New modular/interchangeable press-fit pulley for Kegel wheels that require no modification to Cal ll trucks!

Hey guys I’ve been working on making a kegel press fit pulley that fits Cal ll trucks without modification (of course it will fit other trucks as well) for the last few weeks and I think I have finally have a design that’s almost near perfect! ( still need to make some minor tweaks)

First some pictures of the 3d printed prototype pulley installed-

The pulley uses a flanged 608 bearing that shares a bearing seat with the wheel. The difference between this design and current designs is that the flange physically locks the press-fit adapter into the wheel and doesent rely on friction alone.

Since the pulley adapter and the flange on the bearing take some space away from the bearing seat in the wheel a extended spacer will be included with the pulley.

Here’s a comparison of the regular spacer vs the extended spacer-

The press fit adapter has 20mm long shafts so they should be able to fit regular and flipped core kegel wheels (currently I’ve only tested them with orangatang caguama but I’m open to sending the design to a trusted forum member that has a bigger variety of wheels to test on so they can 3d print it and do test fits. (@mmaner you interested?))

Here’s some more pics of the pulley-

What makes this pulley different?

These will be the cheapest modular/interchangeable press-fit pulleys on the market.
The use of a f608 bearing physically locks the pulley assembly into place unlike current press-fit pulleys that fit Cal ll trucks without modification.( pls correct me if I’m wrong)

The final product will be cnc machined out of 6061 aluminium, anodized black and fit 15mm belts. I’m currently trying to be able to offer them at a pre-order of $35 for a single pulley and hub adapter and $65 for a set of 2 (price has been changed to $50 for a single pulley and $95 for a set of 2). Everything you see in the picture below below plus an additional 3 bolts which I dident have on hand while taking the photo is included with each pulley.

Currently I need to order around 30-40 pulleys to be able to sell them for the prices above (I’m still negotiating with my supplier so prices may change but I’m hoping not) so I will need to run a pre-order.

Before I make everything official and start a group buy thread I want to see the interest in these pulleys so if you can please complete the polls below it would be greatly appreciated!

  • I would be interested in a single pulley at $35.
  • I would be interested in a set of 2 pulleys for $65.
  • I would be interested in multiple sets.
  • I’m not interested.

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The only tooth count that’s currently set in stone is 40T. I’m open to do a total of 4 different teeth counts which teeth counts would you guys be interested in?

  • 32
  • 33
  • 34
  • 35
  • 36
  • 37
  • 38
  • 39
  • 41
  • 42
  • 43
  • 44

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I know this Is not a brand new type of product and a group buy is not always the most preferable way to do things around here but in order to provide the low price that I want to offer them at I have no other choice.

I also want to give a shout out to @moon for allowing me to base the press fit adapter piece off his design.

If you have any questions leave them down below and I will do my best to answer them!


Wait this fits Caliber II without mods but still has a third bearing?


I believe this pulley replaces one of the regular wheel bearings, so just 2 bearings in total.

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Doesn’t that still require an extended axle?

no, all skateboard wheels have 2 bearings :slight_smile:

So I designed this a few months ago so it works with a 608 Bearing on the outside portion of the hub and a 630 (8 X 22 X 11mm) bearing on the inside.

The adapter then goes into the inside portion of the hub and shares the wider bearing

I was going to make more of these for myself for the gear drives… just the adaptor part of it though. Let me know if you want me to help I have a few CNC shops that have been good to me in the past…


It only requires 2 bearings! The first one is the normal one that presses into the wheel on the front and the second one is a flanged bearing that shares a bearing seat with the wheel and locks in the hub adapter. I’ll try to get more pictures to better explain and post them here later!

I’m happy to test them for you, it will be a bit before I can. I am really behind right now with 2 builds and three other products I’m testing.


Ok here’s some pics explaining how the system works useing a old 3d printed protype I cut in half-

Here you can see how the flanged bearing sits on the lip of the press fit adapter and has a couple of mm excess sticking out-

Here you can see how the lip on the adapter and the wheels bearing seat line up perfectly-

The bearing is then pressed through the adapter and into the wheel-

Now a normal spacer is to short because of the extra few mm the flange and the lip of the hub adapter eat up on the bearing-

But with an extended spacer the extra few mm is bridged-

Then a normal skate bearing is put in ontop-

And when installed on Cal ll trucks it fits perfectly!


Oh that’s pretty cool, you wouldn’t have them in 12mm or something would you?


If there’s enough demand I could do it for 12mm belts as well but first I need to make sure I’ll meet the minimum order quantity of 30-40 hub adapters and then I’ll worry about different pulleys.

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Is there any more interest?

Update: I think there is enough interest for me too make the first batch. I’m currently working on finalizing a supplier and getting a sample made I will update this thread with any progress that’s made.

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If those were to be used as a single drive, would it be necessary to pack the free wheel on the other side with a few extra speedrings to compensate that offset, or is the difference too negligible to bother?

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The difference would be Around 4mm so I don’t think you would see much of a difference.

They look good and are they only for the 72 KV Lofty’s or the 58Kv?? Apparently, according to the owner has told me that they have adapters that will fit kegel Wheels only on one 2 sized options. Also, I would love for a way to use BOTH for ABEC Wheels (such as the ones that would work with the newest Slick Revolution Wheels or with the Slick Revolution Type of wheels… as well as using with the boosted board Kegel type wheels as well. Please advise and let me know when this shipment would start…??

In addition please confirm that you are using their direct drive system which has become confusing as I voted for the teeth number which would not be a necessary requirement for direct drive Motors…

Hey @Rocco2284 these pulleys are made to be used in a belt drive system not with a direct drive.

Hey everyone I know this thread has been dead for a bit but I hope to have some progress made soon. I’ve been away from home for the past week and a half so I was away from my 3d printer meaning I couldent test the final design. I also need fined a supplier that can meet my needs which has proved to be harder then I initially thought. When I get back I will push ahead with this project in full force!

I’ll hopefully have the first cnc’d prototype next week…

I’ll update with some pics then!