Esk8 confessional

So, what dumb shit do y’all do? Gimme the lowdown.

I want to know what you do that you know you’re not supposed to do, but you give no fucks and do it anyway, like a boss.

The only thing that isn’t okay is helmetless riding. Everything else is fair game. There’s never a reason to ride without a brain bucket.


I keep all my boards at 100% charge.

I use my boards about ten times a day. Any time I go to any place, I’m on a board. That includes work, grocery shopping, going to get dinner, going out to a bar on Friday night, taking the dog out for potty, or just riding around because I want to.

If the battery can’t be held at 100% charge, then it’s defective in my opinion. I can’t wait 2 hours after I decide I need to go somewhere while my ride charges. With all due respect, fuck that.


I don’t really use Loctite and when I do I probably don’t let it cure long enough


That being said I do obsess over checking every bolt before and after every ride


@DerelictRobot let me build part of 10s6p in his home today… I win???


I wonder if @DerelictRobot ‘s board is still on? … :thinking:


Sometimes I skate in flip flops and board shorts because I miss surfing and the beach :palm_tree: :sun_with_face:


It’s literally been on for months… and months…

No joke… I rode it today.


It’s still on. @SeanHacker is scared of it.


Ain’t nobody got time for that


I do that with my Meepo, would go through like 2 charges a day (6 mile range maybe less) but I am building a MTB (30 miles or more range hopefully), so if I do that with a board that goes 6 miles, when I start to ride one that goes 30+ miles I will probably take it everywhere because I basically can go anywhere in my area with it. I probably won’t have any reason to buy a car because that kind of range will get me to neighboring cities… which is honestly insane (may need extra battery though to get back). When school was in I used the meepo at least 5-10 times a day to and from class and to get food. The main thing is that I looked forward to riding my board and the main reason I got my ass to go class was because I wanted to ride it. Since the torque wasn’t too insane I always 100% throttle, shouldn’t do that since it kinda wastes battery. I am a take your board everywhere type of person.

I would also ride it in the rains sometimes (because I had to), fucked the board up like 10 times, usually pulled through it though when it dried off it would work okay half the time or had to replace the part, the other half it would want to kill me and not stop accelerating or wouldn’t brake. (Don’t ride in the rain unless board is very water resistant)


I used cheap led strips on the bottom of a mountainboard. The controller died one day and the strips started falling off. I just left them to drag on the ground. At some point they must have fell off because i found shredded strip all over my motors.


I crashed into my garage door at ~10mph today when my remote ran out of battery


I didn’t use loctite when I first installed the bull bar onto my trampa. First ride, I stopped about a mile in to feel my motors (live in a really hilly/hot area) and noticed one bolt had completely fallen out, and the second was on its way out. Just glad I caught it and removed it, would not have wanted that thing to fall off going 20mph+ and causing me to biff it pretty good.

It has since been loctite-ed(?)


how you was driving home than? the bolts which hold the bull bar should hold the springs/elastomers too. :thinking:

I mean the springs could probably hold due to compression in place, but non the less would be kind a scarry for me to turn with a board like that :sweat_smile:


I use red locktite on everything which results in chaos.


I do the same on my M1 carver :crazy_face:

If something comes loose, I epoxy it with JB Weld 8265-S Original.

If it comes loose again, I shitcan it and rebuild it.


I spent more money on parts for my build than the basic maintenance for my car


I have enough parts to build 4 boards and my only working one currently doesn’t work :man_shrugging: