JAT, Just Another Trampa | HS11 | N.E.S.E. 12s8p | Hopefully Moon gear drive

I’m using this thread/build log as a promise to myself to keep myself on the correct path with this build, since my interests tend to sway a lot, so it’s as much for me as it is for you to watch my awfully beautiful builds :wink: Also this build is properly gonna take a while because I’m buying it almost one or two parts a month due to budget constraints.


Wellll It all started when I, like many others bought into that “China boards are as good as boosted.” Yes, they are good FOR THEIR PRICE, but not as good as a well-designed board. So, I thought to myself, what do I really want out of a board. The experiences I’ve already had with boards lead me to prioritize reliability and quality, and if anyone has checked out worst build 2020 nominations, you’d know my current temporary build is the opposite of that.

So what did I land on?

Well, so this is where I am today, I’ve made my first purchases and got a little of a part list together and landed on this: * Trampa HS11 Deck * MBS Matrix 2 Black *Cough cough* Oil slick is ugly af *Cough* * Primo Alpha’s * Moon Gear Drive 44/9 * N.E.S.E. Modules 8p * VTC6 or 30Q * BMS Neptune 15 * Turnigy SK8 6373 192 KV

Part reasoning


If you look at the list you might wonder, why the fuck does this idiot not have an ESC on his list, well since the current market of ESC’s and VESC’s seems kind of limited with Enertion going out of business and fewer focboxs on the used parts market I’d thought I’d wait a bit and see how the Neobox’s turns out. Currently, I’m waiting for the first production batches to turn up at people’s houses



For the BMS I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish with it
  • Monitoring of cell voltages
  • Balancing on demand
  • Charge only
  • Being able to take 5-6 Amps at least

With those criteria in mind and a bit of research, I stumbled upon Neptune. At first, I looked at their 20 Lite which seemed alright, but I couldn’t really find anything about it being able to balance on demand. The Neptune 15 on the other hand, I knew had a feature for that, it is marginally heavier than the 20 Lite, but it’ll be fine since I’m not planning on doing serious jumping on this build. It’s also able of doing 20A charge which will be more then enough, also 6 amps are properly necessary, but I’m debating with myself if I should do 8 amps for charging.



With the deck, I went with the Trampa HS11, mainly because I impulse bought it cause I wanted to try out kiteboarding, but never got the chance or time to start, also I think I’ll enjoy e-boarding a lot more. Also when buying the deck I really didn’t think about weight at all that’s why I ended up with the HS11 over the Holy Pro.


For a long time, I looked at gears as the annoying show-off of a little brother to chain, bragging about being more efficient and quieter at dinner, but if treated the wrong way will be loud and not as efficient as a chain. But I looked into it some more and decided on going with Gear anyway. The reason behind the change of heart is because many chain drives have a problem of getting stuff stuck between the chain and the sprocket which is a moment I do not want to happen. The change also goes back to one of my goals, reliability, gears so far seem far more reliable than a chain.

The Truck choice was a fairly easy one, I just don’t like the idea of springs pushing me back when trying to turn. The wheels were also a fairly quick choice, Since this is my first build with pneumatics, I wanted to see how wheel quality affects the riding pleasure(You know what I’m talking about :wink:)


Many people would properly write N.E.S.E. off as being stupid to use in this kind of build, but I think it’ll be helpful in the long run in terms of maintaining the battery. Besides the ease of building it, I’ll also be able to quickly swap out a P group, if it dies (I know it’s not recommended, but I like making my things last.) Also, the N.E.S.E. is one of the more capable no solder solutions, so easy choice

For the cells, I, as a lot of other people started looking at the 30Q, but I’ve been considering using VTC6 feedback would be appreciated if VTC6 should be used or not.
Atm I swaying more towards VTC6 Cause they’ll certainly be able to supply all power needed for these hungry motors.



The motor was an easy one, I wanted power and SK8 from turnigy is powerful, they also seem to have a pretty good rep here on the forum, so I thought, why not try it, not much to it, I’m properly gonna go with bigger motors later down the line, but for now these turnigy motors will be good enough.


Soooo yeaaah....

This is just a rough outline of the build, I’ll be adding more in the following days, but I just wanted to make a quick writeup so I could get the thread started. I hopefully will remember and be able to update ever so often.


Stuff that I have on hand:

  • Deck
  • Half of the N.E.S.E. modules.

Stuff incoming:

  • MBS trucks
  • Some 8, 10, 12 awg Wire
  • Some xt-90 and xt-90s connectors
  • Battery enclosure

Feedback on parts or anything regarding this thread is appreciated.


A lil update

I’ve been following the neoboxs thread closely and i’ve decided that i properly won’t go for the neobox unless we hear from Jeff soon. So the Vesc choice is coming down to, single flipshits, dual flipshit, Trampa Vesc or a pair of used focboxes or unity.

About the batteries, I will properly go for the 30Q, I like the amperage headroom I’d be getting from the VTC6, but I just don’t think it’ll be able to justify it’s shorter life-span over the 30Q apparently much better life-span.

Also since the motor will be bottlenecked with new battery choice and vesc choice, I’ll properly switch the Motor too to something that is capable of little over

12s * 3,7 v= 44,4 V

20a * 8p / 2 = 80a

44,4v * 80a = 3552w

Still deciding tho.

Also, the battery enclosure and wires and connectors are only around 2-4 days from being here, but I can’t really count on amazon atm, so I’ll see if it comes in time

Also the battery enclosure got here, but my N.E.S.E. modules won’t fit for some reason so i’m properly gonna buy some N.E.S.E. modules from the man himself. Reason being i printed 2s4p modules instead of 1s8p modules and the 2s4p modules are actually around 8 mm bigger which makes a big difference in my enclosure. So i’ll get some pics up when i get the modules.

Before i get the modules though i’ll be searching for some focboxes and i’m also gonna try and get the moon gear drives in the this batch, which will properly be paid for in next month.


Yeah 30q’s will give you plenty of amps for the setup you have planned. Ive used dual focboxes for almost a year and they worked great on 12s, I think there are quite a few up for sale rn.

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Yea, i’ve got one locked down, properly gonna pay for it tonight, tryna get another one locked down atm but it seems as everyone is jumping on them.
Thanks for the feedback btw :wink:

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Sooooo another update, i should properly make an update format so here is my go at a format(Inspired by others on the forum, don’t remember who)


Changes and new stuff

New stuff

I decided on using the focboxes because they’ve been known to be able to supply more then advertised when properly vented or with a proper heatsink and I have started looking around for them, already bought one should be here in around 11 days.

I decided on what I should do about my vesc enclosure, I will use the Dual focbox Heatsink from 3DS and will mount it inside a pelicase, and if that doesn’t work I’ll get @MauveMaverick print and design an enclosure(For a sum of money of course.)


I had a quite aggressive discussion with @Murloc992 and will properly not go with a fuse, on the battery side, atm I’m still debating it with myself, but currently it doesn’t look like I will.

Parts update

On hand


Battery Enclosure


MBS trucks ETA: 2-3 weeks

Wires, connectors ETA: 1 day

Single focbox ETA: 10-14 days

The next buys

I forgot to buy XT-90s, thought I already bought those but I didn’t

Moon gear drive


Heatsink + pelicase/3D print enclosure


1s8p N.E.S.E. Modules

Will add to this list as time moves


What enclosure are you planning on running?
I have some 1s8p nese modules and there’s no way these will fit. Also im a beta tester for the neobox, I’d highly recommend it.


I’m currently holding off buying nese modules until i got most of the other shit sorted, but I had some 2s4p modules and test-fitted them in an outdoor.case type 1000 and they seem to fit very, and I mean VERY neatly(The 1s8p’s are a little bit smaller then 2s4p). Also, the reason I chose the Neptune BMS because I wanted a smart BMS but it’d need to be small.

Also about the Neobox, imma hold off on that and just buy some focbox’s they’ve been proven to work reliable enough, and the neobox hasn’t, also the drama about Jeff contacting a scammer and him not making a public comment on it yet makes me a bit sceptical.