Speedict Smart BMS [Serious] *Gauging Interest for GB Please Vote*

Can’t find the General Discussion Category so I’m putting this thread here until I can hop on a computer and move it to a more appropriate one.

I’ve invited @Speedict here to the Esk8 forum to make a possible Group Buy deal for his Neptune 15 BMS in addition to including him to the ESK8 builders community.

For those of you whom do not know, the Neptune 15 is a smart BMS that’s:

specifically design for enthusiastic e-biker who wish to have total control over the battery pack as well as achieving it’s best performance and shelf life. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE for Android devices,. A distinct feature of Neptune is to allow user instantly between from off-road to on-road biking with a quick switch without their smartphone. It also allow user to quick charge, balance charge, and balance the battery pack without the need of connection to a smartphone.


Tech Specs can be found here

User Manual can be found here

Builds currently using or planning on using the Neptune 15 or Neptune 15 lite.

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What are your thoughts guys?

@Speedict would you mind introducing yourself below ?

  • Gauging Interest*

Would you be interested in a Neptune 15 Group Buy?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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This is just to show @Speedict if there’s interest or not.

Reserved For Future.


What would be the estimated price for said group buy?

One of my customer changed the 12s6p 30q to a 12s8p and to get room for it he got the neptune 15 bms instead of the big discharge bms we used and I think he is happy and like it.


Would be awesome if it could communicate with vesc. Like diebiems.

That’s a big voltage difference. Between those cells

Yes was a bad balanced pack when picture was taken

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Not sure yet. Just wanted to @Speedict to join the forum first so we can start the discussion.

I’m pretty sure he lives in Hong Kong and working in his latest BMS so it may take a while for him to respond.

From what little ive used my set up I really like the Neptune. Ill be installing them in all my builds.


Can it be wired for charge only?

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What sort of price would they be?

I think that was already answered


Fist comment and already a good one. :wink:

Welcome to the Forum!

Edit: i see, joined in October already.

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dont expect much of a discount. I messaged them a while back about 10 units.

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What about the Neptune 20 lite? Looks great, cheaper, struggling to understand why I would want the 15 over the 20 lite. Anyone know?


Don’t think is going to go through but I’m personally getting the Neptune 10 that’s coming out soon.

The Neptune 15 would have allowed discharge for people who wanted it with the cell monitoring features and it supports 10s-15s.

The Neptune 20 Lite only supports from 12-20, which only some of our builds are starting to approach.

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I don’t see anything that tells me what it does? Does it balance? Can I change parameters? Can I monitor it’s consumption? I’ve got a 20s14p pack on the way

No , the Lite versions of @Speedict’s BMSs don’t balance. Only monitor.

Observe the absence of Controller/Charge leads, making it so that you have to naturally bypass it.

The non lite versions have Balancing Capabilities:

Observe the existence of the Load/Charger Wire on the bottom right. You can bypass this of course but you can also not. The Lite version gives you on less pair of wires to worry about. If you’re using an ESC with a switch on it (or Roll to Start) and you don’t want you’re BMS to handle discharge, it may be better to get the lite version.

There are other differences between the Neptune 15 and 20 Lite (like the 20 having a buzzer for example) , but those due to the 20 being a newer release.

I believe @Speedict is also releasing a Neptune 20 (Not Lite) and Neptune 10 in the future.

It all comes down to if you want your BMS to do the Balancing or not. Lite does not Balance.