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Hey fam!

I am always a busy bee.

I am using this thread to show what I am working on and sometimes what I have available for sale.

I know. It is long. Hop to the near bottom to know what is current or shoot me a PM if you have want something in particular or have a custom project.

I do a lot of stuff with people sending in their decks for customization and also produce srudf for sale straight away.

At any given time I have about 75 decks in the lab so hit me up if there is something you are looking for.

I LOVE cool projects.

Pricing varies by project of course.

@mmaner is my designer in chief (and like my best friend).

But don’t bother him. I am the liaison for anything you want to do. I hate wasting his valuable time (though I do it constantly).

I hate to say it (who am I kidding? Love to say it) between the two of us, we make the coolest custom decks in the known universe.

No. It isn’t cheap.

Custom projects start at about $200.

But the first time you roll up to a group ride on one of our decks… fucking worth it.

I also will do your deck mounting and all that BS that you don’t want to do. No problem.

Don’t fuck up your shit. Just let me do it. I hate mounting enclosures as well. But I have done close to the triple digits at this point, so am used to it.

I love DIY and will happily help any customers with build plans, gear sources, or anything else (within reason).

Photo dump:

Uploading: 20200316_080341.jpg… Uploading: 20200313_202852.jpg… Uploading: 20200313_202608.jpg… Uploading: 20200311_154147.jpg… Uploading: 20200311_094523.jpg… Uploading: 20200310_152800.jpg… Uploading: 20200310_152745.jpg… Uploading: 20200309_225254.jpg… Uploading: 20200309_171729.jpg… Uploading: 20200302_125003.jpg… Uploading: 20200302_084823.jpg… Uploading: 20200229_164301.jpg… Uploading: 20200229_153627.jpg… Uploading: 20200229_153608.jpg… Uploading: 20200229_153553.jpg… Uploading: 20200229_153421.jpg… Uploading: 20200218_185752.jpg… Uploading: 20200213_081534.jpg… Uploading: 20200212_205038.jpg… Uploading: 20200212_111441.jpg… Uploading: 20200202_092838.jpg… Uploading: 20200129_103210.jpg… Uploading: 20200128_160832.jpg…

God damn. I will fix this shit later.


messaged you on IG about one of them Prototipos.


Just messaged you back earlier!


Dibs on that maytech remote. It is the waterproof one right?
I can’t resist, dibs on the soma too please :joy:


Yep. I absolutely love mine.

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I have to be honest if you are in a City area they aren’t the best but if you don’t have a lot of signal interference its the best remote I’ve used. So smooth/precise.


Holy shit I want something from here :heart_eyes:


To give me an idea of what size city we are talking about, where do you live?

Cheers for the info

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I don’t want to take up Tim’s thread, I’ll PM you.


Move quickly peoples.


Ah I want the DDs but I have no room left for 4WD in my enclosure… and I should save the $🤦‍♂️

:thinking::thinking::thinking: tempted…




Mutha Fucka. You worthy! Buy some shit.

Also. Have to show this off. My favorite skin to date. I don’t even want to know the amount of hours @mmaner has into this piece (read: a fucking lot of design work).

This long Haya is fully fiberglass reinforced before the skin, which also adds resilience.

Still trying to figure out what to do on the lid.

This guy is potentially available. Not cheap. Would be the fucking shit matched with these hummie hubs.


Tim, as always, your work is amazing, but DAYUM @mmaner, you really outdid yourself there. Such a cool design


The pun was my idea. He is too old to come up with that.

But he fucking blew me away with the execution.

I say dumb shit, like, "Hey Mike how about a cool Bruce Lee thing with those old school comic bubble saying “Haya” that would be cool.

Then he does this. Mind fucking blown.

Want to see this guy built proper. It deserves it.

Would love to combine this deck with the Hummie Hubs for one of the best rolling chassis on the planet.


Man. Whoever ponies up for that is going to be 1 happy camper! That thing is rad as all hell. I’d be all over it if I didn’t have a stack of projects


Thanks man.

This may end up being a complete for sale.

Really interested in doing custom rolling chassis and finding the right people to finish out the builds.


I like that idea. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass to source everything. Shouldn’t be too hard to move with unique and high quality components


Yo Tim would you sell any of the killshots to a fellow board artist? You can PM me here or on the gram.


Okay, that would dope AF!! :fire:

Also, whoever grabs those boards are gonna be hella happy! If I didn’t already have a Killshot (when I do a big maintenance and swap some stuff out it will be heading to you :wink:) I would jump right on this!

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