The "Baby Blue Racer"!

Hey guys,

I have been working on this little guy for awhile and finally finished it yesterday!

First a picture-

The goal for this build was to be powerful but extremely portable for going into stores and for other times I may need to carry the board around for long periods of time.

My current daily driver is this guy but it is pretty heavy and uncomfortable to carry-

Next up the parts list-

The deck is from skateshred and is wrapped In carbon fiber vinyl (I will prob skin it with real carbon at Some point)

I’m using caliber ll trucks-

Along with bkb mounts

The motors are flipsky 6355

For the motor pulleys I’m using flipskys 15t pulleys

And for the wheel pulleys I’m using my custom press-fit pulleys ( it’s currently using the 3D printed prototype but I’ll hopefully have the cnc’d metal ones soon!)

For wheels I’m using orangatang caguamas

Now onto what’s under the hood!

For the battery I’m running the biggest and baddest Lion 10s2p possible! (Pls correct me if I’m wrong)

It’s made of molicell p42a which are 4,200mah cells and can discharge at 45 amp per piece! (Which means the completed battery is 8.4AH and can discharge at 90 amps!)

Here’s some pics of the battery build-

For the esc I’m using the maker-x dual v4 vesc which @YUTW123 was kind enough to send me for testing!

This esc comes in a great form factor and at a great price! Now I’m just hoping it performs well!

I’m also using the maker-x anti spark which @YUTW123 sent To me as well. (Again great form factor) lets hope it tests ok!

For the remote I’m using my current favorite remote- the flipsky vx1!

The enclosure is a custom design and was 3d printed with 100% infill and 6mm thick walls!

I think that sums up the parts list! If I missed anything please let me know.

Some other info about the build-

I designed and printed a case that secures the vesc the remote receiver and the antispark switch to the deck.

Here’s a pic of it-

(Don’t worry, the bullet connections were properly insulated after I took the pic)

To get the beautiful cable management you see in this pic-

I used a 3d printed tunnel riser and needed to route out the top of the deck for the motor wires ( I then reinforced the deck with fiberglass) as the esc is in the front of the enclosure as I needed the space in the back for the battery.

Here’s some pics of the routing and fiberglassing process (beware it’s messy as you don’t see it once the griptape is on so I didn’t care to be neat with it)-

And I think that sums this build up!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below and I will do my best to answer.

Some pics of the completed board! -


@grozniy @b264 @pedrodemio @linny I know you guys were waiting for this so here it is!


I really, really, really like this build. This is inspiring.

I’m working on a 30" dual 6355 build right now.




I’m concerned about the P-packs not being insulated with fishpaper. I hope it holds up for you.


Thanks! I really appreciate the compliment!

About the p group insulation- on my personal packs I don’t do it unless they’re flexible as I don’t think the insulation will tear but I do it on all of my customers packs as in that case my opinion doesent matter anymore and saftey becomes the #1 priority.


Imagine this with TB110 wheels and that’s almost the perfect commuter board IMHO


What was the total cost? I estimate around $700. Cool build. I want to make a small board myself here soon. Probably going to make one over winter to keep myself entertained.

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If I could strongly suggest you put one of these under the nose, you won’t be disappointed.

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I’m not sure off hand but ill try to tally it up later.

I think this is probably the ideal set up for the makerx esc. I definitely am getting one soon to try out.

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I’ll think about it! I actually dident have it on in the pics but I designed and printed a custom tailbone for the tail and I know your a fan of those!

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Yup! I think it’s perfect for these types of small builds where space is limited!

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Yes, I thought about suggesting that too, but the handle is a bigger bonus :smiley:

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Why do you say that? :grin:

Well done, this looks perfect as a compact board, how fast can you go without feeling like you will wipe out at any moment? and what’s the final weight?



No clue yet as its running 3d printed pulleys (until the metal ones come in) and I don’t trust them enough to ride them. But it’s geared for around 23mph which I think is perfect for this size of a board.



Sorry, I thought you were one of the people that asked about it on the reply to pictures and nothing else thread but I thought wrong.

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Yeah, I’m kidding, I liked every photo of it I’ve found

Weight is really good for what you are packing, and don’t worry about the 3d printed pulleys, the are the only thing I’ve run, if you print them with 6 walls or more, and 40% infill they will handle just fine, that is, if you printed in ABS/PETG/Nylon


Interesting cell choice, any reason why you chose these over 40T?

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@b264 rides the shit out of a similar form factor, so would ask him this as well.