The Ultimate esk8 calculator - with Force in Newtons

Most esk8 calculators on the web today will tell you how fast your board will go, and maybe estimate range, but they don’t tell you how much oomph your board is going to have.

This key piece of information, is Force. Force is how fast your board is going to accelerate when you press the throttle. In order to determine force, you first need to get Torque, and then factor in your wheel size.

And so, I give you - the ultimate esk8 calculator.

This google doc is editable - only edit the blue cells - everything else is automatic formulas, so take one of the templates - save your board’s name and your user name in the title to reserve it, and plug in your boards stats. You will find out your board’s speed at 3.6v/cell along with how much force you can expect to put down when you punch it.

If you guys want to have some fun with it, screenshot your stats and post it in this thread. If you can beat @jack.luis Roci on 2wd, you win bragging rights. @poastoast on 4wd is tough to beat.

Edit - just remembered the @Skyart board - I think that is the bar to beat.

Edit - now with range calc for your pleasure



I’d also be interested in the lowest spec board that people actually ride. Of the few entries at present I think I’m the lowest power, though not the lowest force because that’s what it’s geared for

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I dig it :+1:t2:


Great calculator @Shadowfax :call_me_hand:


Here’s an infographic to help you all understand the new metrics


I see you @Shadowfax :eyes:


Here’s arguably one of the most powerful stock boards from a mass market supplier today (not including booteek brands in that category).

It is a fun and powerful board from what I have heard, but it is also by far the least powerful board in the spreadsheet so far. I think the hobbywing is 45a per side. Someone correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll update.

EDIT - I was wrong it’s either 18a or 25a per side, so it’s even sadder than I thought.

EDIT v2 - 70a per side

420 Newtons combined force… better than initial calculations, but still nearly the least powerful board on the spreadsheet :rofl:

@jack.luis show this to people when they ask what your issue with hobbywing is


Damn I didn’t realise prebuilts of that caliber use such low motor current. I’ve no evidence to suggest otherwise mind you, just didn’t know

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@Skyart pulling pretty far ahead of the pack.


Now I can actually visualize what I feel from the board, nice work!


zeus pro is 38 battery amps at 13s. lol
70 motor amps


Ok, I’ll update it. Still pathetic - Edit thought it was 35a per side. 70a is acceptable. I can understand how people think these boards are powerful. It’s still easily full throttleable though, and not close any performance driven DIY.


I alr fixed it, dw

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Is it 70 motor amps per side? Are you sure about that?

Yeah its either 70 or 80 motor amps, dont remember but thats what ownboard said

the battery amp figure is actually written on the esc. it says 19a x2


Dang…the 4wd is quite nutty :dizzy_face: excited to finish it up


That’s the test sled, right? Looking real clean - love the blue.


Needs more beans


So what do you guys put in for tire size?
The manufacturer size or something less to account for stretch and such.

Like for an 8 inch Kenda (200x50) do you guys put in 200 or do you go 195 or 190?


I think that’s within margin of error for our measurements. Remember that battery voltage has a +/- 15% variance over the course of a ride