wood? Like 30°.
I have no wood working skills just a thought :thought_balloon:?

A 35° angle is pretty steep to be taking forces from turning and twisting. I think it’d work for a while with a really hard wood but I wouldn’t feel safe riding it. Especially when wet.


Love the animation. Don’t all these obstruct the screw path? can’t get the screw in?