AT hybrid style board build

For this board i wanted an hybrid AT style board that looked simular to an evolve performed better and dident break the bank.

Deck: For this build i used a bamboo maple deck from skateshred it has a bit of flex but not much.

Enclosure: 3d printed useing great a design by @toughook

Drivetrain: Tb 218 trucks

@Boardnamics 50mm motor mounts

5065 200kv motors

15 tooth motor pulley, 60 tooth vex wheel pulley

Everything was eventually painted black.

Wheels: Ali express 6x2 wheel with a 3d printed a @TheImmortalJew vex pulley adapter with a 60t vex pulley.

Esc: X2 flipsky 4.12 vescs

Battery: Built by me 10s4p flexible 30q battery pack:

Remote: flipsky vx1

And finally some pics of the complete board minus my anti spark switch that hasn’t come yet so I’m using a Loop key for now!


Great build


How’s the fatjay motors? Im. Think of ordering them VS ordering the popular racestar…

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I dident order the fatjay motors directly as I brought brought my Motors off a forum member but I believe the racestar and fatjay motors are all the same.

What braided sleeve is that, looks perfect

It came pre installed on the motors.

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What did the total cost of this build end up being?

Around $800-$900 but I did get some parts on sale so you may pay close to $100 more than I did.

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Awesome job! You don’t often see an offroad oriented build coming in for a low price like this.

What was the total cost of the cells and the materials needed to build the battery pack? Additionally, how is the deck performing? Does the shape feel nice and does it flex well?

The cells were around $180 and the materials were around $30. The deck is still going strong- I like the shape and I get zero wheelbite however i always feel like the top layers of bamboo are always going to split but that’s partly because the original deck I got from skateshred had that issue (pic below) but thankfully it happened only when the trucks and wheels were on and the enclosure was not yet mounted - skateshred immediately sent out a free replacement and that’s the one on the completed board to date. Besides that the flex is ok but not great I’m personally very happy with it but if you plan on covering it with grip tape and don’t need/want the bamboo look then get the same deck but in the maple version instead of bamboo from skateshred

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Very nice! Yeah I am always wary about decks, I would have thought the bamboo would have had more flex, guess not.

Have you done any data-runs on it yet or do you have a bluetooth module? I’m curious how much current that setup will pull from that 10s4p

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I do not have a Bluetooth module because my remote occupies the uart port.

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It’s only bamboo on the top and bottom it has maple in the middle so it has some flex but not a ton. It being not to flexy also helped with choosing an enclosure however it is necessary to make the battery flexible.

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Oh gotcha, yeah I get that, I split my enclosure on my board into two because my board flexes a bit as well.

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Not to take away from this awesome build but the raldey carbon AT board is $900 and $1000 for the longer range version.

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