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Surf Rodz Hanger Axle Beta Group Buy

You may have seen this post a while back about axles for Surf Rodz.





Lots of questions have been asked and answered in this thread, but I’m sure there will be more! :smiley:

@mmaner has had the alpha hanger axles for close to a month now and can speak to his experience with them so far.

What I’m bringing here today is that and a little bit more.

What, exactly are we talking about?

These are axles that replace the shoulder bolts in your Surf Rodz TKP and RKP hangers.

Hanger Axle:

Hanger Axle Design Specs:

  • OAL: 128mm
  • 15mm of M8x1.25 to thread into the SR helicoil
  • 44mm of shaft length inside the hanger
  • Mounting plate is 6mm thick and 55mm in diameter
  • (12) M4 mounting holes, 23mm radius (LR-designs/moon compatible)
  • 6mm mount spacer with integrated 25mm nut (1" or 25mm wrench)
  • 61mm of axle for wheel and pulley
  • 11mm of M10x1.0 for very fine thread locknut

Front Axle:

Front Axle Design Specs:

  • OAL: 128mm
  • 15mm of M8x1.25 to thread into the SR helicoil
  • 44mm of shaft length inside the hanger
  • 41mm spacer with integrated 12.6mm nut (1/2" or 13mm wrench)
  • 32mm of axle for wheel
  • 11mm of M10x1.0 for very fine thread locknut

Manufacturing Info:

  • Full CNC
  • Nickel-plated C45 steel


At this point pricing for an entire set (2 hanger axles, 2 front axles, 4 nyloc nuts) is $75 a set.

Shipping is extra, and will be calculated based on your address.

Shipping inside the US via USPS Priority mail will include:

  • tracking
  • signature confirmation
  • $150 insurance

International shipping will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

I would really like to use a higher grade steel, but the quotes I’ve been given so far break down along these lines:

  • 4140 Carbon Steel, 135% of C45
  • SUS304 Stainless, 155% of C45
  • 17-4 Stainless, 210% of C45

I’m willing to move to a different material if the group deems the extra expense is worth it.

My best guess pricing estimates for the other materials are:

  • $100, 4140 Carbon Steel
  • $115, 304 Stainless Steel
  • $155, 17-4 Stainless Steel

If enough people want to I can get a quote for another material.

  • C45 Carbon Steel
  • 4140 Carbon Steel
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel

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I’m not comfortable with traditional ‘group buys’. There’s no accountability and I want people to be comfortable with the process.

Assuming there is enough interest I would like to run this as a paypal cash pool with another member (@mmaner) holding the funds in escrow until the job is complete. Only at that time would funds be disbursed to me.

The minimum needed to make this happen is 25.

I’d like to close this in a week or so to get the process moving forward.

Estimated Timeline:

  • 11/1/2019 - Posted
  • 11/11/2019 - Closes, Order Placed
  • 15 working days/3 weeks
  • 12/2/2019 - Production Complete
  • 12/9/2019 - Received to me
  • 12/13/2019 - Ship to participants complete

It would be awesome to get these into your hands for Christmas.

If you intend to Secret Santa these please let me know so I can wrap them up like a present.

What you get:

  • (2) Hanger Axles
  • (2) Front Axles
  • (4) M10x1.0 Nyloc nuts
  • Sweet cardboard box or bubble mailer (haven’t decided yet)
  • A fuckton of bubble wrap and packing tape.
  • Some candy :smiley:

If you’re interested here’s the form to fill out!



Reserved for answering questions.

Current mounting pattern

Proposed mounting pattern

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I will start with this…I have zero complainants and the wider mount space for motors is incredible. I have been running these axles/mounts for a few weeks now. I haven’t specifically kept up with the mileage, but 21 rides at an average of 10 miles each, over 200 miles. I have run a large number of wheels, 8in knobbies, 6in street and 110 thane, all of them perform as expected and have ni impact on the axles or mounts. I am currently running TB 110’s, I’ll get some pics this evening.

The only issue I had was 1 motor mount dropped about 1/2 inch. This was with zero loctite and loose belts and lots of braking (said skipping) while I waited on more belts. Since then I have applied loctite to the axles (loctite 243 / blue / medium) and am using the correct belts. I have no issues since then.

The install is straight forward. Use an open ended wrench to marry the axle to the hanger, torque it down and for gods sake use loctite :slight_smile:. I didn’t initially because I wanted to actively test the torque stress on the helicoil threads. Next, fasten the the motor plates to the mount ring, mount the motors and proceed as you normally would.

If you have any application questions feel free to ask.


Edit: I had a few minutes so I went and took pictures of the current setup.


I’m very slow, what kind of mount plates can we use?


They are for the following:
Is @moon @LR-designs still offering the mounting plates (someone link them please). I haven’t been following since I still have one of them from the last run on the shelf.


Yes, any mounting plate that is @moon / @LR-designs compatible.

If there is enough interest I can add an additional mounting pattern.


@moon would these work with your gear drives?

Ive got a few laying about that I can sell.

Otherwise you can get plates from here:



@Jujo possibly. Ill need a drawing to check.

@akhlut add 38mm mounting space too, that way it works with @Boardnamics plates (I think)

A bit like this:


Thanks! But I already got 2 sets of your long CF plates and I’m waiting for the gear drives :joy:


Think its a little big to mount externally and since the clamp is meant to be mounted inside the gearbox you won’t be able to remove the case without removing the axle first.

Do you have a thread on those plates? I can only see the carbon fiber ones in the link.
What clamps can we use with them?

Those blue ones are for my gear drives, made extra to satisfy MOQs

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But that’s a minor issue, no? You usually have to take the wheel off to access the mount anyway, just an additional step of unscrewing the axle as well.

@akhlut Any possibility of getting the step-down to 8mm version? Or is that coming later? :upside_down_face:

At this point, no. Id like to get this set complete first.

If theres enough interest we can make something for 8mm axles.


No clue here about steel strength. What is a regular shoulder bolt made out of?

Is it possible to marry this set with a gear drive perhaps? Maybe a helicals gear drives?

High strength alloy steel such as 4140


@moon would these fit your gear drives I have? :thinking: