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Making use of the Spiral Gear Drives

I’d like to share with you my adaptation of these drives for Surf Rodz RKP. The spiral gear drives have been out for a while following the development (@MorrisHsu) and group buy last year. Though I haven’t really seen anyone using them on the regular. Owning the kit myself there are a few obvious reasons why.

On the original assembly this part (in red) was one of the weakest links. Too much play and not a great fit, with cast Calibers you can only expect so much. This setup didn’t really lend itself to much confidence and is only really due to using Calibers to start.


I opted to adapt these to Surf Rodz using this press fit design as the basis.

After a bit of prototyping this was the result:

The wheel gear is now supported by an extra bearing that fits perfectly within it and has a 10mm ID. (NSK Bearing for Ford 6G 10x27x11)

This setup also allows for a very tight package with 6380s on an Evo. Still get full lean without touching:

I’ve put about 200 miles on these drives and they’ve been great so far. No issues. The goal sort of evolved into building the most bad-ass looking Evo once I realized how well everything could come together. (12s4p 40T, Dual Escapes, TB 6380s)

If you are interested here’s the file (you’ll also need that bearing that I linked above):


That looks fucking beautiful. Now I want a set of these gear drives


This board turned out pretty sick:

Just waiting for a proper remote to be released. Wand almost killed me on this board, too much power for that janky thumb control.


Get a Hoyt Puck, or a modded mini remote. Both are solid

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I have it on a loaned VX2 which is alright. Great form factor but sketchy build quality. I have heavily considered the Puck for what appears to be an excellent thumbwheel. Really like telemetry though.




Awesome looking board!


Thanks, this kind of quick development was only really possible because others were willing to share their work which is why I’m always willing to share back. Thanks @LR-designs and @MorrisHsu


Looks frighten amazing. :exploding_head: I think they easily the coolest looking mounts! Thanks for the shoutout :+1:


How can one get his hands on those drives?

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There was a group buy a while back


Perfect adaptation. I hate the idea of something like this sitting in someones closet because of the issues you mentioned- you saved them!

I don’t have much experience with Surf Rodz- do they actually come with those red spacers, and what appears to be internally threaded axles?


Love the look of this build, beautiful and unique. Love the way the cans stick out the back.


Wow that looks soooooo nice! :star_struck::star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck: beautiful work! What a clean build, now I really want a set of those! If anyone is selling hit me up!


Yeah but apparently that was a one off chance to get them.


Yep :sob:


Ill see if i can make a bevel gear drive after i do my batch of wheels. It was one of the first things i worked on but i abandoned it a bit bc i thought his were 100x better.

You can see it in my banner still.


This is a really sweet project and thanks for sharing that mod, out of interest what did the mod cost you monetary wise?

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This is probably the best bit, I was going to use Boardnamics hangers, the stock adapter fits the 220 fine. I’m wondering now if there is room for a bearing inside the wheel pulley using the stock adapter? Guessing no


Not too bad if you have access to CNC as the bearings are around $30usd. I actually paid for a service this time since I didn’t want to bother my CNC colleague with the tolerances of a press fit. Xeometry was sending me discount codes for a while following a small job we did with them so I used that. They were made in China as the cheapest option (shameful, but right around $150 for both, instead of $650 from the US). Their prices fluctuate a bit but you can upload a model and get an instant quote.