Let there be ESK8 lights

So what do you use to see and be seen?

Currently I’m running shredlights.

But i also have these modified shredlights im yet to use.

Need to wire them to a power source.

I also have these im yet to use.

Has its own power supply anf bluetooth features.

Now everything i have i feel like it only helps me be seen. I used to have a good light on my remote so i could see but it broke.

I want to see peoples lighting solutions.


My setup:

Light holders from @ervinelin

I also would like to test this brake light with accelerometer


Just found a great cheep lighting solution on amazon :

Just received mine today and not only is it incredibly bright but it also runs of between 12V and 60V so it will run directly from your sk8 battery.

I have mine wired so that i can plug it into my charge port for power whilst riding :slight_smile:


That’s a good light but make sure that mounting bracket doesn’t break. Mine broke from rattles in less than a week. Still looking for a good cheap light that won’t vibrate apart.


do you have a picture of how it broke?

That’s pretty awesome! Looking into this for sure.

Here is how it broke. I had it layered up like deck->washer->mount->washer->nut, so it was secure as could be. The rattles just got to it eventually.

This mounting system fared a bit better, but with 2 of them they still broke after time. This system suck ass though because a single mount can pull away from the light unit and damage it which is worse than just the mount breaking.

Now I’m using a flashlight taped to my remote, but it’s not ideal. Next I will try a p clamp to strap the flashlight to my deck.


I wonder if making a mounting bracket that uses super soft bushings to soak up vibrations would help.


Good idea, I’ll have to give it a go.

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yeah there is just too much weight on these thin walls.


When I tried it I thought they would flex rather than break like my thick other ones would.

Boy was I wrong lol

the bracket seems quite solid however i think im going to make something custom anyway.

Just trying to get it into fusion now :slight_smile:


I quite like how the bracket attaches to the light, so if you make something that doesn’t fall apart let me know, I’d want one.

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well depends on the material. not all like being bend.

btw what lights would you recommend to make your board into a disco?

thats your first post, can you link the product or name?
Edit: What i mean is that there a million different led lights, but i don’t want to buy the trashy ones.

Nope lol.

I got them from @hyperion1 no idea where he got them

Please keep us updated if you create a bracket! I have the same light! :smiley:

The teltail lights is legit af.