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Raptor owners scavenge grounds

Because we’re never getting those crossovers, let’s help each other out with ghetto solutions i say


DIY wheel and sleeve casting :wink:
As I read it it can’t get any worse :slight_smile:


Let’s find some DIWhy solution to build new outerwheels

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You could always pay 20k for some sick ones from a US manufacturer. They’d dry up and die within weeks but they would feel great for that short time?


Was it ever determined where the heat was coming from? I think its fascinating these actually get that hot to fuck the urethane. My mad hubs could evaporate water on them after some high speed runs, but never deformed the urethane. ( In the few hundred miles I did, I cant pretend like they were ridden for 1000s of kms)


Holy shit dude. Well done.

Just to throw this out there, I have a sizeable Raptor2 graveyard for some reason.

I have a decent amount of inventory left still, so let me know if anyone needs anything. Sleeves are the only thing I’m pretty low on, think I only have one set of 90s in stock. Everything else except for focboxes and batteries I’ve got multiples of.

Let me know

I’m going to reserve this to Raptor2 owners only, FYI. You poor bastards.


Yeah it’s coming from the shit motors mate.


Wow thanks I didnt know :crazy_face:

I meant what specifically was causing the poor efficiency

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But, heatsinks?

Are you trying to tell me JP wasn’t an engineering prodigy?


The efficiency is poor because they are shit :sweat_smile:

It’s the cycle of life.

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is this no option, with some ingenious engineering help ?


If anyone wants to try this I still have the mbs mold to cast these, all you need is the pu and a centering help for the sleeves.
Just pay shipping :wink:


They are 85kv aren’t they? They’d need a sizable wheel to clear the can. Probably get even hotter trying to torque that and have little to give.

hmm ok, im just a random noob and have no raptor hubs to witness it myself, it just sounded to me that this could be a possible option for people who are stuck with non working boards…

if the amps towards the motors is reduced, and a wheel is found, sacrificing some power / torque, wouldnt this atleast make them rideable again ?

edit: i mean atleast the thane doesnt prevent the heat from dissipating anymore too

8wd rollerskating sounds fun


Not a bad thought train but after you’ve machined a part, retrofitted the hub, perhaps modified the hanger, bought wheels and put it all together you’re still stuck with an overheating motor (possibly worse now) and expense.

You’d be better off just buying an elofty DD kit before doing all of that. Arguably cheaper and at least it works.


So a certain someone on this forum definitely has the better resources to do this, but I was thinking if some one had access to a lathe and the right cutting heads in theory they could just core out a regular wheel to fit the Raptors hubs, would look a bit jank but hey it was already made of salvaged garbage anyways.


ok, in my puny little fantasy world i thought maybe there could be a somewhat simple solution that might help a lot of people… thanks for pulling me back into reality :sweat_smile:

I could be completely wrong here.

@rey8801 what are your thoughts on the raptor hubs being used as DD?