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Esk8 confessional

I’ve started accelerating downhill, gravity is just not doing enough for me anymore :crazy_face:


Yesterday, I drilled into 4 a123 cells by accident. I ran out of my house like a mad man waiting for the pack to blow up. The 4 cells were on fire and smoked for about 20 minutes, and then put itself out. No other cells caught fire. Only 8 cells were damaged. The rest survived and no uncontrollable fire, unlike my 30Q incident…


I’ve been running real puffy lipos in my mtb for about a year, but instead of replacing them i buy new motors…


Back on topic…

This is what happens when you don’t notice that the charger is set to 220V :zipper_mouth_face:

It was me AND the hardware. But mostly me.


LiFePO4 confession time. The Headway 40152S cells I run are 5 years old and second hand, they were saved out of a cold warehouse by yours truly for $3 USD per 15Ah cell (that’s $60 for my current 20S 990Wh battery kids!).

I bang on them pretty hard, no BMS either (yay brother-from-another-mother @Dareno!) and charge them from a wall charger. When I checked voltage 4 days ago, they were all perfectly balanced (to within 0.01V). Fight me.


with all this fake-news accounts going about i have to confess, i am not actually scott morrison, the prime minister of australia sorry.


I moved from California to Germany over two years ago and was not about to stop riding my electric vehicles. I sold my electric boards before I moved since I was not attached to those prebuilts, but brought over my OW in early 2018 and used it to commute to work everyday it was not raining. I get yelled at by cyclists, honked at by cars, and reminded by certain employees on a weekly basis that I was breaking the law. During this lock down, I’ve been having a blast riding my DIY board and will use it to commute to work once I am told to return to the office.

I have accepted that at some point, I will get pulled over by the Polizei, try to claim ingnorance and talk my way out of it, but accept a fine will have to be paid.

I am sorry to hear about your experience, and its reminder that the German view on personal electric vehicles is bullshit. Where do you live? Perhaps my Stuttgart area is just more relaxed on the rules as long as I ride responsibly.


Not sure if speaking in English would help with the ignorance or hurt :thinking:

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Thats 100% the opposite for me. In 4 years riding esk8 i had 2 bad encounters. One Grandpa who was mad he couldn’t pass us on his ebike and a Karen in her mid 40s where i didn’t make her room while she walked on the wrong side.

Apart from that every.single.person was interested in my boards, asked if i made that myself and asked loads of questions and gave lots of support.

I live in a fairly “small 80k” city an hour from Frankfurt away. The problem sometimes is that we have the typical hotspots and lots of refugees that cause trouble. Now with rona the popo is patrolling everywhere


I was stopped by the police one time here in SoCal. The Officer was building a board and wanted to ask about mine. Custom classic cars are a big thing here in my town. The drivers almost always give me a thumbs up on the board. We stopped by the shop where they repair my autos yesterday. The owner drooled all over my skateboard.


My local park I ride through has hot rod shows monthly. I rode through the parking lot yesterday feeling shameful that I’m on the zippy weenie stick compared to them but they were ALL super cool and friendly about it.

Never had a single cyclist say anything nice :smirk:

Not counting bmx folk


I will add that the compliments and curiosity far outweigh my comment above, by both cyclists and coworkers (even the swabians).


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Stupid shit…

Axle got stuck in my SR RKP…neoBOX debacle… I had a change of heart on rear top mounting the batteries/electronics…lost interest in the enclosured belt drive I had (sold it)…looking real hard at hummie hubs and TB DD’s…all of it took the wind out of my sails.

I just want to complete a board and ride, the weather is getting real nice.


Confession: I say I’m done mucking around with new packs but bad influences on the interwebz always seem to get me. Damn it.


I want to murder anyone that sends me more than two text messages before I reply. vibrating my ass or constantly dinging in my ear is not going to get me to answer you quicker. It’s only going to make me want to vivisect you for black market organ money.


@DEEIF @ahrav

Took the hanger to machine shop today and they got the shoulder bolt out without damaging the threads in the hanger somehow.!


Ahhh helll yea. Awesome stuff.

Which machine shop did you take it too. I feel like I need to keep note when I screw shit up too.


Out of my 3 boards -

TB 110

the Hub board is the most comfortable with the least pain, and the most trusted board. The hub board is the only one i confidently can go full brake while full throttling.

No maintenance
Grab it and go.
No tools.
The oldest
And has the most miles

With the AT build i always take all sorts of tool with me, have to pump up the tires every few days. Preparation minimum 15 minutes before i can ride.


I thought I put this battery on storage charge 3 months ago :thinking: …guess no :grimacing:, oh well lets see how long it holds up.