Limiting all programs to a set speed

I live in Norway, and here all boards that CAN go above 20 km/t is illegal. I have seen the vesc tool, and it looks pretty advanced.
Is there a way to lock all your programs to 20 km/t in case i get pulled over? So if they try to switch programs it will still go only 20 km/t? Hope someone knows, or have a decent solution. :smiley:

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You need to change the “Maximum Duty Cycle” to some amount less than the default 95%

AND THEN make “Duty Cycle Current Limit Start” about 5% less than that.


Full speed:

  • Maximum Duty Cycle 95%
  • Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 85%

Half speed:

  • Maximum Duty Cycle 50%
  • Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 45%

Low speed:

  • Maximum Duty Cycle 25%
  • Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 22%

So, when i press a button on my remote, with these settings, it will be impossible for someone to start it and change to full speed mode? I’m not sure i understand. Or… I’m very sure i understand nothing. :smiley:

Yes, without fully reprogramming the vesc, the board will be speed locked to whatever of the above profiles you have set it to.

What remote do you have? If there are speed modes on it, set the “maximum duty cycle” and “duty cycle current limit start” to values that makes the fastest speed mode top out at 20 km/t.


I dont’t have any yet. I have deck and complete drivetrain from BN. Missing battery and esc and remote.

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Personally, I’d calculate my theoretical top speed and limit the 2 variables discussed above to coordinate with your desired speed limit.


That, or just run it unloaded on the bench and then adjust the percentages empirically. Remember unloaded it will typically spin faster than loaded, not sure precisely how your laws are worded, or if that matters or not. A police test would seem likely to be unloaded.


thats slow as shit, maybe build some sort of quick relase battery on the remote and eject that mf if you get stopped


It says i can’t go above 20 km/t, and it should not have options to switch to faster programs by app or buttons.

So i think i need to do something that just locks everything in vesc to max 20 km/t if/when i get pulled over.

Boardnamics M1 dual drive helical, with 107mm abec, and 6384 motors. Don’t know the top speed, but way above 20 km/t it will be, I’m sure.

I’ve assumed this whole time you mean 20km/h or “kilometers per hour”.

The duty cycle fix I mentioned will do exactly that; no profile changes should be able to override that.

You can do theoretical math all day — but it might be easier to run it on the bench, calculate top speed, then adjust the percentage that way. Plus, motor Kv is usually +/- 10% tolerance at the factory.


I see i have to go to vesc tool school. I see what you write, but I’m still not able to understand it.
But your answers help alot. Now atleast i know about duty cycle fix etc.

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buying 6384 motors and limit them at 20kmh


Commenting in a thread you know little about


dude keep your commentary in your head dude, please stop barging into threads and derailing them.


lol Did you even read the post? OP wants to be able to “limit” the speed if they’re pulled over not before hand.

As for the efficacy of doing so, you should be capable of doing this trick with the VESC Tool via Bluetooth; Or I wonder if you could write a config to the VESC and have a way of flipping profiles via CAN bus? @b264 are profiles even a thing on VESC Tool yet/at all (never looked myself)? answered my own question ( PROFILES - VESC-Tool Mobile Tutorial - YouTube)


That would probably work except

Idk if this is possible

Please tell this to Lacroix and have them remove there damn video.
Its videos like the above that lead people to believe they should adjust ERPM.


I doubt the police will have bought the vesc tool on android…
Otherwise using a metr should lock everyone out except you. I don’t think they are allowed to check your phone for “Eskate Apps”

If they check for bluetooth, get a metr and change the name of your board to “Iphone 5S” or something

Their pig brains will be too slow for this simple trick, all police will hate @rpasichnyk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree that it’s probably not necessary to make it impossible to change the max speed back, I was just pointing out that’s what was asked for.

Yeah metr profiles are perfect for this.

You can set up a 20km/h profile that is the default profile for when the board switches on. You can then change the profile ONLY from your mobile phone. This way, if you get pulled over, just turn the board on and off and then bingo you’re back at 20kh/h default speed.

It makes it essentially impossible for the police to make the board go faster than the defined limit without having access / knowledge of vesc tool / metr and your phone!